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    I can understand people who want an apology. I don't condone the method though. These people don't live in a far away country. They all know where Soojin works, maybe even where she lives. They can easily go to her place, talk to her, see if she has changed. But they don't. Which tells me they're not out for an apology, they're out for a petty revenge. So I can't have much sympathy for them. There are other ways to do things. They didn't even try (we would already know otherwise).

    I don't think the responsibility should be on the victims to seek an apology..... it should be on perpetrators to give one if they've truly changed and become better people.

    Same. Personally, I can say a LOT of people have done terrible things to me in middle school, but I'd rather they not lose their careers over it, especially when I know firsthand that most, if not all, of them have changed and become better people. It would be a different story if something happened one or two years ago.

    the person who is accusing soojin of slapping her and stealing her expensive winter coat said that originally she wished gidle success when they debuted but wanted an apology from soojin. I agree that most people shouldn't lose their livelihoods over behavior as young teens but then they should try to make amends somewhere along the way, by their own initiative and not forced by public outrage. soojin has been a celebrity for years now.

    the debate never should have been on whether soojin did this but on whether it should even matter since this wasn't a crime and she was significantly younger.

    some of the allegations are that she stole money and an expensive winter coat (north face) from someone and slapped them. those are considered crimes - the real question is why aren't there better laws to protect against those crimes happening in schools. the reason why school bullying is so sensitive to many korean netizens is because it's rampant in schools and yet perpetrators never get any legal punishment (at most they are usually forced to just transfer schools).

    but just because someone got away with a crime because the law is weak does not mean that there still shouldn't be consequences.

    Was that really pulling a Reputation though....

    Taylor literally shed her entire "girl-next-door" image for a much darker one. She was basically owning the reputation the media had given her and the entire album was like "idgaf"

    I think the closest IU ever did to that was BBIBBI and maybe Twenty-Three. Still don't think it's on the level of Reputation though.

    the chorus of "twenty-three" is literally "a bear pretending to be a fox pretending to be a bear" in response to netizen accusations that IU was a sly fox (hiding behind being an innocent/pure girl).

    none of the other examples in this thread even come close. bragging to haters who called you a failure when you're now wildly successful is not at all the same thing as owning a bad reputation.

    I wish she would try something different. Something very different from what she has been releasing for years now. She can certainly afford to do so since the Korean GP seem to eat just about anything she puts out there.

    isn't "celebrity" very different from anything else she's released.... IU's discography is actually pretty niche/genre-influenced (less pop overall but recent songs are definitely more pop-influenced). what's your definition of different - what everyone else in kpop is releasing?

    Celebrity isn't my favorite IU release by a long shot but it's a well-craft pop song with meaningful lyrics. IU does have a "trust and listen" relationship with the south korean GP but it's a relationship that's been built on a literal decade of nonstop hits. No one else in the country can claim that. So the question isn't really "is celebrity that good [to deserve all these accolades]" - it's more like "the song is catchy and IU sings it well" which is enough for an IU song to top the charts.

    First, a disclaimer that I don't actually think the number of PAK hours means much - how long a song PAKs purely depends on chart competition at the time and what other songs are releasing. Second, chart reforms in recent years have made maintaining a PAK much easier because the charts are a lot more stable. Only real-time Genie and Bugs will occasionally succumb to zombie/fandom streamers now. This is proven by how most of the longest-running PAK streaks are all songs from the past 2 years.

    Currently 1st place for PAK hours is BTS "Dynamite" with 610 hours. IU's "Celebrity" is in 2nd place with 385 PAKs and still counting. If "Celebrity" streak continues mostly unchecked, it will overtake "Dynamite" in around 10 days (sometime between February 27-28).

    Ironically, Celebrity's biggest threat is probably IU's next release. IU finally dropped a teaser for her upcoming 5th full-album today, but did not specify a comeback date. If IU doesn't release her album in the next 2 weeks, "Celebrity" has a chance of claiming the top spot.

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    Will "Celebrity" hang on for 10 more days? Will it be IU that stops her own streak? Or will an unexpected dark horse rise up on the charts in the next 1-2 weeks?

    It's Melon's chart reform. Flo top 10 chart is also highly stable. Soon charting months at a time will just be commonplace for even mid-sized hit songs.

    Don't touch me by refund sisters got a shitton of paks and it's now around top 60 lol. So yes the chart rewards steady popularity but not all songs have this kind of longevity

    Everyone always uses "Refund Sisters" and "Beach Again" as examples of songs that hit #1 for a long time then dropped fast but both songs were for popular variety shows that then ended and stopped being buzzworthy. I've yet to see a non-variety show song hit explosive popularity and then drop fast down the chart.

    lets be real. Spotify and youtube music will gain market shares as time goes by while Melon continue to lose listeners. Years ago, no one would've thought melon could drop to 30+% markt share with youtube music gaining as much as 15%

    There will be a time where IU will move to spotify too. Just like Taylor swift. You cant boycott a popular platform because of one popular artist.

    IU is not boycotting spotify. IU is on spotify outside south korea. Kakao M is refusing to license any of the music they distribute (includes IU, Bol4, etc) to spotify korea. this is a power struggle between domestic conglomerate (Kakao) and foreign brands like apple/spotify.

    so would you agree gauging song popularity only by what's charting in melon top 10 as outdated?

    many k-onces moved off MelOn from the end of 2018 (after that scandal) and tbh the site has been declining in its market share in recent times in general.

    yall have to remember that all these streaming services in korea are all paid only so that could definitely move some of them onto a free/paid service like Spotify, especially with more situations surfacing like these

    spotify does not provide a free option in south korea like in other countries.

    Well I can’t speak for a whole country but melon been on the decline, and considered how this is literal criminal activity I can only assume it will put in more of a decline

    The only way spotify can succeed in south korea is if they manage to get better licensing for korean artists (korean people prefer to listen to korean artists over western artists) and they make their subscription cheaper than domestic platforms (currently it's more expensive). take a look at what happened to apple music.

    For kpop fandoms especially, spotify would need to be added to instiz and/or some kind of annual award show - otherwise fandoms will still prefer to stream on domestic platforms for the RAK/CAK/PAK + annual awards.

    at the same time, this forum's over-importance given to melon is a little misplaced. since melon's market share is declining, it's much better to look at overall ichart position (or at least combination melon/flo/genie daily charts) for domestic song performance.

    Golden Disk Awards giving SNSD the SOTY for "the boys" in 2011 (#43 on gaon annual list) when it should've gone to either t-ara's "roly poly" (the #1 digital song of the year) or IU's "good day" (which GDA purposely left out of the nomination period).

    twice's SOTY awards from MAMA for 2017 and 2018 were also pretty egregious. "signal" wasn't even the highest performing twice song of 2017 and "what is love" was not remotely on the same playing field as D4 and love scenario.

    Any song was a liga hit and it didn't even get a song of the year how is that possible :wilds:

    "any song" won SOTY at the genie music awards but truthfully it lost a lot of steam toward the second half, and bigger hits were released.

    Didn't I Will go to you like the first snow by Ailee do as much as TTN in 2017 ?

    "I will go to you like the first snow" is an OST song which makes it ineligible for almost all SOTY awards. OST songs aren't nominated for weekly music shows either.

    a lot of multis tend to throw bts under the bus :S

    people have really loose definitions for what "throwing someone under the bus" mean now too. nowadays unless you praise every song release/performance/idol behavior it's interpreted as throwing a group under the bus, especially if you're a multistan.

    from my experience some people even if they stan one group are just not that intense about it (not into voting for every poll/award, keeping track of all sales, defending against all criticism etc) but nowadays it seems unless you can "prove your devotion" then you're discounted as a fan.