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    why do OP/supporters keep ignoring that "attendance required" is already required for the show and show champion? it's also why no one takes wins from those shows seriously. far fewer rookies/nugus will be crying and emotional when they win mubank/mucore/inkigayo if you make them attendance-required awards bc the reputation of those wins will plummet. or is that what people would prefer? to just devalue the weekly music show wins in general?

    low standards?only the most delusional,dimwitted and ignorant would say 15+ weeks is low. urs is just straight comical. 3-4. my jaw hurts from laughing. there are many non blinks that agree with me. even some armies. it should have been logical people only then u wouldnt have come here.understand?i dont wanna lose anymore brain cells

    i aint ready for this kind of tomfoolery. most of them arent?its very obvious that u know nothing.why are u even relating 2018 to 2020 now lmfao. hope u grow out of this :clown: phase soon.

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    I hope you realize one day how insecure and desperate you sound for me to agree with you 😬 I'm flattered my opinion is able to bother you so much.

    then i cant satisy ur delusions and ignorance. u can ask selfmate,massivekpopfan etc. truth is always harder to swallow wbk and blinks?lol. they were tellling the truth.

    that's why my first comment to you was to ask if your standards for national hit are low enough that technically 10+ songs could qualify for national hit in a year (which you answered yes, for 2018). we can agree to disagree without insulting the each other lol, you'll understand if you ever stop being so defensive.

    blinks in this thread can use their own definitions for national hit, why get so mad that everyone else (most of whom aren't blind haters) have different standards? title

    this thread (blinks only) then.

    reality show songs never get into this category since every k fans know they are just never considered as a national hit and only became a hit due to constant drilling of the song into the gp's minds. vvs uls are dropping and will be out of top 5 soon. reality show songs never have huge longevity. this is the most basic thing. i cant believe u even asked me this. beach again never has longevity lmao.

    psycho(mediocre longevity)and blueming are 2019 especially blueming . psycho is a huge hit but not a national one. dolphin is gonna achieve the national hit status in the near future if its chart performance remains the same. lsg is a national hit. no delulu,person or salty hater is gonna change the fact. end of the discussion. ciao. there is no subjective nor objective. its black and white. charts always symbolise what the gp is into. if u cant accept this reality then it aint my problem. 2018 alone had 10+ national hits. 2020 just has 8. so?whats ur point?there can be several national hits per year.not every year is dry like 2019

    can you name a single person in this thread who agreed "lovesick girls" is a national hit who isn't a blink lol. Who's more likely to be reaching in this scenario - the stans of one group or everyone else?

    in my view a year usually has 3-4 national hits at most (usually less). i'm an IU fan and I don't even count blueming or eight as national hits lol

    10? :clown:lsg has been covered by many idols anyways such as weekly,solar,pentagon etc. super successful chart perfomance(15+ weeks in top 10)clearly shows the immense impact of a song has on the gp. this is how this national hit logic works. not just covers but charts matters the most. whistle also got covered a lot but its not a national hit. so using covers as the only sign is comical. only that songs qualify for this eight,dyna,any song,lsg,maria,aloha,hylt and slightly tipsy. its not even 10 lmfao. all have great longevity and peak.

    yes but that's by subjective definition (charted in top 10 for 15 weeks, some idols have covered it) - what about songs like "summer again" or "VVS" which had explosive popularity and generated tons of variety show buzz even if their longevity was a little less (VVS longevity still holding strong right now tho). you also forgot "psycho" and "blueming" (a song that actually won a 2020 SOTY + won gaon's 2020 longevity charting award). That's well over 10+ songs.

    idols covered it and its popular on tik tok. might as well stop living under a rock.

    impact?lmao if u dont want to look at charts mean then. 08311ebf32a73c3ee9349be3aad93a02.gif

    imagine denying an impact a song has in the charts. also its flo not genie. an impact a song has can be clearly seen by what the gp prefers to listen to.

    salts these days love embarrassing themselves

    just making sure we're on the same page - by your standards it's possible to have 10+ national hits in one year? it's ok if that's your definition, then I'll know we just have different expectations for national hits.

    i definitely disagree with ur false opinion. dont expect an entire nation to sing through the night like cheer up . sentimental songs have their own impact. hylt is already the highest peaking gg song of 2020and has the 2nd best longevity after lsg. its already a national hit

    uhhh "through the night" was one of the most covered songs of 2017 - so many singers, actors, variety shows etc all sang it and that's the reason why it's also the most streamed song of all time on gaon. "love scenario" also went viral and was covered extensively. what is "lovesick girls" impact besides longevity in top 10 in melon and genie?

    the closest digital competitors to IU have always been big bang (i consider their digital height 2015 with the MADE singles) because both acts are able to chart titles and b-sides simultaneously and consistently. I am curious about GD's next comeback, if it's a good song (2017's "untitled" was a little underwhelming imo) I think there will be a ton of hype. IU has the benefit of never leaving the public's eye and increasing her presence via acting and CFs which has helped to maintain her star power.

    none of this is true lol

    IU holds the record for longevity for multiple songs - her songs chart forever, a few like "through the night" have charted for 3+ years. twice songs after "cheer up" and "tt" are much more likely to peak and then fall fast, now they have a hard time peaking. "knock knock" in 2017 was out of the chart by year-end, won't even address "signal". what about any of this is a win....? can you give a single digital record that twice has over iu?

    I'm sad oh_mes2 is gone tbh, the only other more general translation account is balloon_wanted. oh_mes2 had his mistakes but I never got the sense he played favorites despite what some people cry about here, and it's important to not have to rely only on fandom-specific translation accounts who will obviously have more bias to juggle. I doubt the people who keep bringing up the jonghyun incident or alllivesmatter tweet here (both of which he clarified/apologized for later) actually care that much about either topic, they just like using those examples as a shield to hate :/ the ulterior motives of some users is a little too obvious...