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    Twice's own legacy can't be entirely taken away ,but it can and has been overtaken by other groups . Their legacy is being damaged by continuing to underperform in their later years. People tend to overlook earlier success if things fizzle out at the end. I hope their next release can do better than FS, M&M, and ICSM. The Korean public really wasn't here for it.

    The teaser was in full English, so it's safe to say at least the title track will be English heavy. I'd put money on the chorus being all English and the verses being Korean. That system works well for getting both the Korean and International audiences interested.

    How does Cheer Up losing vs D4 in Korea?

    I was surprised too.

    D4 spent more time in the upper half of the charts during its run. Cheer Up fell down quite fast to the bottom portion of the charts after it fell out of the top 10/20. Despite D4 lasting about 15 weeks less on the top 100 of charts than Cheer Up, D4 spent almost 10 weeks more in the upper half (top 50) of the same charts. For that reason it was also able to reach milestones a lot faster.

    Those things gave it just enough push. Almost all of the other metrics D4 and Cheer Up are identical or near identical (likes weeks at #1, Gaon SOTY etc.)

    Yeah. I remember I blocked them after they refused to see sense and ended up throwing around some bizarre insults.

    Thats why I didnt even see this thread on AKP, I might have argued about this more if I knew it was still ongoing.

    The chart was heavily modified form the time you had a fit to appease the BTS stans that wanted longevity to be weighted more heavily than impact. There are a lot more points related to longevity at this point.

    It's not my fault you're clouded with bias that you don't see sense. Don't project that on to me.