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  • Baby shark...??? :ak_minahugh:

    • It's the biggest song in the world therefore the best. It paved the way for K-Pop and nugu groups like BTS and others. Your faves can't compare! Go shark or go dark.

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    • But I didn't listen to Baby Shark until after I joined KPOP... :pepe-comfy:

      PSY was first :ak_bunny3:

    • Very true, both Baby Shark and Gangnam Style paved the way. But people here don't give them the recognition they deserve which is very unfair.

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    • Is Baby Shark even considered KPOP though? There are different genres of K-Music I think. It's like a nursery rhyme thing and their English version is the most popular. And they're just of them we know the age and she's only 9... :eyes:

      The song is also said to be a tune of a campfire song with different lyrics...

      I think it attracted more children than adults and some didn't even know in the beginning it was from a company based in Korea.

      PSY is a different story though

    • Pinkfong is a Korean company. Baby Shark is a popular, easy-listening song. Therefore it's K-pop. And it's the biggest k-pop song of all time. Gangnam style is #2.

      Take a random stranger in the street; ask them if they know these songs They sure do. A BTS song though? Doubtful.

      Pinkfong and PSY are the undisputable kings of k-pop. Everyone else is nugu.

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  • It's not that confidential so I will just do it here 8o The site is called you need to create an account and then there is something called spotify numbers tool. You can search up to 3 artists daily and it will give you their total streams as well as the streams of every song on its own. Let me know if you are able to use it

  • alex, plz give me akorns. :pepe-sad:

    • Why should I? I'm saving for purchases right now. What would you purchase with it anyway?

    • Oh, if your saving for something nevermind.

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  • Hello there would you like a chance to participate in a akp version of a survival program with the prize of 1000 akorns?

    • That's a lot of akorns. What's the deal?

    • Just try to win the game, if you do then you get 1000 akorns.

  • Français

  • not a joke

    Wear what belongs to your culture especially when the people who own that culture when they wear it they get beaten, discriminated at and get called unprofessional and don’t get jobs for wearing it and you can and nothing happens to you

  • i've been there too many times. :) cultural imperialism at its finest. imagine thinking the world revolves around you.

    whenever they say "white people" they certainly don't mean latvians, serbs, macedonians, slovakians... no, they mean western nations (i'm including scandinavia here too) because they only matter. the rest? let us pretend they don't exist.

    cultural appropriation too. that's only a thing in america and social media that is heavily influenced by american politics, nobody else can even understand its concept and how sharing cultures is a bad thing.

    so yes, i'm used to it :)

    • I totally agree. These people, either they are Americans or they are American influenced to the point they share the same ideas.

      I shouldn't be surprised to see people like this but it always frustrates me so much to face such a herd mentality.

      Which country are you from by the way? Eastern Europe is quite vague!