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    It still doesn't make sense how Songs BWL continuously outcharted on the download chart got the 2.5m cert before BWL. And how Gaon requires 10 million downloads to get a Diamond cert. Has any song even reached that no. Of downloads in Korean History?

    It is strange. The only thing I can think of is that Gaon adjusted numbers down after the fact for BWL. Perhaps for removing multiple downloads from the same account. Since Gaon/Melon have similar policies about streams if I recall, would make sense if they had something like that for downloads and it just takes longer. Just my guess since I can't theorize anything else.

    Is it really fair to compare omg's early 2020 release with bp's october comeback? It's obvious they would have more points accumulated. Peaks should also be taken into account

    comparing todays rankings is even weirder, since omg just released an album while bp last one was in 2020. Maybe you could add Rose's solo to make it more fair.

    BP were able to chart almost all (or all) their album's tracks on melon, omg usually charts only two/three songs? So BP have the upper hand when it comes to album digital sales

    Blackpink also ended up getting the most digital points for a song with HYLT despite being released after nonstop. They also have the most digital points for all songs combined in 2020.

    In a few more weeks dolphin will probably pass it but HYLT has held that title since the start of this year.

    They might be able to be the dominant leader of 4th gen globally(including Korea) for girl groups, just like Blackpink, but like Blackpink it might take a few years to build up to that recognition. They however won't be able to reach the same level as Blackpink. Few groups of any generation have that level of success; it's more of an exception.

    The various measure are incorporated to get a fully rounded sense of things, since some metrics show slightly different things. More data provides a stronger and more accurate result. There is never going to be a fully perfect way to make something like this, and there won't ever. I only tried to make something close to it.

    There is no overweighting of high peak. It was even edited to adjust for that. Songs with better longevity have a lot more potential for points in the long run(hence longevity), this has been fixed many times. The only people that still complain about still are a handful of people from your fandom.

    That being said I need to make some small changes since songs stick in the top longer in the new melon system.

    I understand your other arguments but am not seeing g-idle over itzy & red velvet at all. In fact I think it's not even close

    The “5th spot is really tough”

    Red velvet was just because they haven’t put anything out since late 2019, and before that was very hit or miss.

    I honestly see Itzy, G-Idle, and Izone at pretty much the same place, but you’re right maybe Itzy should be 5th. I think G-Idle has been a tad more consistent but Itzy has had stronger performances with certain songs.

    I think they are talking about how everything twice released became a hit. I mean just look at how many download and streaming certifications they have. They were biggest in that way.

    I would say both hip and pyscho in a way outdid dalla dalla. More time spent on top10 and top100 on melon and gaon if i am not wrong. I think they are all pretty much on same level and depends on what criteria one gives importance to.

    Yeah, hits of varying levels. Using the term "undisputed" was a mistake then, because there's an obvious area where they were clearly beat, which kind of makes using that word a false statement. They were very consistent from 2016-2018 though, yes.

    All three of those songs did have different areas they shined, that is true.

    Depends a lot on if JYP was involved in the song. If he was, it will get a big push and strong start but has a higher chance of having bad longevity (almost all of the JYP written/produced songs of theirs did worse than their average song's longevity).
    If JYP is not involved it might continue their streak of under-performing while under promotions, but recover in longevity.

    I'm guessing it will reach top 20, maybe touch the top 10. A lot of big names will be out around that time, so they will have a harder time to chart digitally.

    Physically I'm expecting 450k-ish, basically stagnant. Since Kura Kura continued their decline, but only very slightly.

    But who knows? Kpop is full of surprises.

    The only year Twice was truly dominant was 2016. As far as songs from 2017, two girl groups had a better performing song than Twice's best performing one (despite more chances). In 2018, there were also two girl groups that had a better performing song. In 2019 three girl groups did better, and 2020 a few girl groups as well. Twice was definitely very consistently strong from 2016-2018 , but undisputed goes against the facts laid out here.

    I believe Dalla Dalla did better than Psycho in 2019, but those two songs, along with Hip, all did extremely well.

    HYLT is currently the best performing 2020 girl group song but Dolphin, not Nonstop, is coming for it little by little.

    Agree with the rest.

    HYLT was the biggest gg song of 2020

    Yeah it's HYLT, then Dolphin/Nonstop/LSG, but Dolphin might pass HYLT if things keep going as they are. LSG could end up with the most digital points potentially, or Dolphin, one of the two, it will just take the longest to know where LSG ends up since it was released last.

    1. BP
    2. Mamamoo
    3. Oh My Girl
    4. Twice
    5. G-Idle
    (Honorable mention to Izone, Itzy, and Red Velvet[since they've been gone too long to rank fairly]). The 5th spot is really tough.

    I'm not including Brave Girls because they could be something like Crayon Pop, Momoland etc, where they are huge for about a year then die off. Brave Girls could easily be #2 though. OMG isn't higher on my list yet because they could also end up in the same boat, but based on DDD, they seem to have more staying power.