Soojin (Weeekly)

  • I. Introduction

    Soojin is a South Korean Singer, Dancer and Rapper under Play M Entertainment. She is the Leader of the group, Weeekly.

    II. About

    Stage Name: Soojin (수진)
    Real Name: Lee Soo Jin (이수진)
    Position: Leader, Visual, Main Dancer, Center, Vocal
    Representative Day:
    Representative Planet: Sun
    Representative Color: Pink
    Motto: “Let’s passionately try our best every moment.”


    In 2017, Soojin was a contestant on the survival show MIXNINE. During her run, she maintained a spot in the top nine. On December 31st, she was in a car accident with fellow contestants Kim Bo-Won and Lee Soo-Min. Soojin had to drop out of the competition due to stomach surgery.


    Soojin was revealed as the first member of FAVEGIRLS on October 21, 2018

    V. Weeekly

    Soojin was announced as a member of Weeekly on May 11, 2020. The group debuted June 30, 2020.

    VI. Trivia

    Her roommate in the dorm is Jiyoon

    She has trained the longest of all Weeekly members, 4 years and 2 months

    Her English name is Kate

    She does not like celery, bell pepper, paprika or pupa

    On the MB Personality Test - her first result was ENTJ. After re-taking the test she was INFJ

    Pink, purple and beige are her favorite colors


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