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  • i've been there too many times. :) cultural imperialism at its finest. imagine thinking the world revolves around you.

    whenever they say "white people" they certainly don't mean latvians, serbs, macedonians, slovakians... no, they mean western nations (i'm including scandinavia here too) because they only matter. the rest? let us pretend they don't exist.

    cultural appropriation too. that's only a thing in america and social media that is heavily influenced by american politics, nobody else can even understand its concept and how sharing cultures is a bad thing.

    so yes, i'm used to it :)

    • I totally agree. These people, either they are Americans or they are American influenced to the point they share the same ideas.

      I shouldn't be surprised to see people like this but it always frustrates me so much to face such a herd mentality.

      Which country are you from by the way? Eastern Europe is quite vague!