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    It really isn't that difficult to understand, but I guess you're struggling . Plenty of songs rise to the top 10, dozens have, yet they don't last there very long. So "once you get there it is easier to maintain good longevity" isn't accurate. Songs are lasting longer, but just as many songs enter for a short while, so the argument that getting there is all that it takes is false. The songs just aren't a hit with the public.

    The point isn't the amount of digital points, its in comparison to other idol group songs from that era. No other idolsong from that era or earlier, besides Spring day, can keep recurring within the chart. Twice's large discography has nothing to do with it.
    I brought up AIIYL because of our responses about the song to other users, and you continue to be extremely dense and hypocritical in your weak arguments.

    no one denies that lovesick girls isn't a hit song - it's clearly a big hit, as shown by its longevity in the top 10 so far. people are pointing out that hit songs have an easier time staying at the top right now compared to previous digital eras so it's difficult to compare performance with past songs. the blinks in this thread remind me a lot of armys back in 2017 defending spring day's soty status - in the end time is what revealed the truth: that spring day deserves its national hit status. but that wasn't clear in 2017 because the longevity hadn't been long enough yet. all people are saying here is that yes it's already clear lovesick girls is a big hit but to decide if it's a national hit will need more time since longevity is more than just a few months.

    edit: the reason especially why it's hard

    to compare lovesick girls with cheer up is because cheer up's national hit/soty status didn't come from multi-year longevity - it came from explosive popularity in the year it was released, as shown by how it topped gaon's annual digital chart, edging out "rough" despite being released months later. lovesick girls is more like spring day - neither had explosive popularity right at release but are relying on steady longevity (which takes longer to prove). people didn't starting accepting spring day as a national hit til we'll over a year after it was released.

    what kind of logic is this? most of those international brands are still focused on korean CFs - the u.s. is not playing or displaying korean samsung CFs.

    you have the right idea but the wrong approach. it's not just about brand value, it's about how much advertising fee each brand is willing to pay for the idol. the OP already showed that top stars like suzy, yoona etc get paid ~700k USD per brand deal. it doesn't matter if it's a TOP KOREAN BRAND or a well-known international brand. unless you can prove those international brands PAY MORE in advertising fees (which I doubt because just because a brand may be popular internationally like MAC doesn't mean it will have the biggest market share in south korea) then your argument doesn't make sense.

    you speak a lot of sense but the usual suspects will never listen bc they've already made up their minds ^^

    I do think the new chart reform will make longevity easier for bigger hits, so we might end up with top songs regularly charting for 2+ years ("blueming" charting at #14 after 15 months is pretty crazy). soon charting in top 50 for a full year will be seen as just expected for hits and not as rare/impressive anymore.

    Imagine being this^ deluded lmao

    so you think "lovesick girls" and "cheer up" are the same level right now?

    what did I say that was deluded?

    - "lovesick girls" and "cheer up" are both hits but are still on different levels right now?

    - melon doesn't have the same market share or significance in 2021 as in 2016?

    - "lovesick girls" and "spring day" aren't on the same level right now either for longevity because it's too soon to tell?

    please explain which one is wrong besides just getting mad about non-blink's opinions lol

    3 songs a year? Wut? There are probably 10,000 songs released each year by Korean artists of all genres. You seriously want to limit national hits to 3 songs? If a song makes it into the top 10 or 20, that song has already placed in the top 99.8 to 99.9 percentile. You dont think that's good enough to be called a national hit??? :/

    everyone's standards are different, I agree there can be 10-20 smash hits a year but I consider national hits to be a special tier. "lovesick girls" and "cheer up" are both big hits but they're not on the same tier for me so it doesn't feel nuanced to label both national hits. melon doesn't have the same kind of market share or significance in 2020 as it had in 2016 when "cheer up" was released so it's hard for me to judge just based on top 10 charting longevity. if "lovesick girls" becomes like "spring day" where it charts for years then sure I can look back and say it was a national hit but it's too early to say now.