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    Fry’s Dream was a famous unreleased AKMU written song that people have been waiting for years for so not surprised it’s doing so well.

    Originally written for IU iirc :pepe-narrow-eyes:

    "Fry's Dream" has been a favorite among both IU and Akmu fans since 2014 so it's had almost 10 years to build hype lol.

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    I don't usually like using the term "digimon" because it's so outdated and subjective but gotta say I'm impressed with Akmu's charting, they have their up and downs like every other artist but they've been one of the more consistent hitters for 10+ years.

    Also can't believe Jungkook managed to snatch #1 on Melon weekly - among all his other global achievements it may seem insignificant but it's a huge indicator of his domestic potential imo. Very curious if he'll manage to even chart b-sides when the full album drops.

    Blackpink was the biggest 3rd gen debut, NJ is the biggest 4th gen debut but if I had to compare the two then I agree NJ had the biggest debut overall.

    But it is a liiiittle funny that OP first wrote a superlative ("biggest debut in history"), people quickly pointed out that Seo Taiji takes the cake, and OP qualified the title with "in modern kpop history" so they can still get the conclusion/praises for NJ that they want. ^^ NJ really did smash tho so congrats to them and I hope this compliment makes OP's day a lil brighter.

    Also, there's no need to be defensive if your group didn't have the ~~biggest debut ever. Ofc it's impressive and an achievement but there's also fun in growth (which I'm sure NJ will grow to even bigger heights as well). My fav literally flopped her entire rookie year, it just makes me nostalgic for how far she's climbed :holding-back-tears:

    I mean no one else comes close to the scale of NJ promo - they had a powerpuff promo for an intro song, an apple collab for a title, and tony leung cameo for another title. Ofc that's all possible bc NJ are the hottest group right now so yes the hype feels like a feedback loop. Good on Ador for successfully leveraging the hype and popularity into actual streams, and considering their growth trajectory they haven't even hit their peak yet.

    They don't, I'm not disputing this lol

    They generally have 2 MVs for their titles tracks, as well as some comeback trailer, or MVs for their solo songs

    I'm only stating they DO released multiple MVs for their albums, so you cannot say Hybe did not invested on BTS vidoegraphy because they did, exactly because Hybe (when still Bighit) saw a lot of value on BTS music

    Oh, I also agree Hybe invested a lot into BTS. My reply was to @bangmenah's argument that not releasing an MV for every song means a company doesn't think the music is worth the budget.

    Anyway all I was saying is that I think having staggered MV releases did help drum up more hype for NJ's songs, even if it's not the only reason. Tbh I forgot Aespa also released mini-MVs for their bsides (without much fanfare) and it's unfortunate that more people didn't listen to them bc "my world" has been the most interesting album for me this year.

    BTS full albums used to have 12 tracks, so sure they don't have MV to all tracks but they always released many MVs, as well as performances to side tracks.

    Considering I not only own 6 BTS albums, a lighstick and actually went to their concerts I believe I'm qualified enough to discuss their career and say for sure investing on their side tracks is one of the reasons why they got so popular

    Please list any BTS 12-track album where they released anywhere close to 6 MVs? Performances are not the same thing lmao, almost every popular group will perform a couple bside tracks even on music shows.

    I thought you said in the OP that we're all allowed our opinions lol? New Jeans rollout and promotions has felt very different than most other releases this year, and I'm saying that as a good thing. Hey, get that promo and impact. Idk why pointing out that the rollout has been more grandiose is supposedly a bad thing. Clearly it's working. Would you rather that promo doesn't work?

    (Example) Kakao couldnt afford to promote more than two songs for IVE? They bought SM over HYBE??? They have many more musical and production assets to pull from???

    (Broad response)

    Maybe the b sides arent good enough to be title tracks like this in other groups because most kpop companies have become accustomed to filling albums with fluff and photo cards to sell instead of investing in talented producers and writers

    I mean, different companies have different strategies and determine what to prioritize in terms of costs. Be careful what you're implying - anyone who doesn't release an MV for every song on an album must be filled with fillers? Hybe must have no faith in all other HYBE acts including BTS then lol.

    I'm someone who enjoys listening to albums through, so I've streamed the entirety of Aespa, I've, LSFM, and New Jeans albums this year. Even as someone who enjoys New Jeans music, it's weird to say only New Jeans is investing in talented producers and writers when basically all their songs this time around are geared for tiktok, heavily employ repetitive l choruses, and the entire 6-track EP is 12 minutes long.

    It would be so stupid to push playlisting that will benefit the income of one person and one song as opposed to a group with 3.5 singles to recoup.

    Plus his song has a trendy feature that they invested in.

    Be real :)

    There's no way a Latto feature is in any way comparable (both by cost and by impact) to a premium placement on TTH lol.

    That said, I get why Hybe/Ador wants to give the extra push to New Jeans because they're still in their rapid expansion phase. I even agree it's the right move and I don't blame them at all.

    It's just suspicious that JK wouldn't receive higher placement given his high profile and streams. It shows that TTH really is all about back door deals. And given JK's recent interview where he said his goal is global pop stardom, it's disappointing that Hybe isn't doing bare minimums imo.

    The song is a miss for me, but I think it sonically works in context of the album so I don't mind it when listening to the EP straight through.

    The MV as an Apple cf that ends in heavily implied murder is certainly a choice lol. "Cool with you" is both the superior song and MV concept.