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    I've updated my initial post to be current as of 2021-10-24. Highlights:

    • Itzy scored 1 more win for "Loco", increasing their total from 41 to 42 and improving their ranking from 38th to 36th place (tied with Mamamoo and Seventeen).
    • Aespa scored 6 wins for "Savage", giving them 7 wins in total.
    • Enhypen scored 3 wins for "Tamed-Dashed", giving them 6 wins in total.
    • Woodz scored his first ever win with "Waiting".

    Interesting. So TWICE's best streak of music show wins was actually Heart Shaker.

    To be fair, though, the ability of a song to sustain a streak probably depends a lot on the release window and the power of other competing acts. As the industry gets more crowded and release intervals between songs become smaller, I think it's going to be harder and harder to have long-running streaks.

    Yes, I think that's an accurate assessment. Timing is crucial when it comes to music show wins.

    And in Twice's case, the length of their winning streaks is limited by the fact that they typically don't appear on The Show, which requires attendance to be considered for an award. Heart Shaker's winning streak was actually made possible by the fact that The Show was cancelled for a week during the song's promotion cycle.

    And as we can see below, Apink's Luv is an extreme example of this type of phenomenon!

    2014-12-02: Luv – Apink [The Show]

    2014-12-03: <No Winner> [Show Champion]

    2014-12-04: <No Winner> [M Countdown]

    2014-12-05: Luv – Apink [Music Bank]

    2014-12-06: Luv – Apink [Music Core]

    2014-12-07: Luv – Apink [Inkigayo]

    2014-12-09: Luv – Apink [The Show]

    2014-12-10: <No Winner> [Show Champion]

    2014-12-11: <No Winner> [M Countdown]

    2014-12-12: Luv – Apink [Music Bank]

    2014-12-13: Luv – Apink [Music Core]

    2014-12-14: Luv – Apink [Inkigayo]

    2014-12-16: Luv – Apink [The Show]

    2014-12-17: <No Winner> [Show Champion]

    2014-12-18: Luv – Apink [M Countdown]

    2014-12-19: Luv – Apink [Music Bank]

    2014-12-20: Luv – Apink [Music Core]

    2014-12-21: <No Winner> [Inkigayo]

    2014-12-23: <No Winner> [The Show]

    2014-12-24: <No Winner> [Show Champion]

    2014-12-25: Luv – Apink [M Countdown]

    2014-12-26: Luv – Apink [Music Bank]

    2014-12-27: <No Winner> [Music Core]

    2014-12-28: Luv – Apink [Inkigayo]

    To further examine Gee and Cheer Up's performance on music shows, I now present the entire series of music show wins that occurred when both of those song were released:

    2009-01-16: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-01-18: Gee – Girls' Generation [Inkigayo]

    2009-01-22: Strong Baby – Seungri [M Countdown]

    2009-01-23: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-01-30: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-02-01: Gee – Girls' Generation [Inkigayo]

    2009-02-05: Strong Baby – Seungri [M Countdown]

    2009-02-06: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-02-08: Gee – Girls' Generation [Inkigayo]

    2009-02-13: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-02-15: Strong Baby – Seungri [Inkigayo]

    2009-02-19: Strong Baby – Seungri [M Countdown]

    2009-02-20: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-02-22: Strong Baby – Seungri [Inkigayo]

    2009-02-26: Strong Baby – Seungri [M Countdown]

    2009-02-27: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-03-01: Strong Baby – Seungri [Inkigayo]

    2009-03-05: Honey – Kara [M Countdown]

    2009-03-06: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2009-03-08: Honey – Kara [Inkigayo]

    2009-03-12: Honey – Kara [M Countdown]

    2009-03-13: Gee – Girls' Generation [Music Bank]

    2016-05-05: Cheer Up – Twice [M Countdown]

    2016-05-06: Cheer Up – Twice [Music Bank]

    2016-05-08: Cheer Up – Twice [Inkigayo]

    2016-05-10: Dynamite – VIXX [The Show]

    2016-05-11: Pretty U – Seventeen [Show Champion]

    2016-05-12: Fire – BTS [M Countdown]

    2016-05-13: Fire – BTS [Music Bank]

    2016-05-15: Fire – BTS [Inkigayo]

    2016-05-17: I Just Wanna Dance – Tiffany [The Show]

    2016-05-18: I Just Wanna Dance – Tiffany [Show Champion]

    2016-05-19: Cheer Up – Twice [M Countdown]

    2016-05-20: Cheer Up – Twice [Music Bank]

    2016-05-22: Cheer Up – Twice [Inkigayo]

    2016-05-24: Good Luck – AOA [The Show]

    2016-05-25: Good Luck – AOA [Show Champion]

    2016-05-26: Cheer Up – Twice [M Countdown]

    2016-05-27: Cheer Up – Twice [Music Bank]

    2016-05-29: Cheer Up – Twice [Inkigayo]

    2016-05-31: She Is – Jonghyun [The Show]

    2016-06-01: She Is – Jonghyun [Show Champion]

    2016-06-02: So-So – Baek A-yeon [M Countdown]

    2016-06-03: Cheer Up – Twice [Music Bank]

    2016-06-05: So-So – Baek A-yeon [Inkigayo]

    2016-06-08: L.I.E. – EXID [Show Champion]

    2016-06-09: So-So – Baek A-yeon [M Countdown]

    2016-06-10: Cheer Up – Twice [Music Bank]

    As we can see, Gee and Cheer Up could only sweep a maximum of three music shows, despite both song's unquestionable popularity. Of course, part of this is due to show attendance requirements, as well as "Triple Crown" rules.

    Do note that Gee had the advantage of only having to manage three music shows per week, while Cheer Up had to deal with five. In both cases, Music Core wasn't giving out awards at the time.

    Recently, godkingteshub posted a thread entitled "Do you think Aespa will start sweeping music shows like SNSD and Twice did (With Gee and Cheer Up respectively?)". This got me thinking: did Girls' Generation and Twice really sweep music shows when they were in their prime? And by "sweep", I mean win every single music show over a period of time.

    As you might know, I maintain a database of music show wins, and given that I have everything contained in a single spreadsheet, it was easy for me to determine which songs have achieved the longest music show winning streaks. The results of my analysis are shown below (note that only songs that have won six or more times in a row are listed):

    19 Consecutive Wins

    Seo Taiji and Boys – 난 알아요 (I Know)

    15 Consecutive Wins

    Apink – Luv

    14 Consecutive Wins

    Wanna One – Energetic

    13 Consecutive Wins

    Shin Seung-hun – 보이지 않는 사랑 (Invisible Love)

    Kim Gun-mo – 잘못된 만남 (Wrongful Encounter)

    Im Chang-jung – 그때 또 다시 (Again)

    12 Consecutive Wins

    H.O.T. – 캔디 (Candy)

    Girls' Generation-TTS – Twinkle

    11 Consecutive Wins

    Kim Gun-mo – 핑계 (Excuses)

    Roo'ra – 날개 잃은 천사 (Angel without Wings)

    Seo Taiji and Boys – Come Back Home

    Cool – 운명 (Fate)

    Cool – 애상 (Sorrow)

    g.o.d – 거짓말 (Lies)

    Kim Jong-kook – 제자리 걸음 (Walking in the Same Place)

    Sistar – Give It to Me

    X1 – Flash

    10 Consecutive Wins

    Cho Yong-pil – 못찾겠다 꾀꼬리 (Can't Find the Oriole)

    Lee Sang-woo – 그녀를 만나는 곳 100m 전 (100m Before Meeting Her)

    Kim Soo-hee – 애모 (Sad Love)

    Kim Won-joon – 너 없는 동안 (While You Are Away)

    Noise – 상상속의 너 (You in My Imagination)

    Yoo Seung-jun – 나나나 (Na Na Na)

    g.o.d – 길 (Road)

    S.E.S. – U

    Cool – 결혼을 할거라면 (If You Will Get Married)

    Lee Hyori – 10 Minutes

    TVXQ – "O"-正・反・合 ("O"-Jung.Ban.Hap.)

    G-Dragon – Heartbreaker

    BTS – DNA

    GFriend – Time for the Moon Night

    9 Consecutive Wins

    Byun Jin-sub – 희망사항 (Wishes)

    Kim Min-woo – 사랑일뿐야 (It's Only Love)

    Shin Seung-hun – 그후로 오랫동안 (For a Long Time After That)

    Turbo – Twist King

    UP – 뿌요뿌요 (Puyo Puyo)

    Big Bang – Tonight

    Girls' Generation – The Boys

    EXO – Growl

    EXO – Ko Ko Bop

    Red Velvet – Power Up

    8 Consecutive Wins

    Kim Heung-gook – 호랑나비 (Swallowtail)

    Min Hae-kyung – 보고싶은 얼굴 (Face That I Miss)

    015B – 신 인류의 사랑 (Love of New Generations)

    Kim Gun-mo – 스피드 (Speed)

    Clon – 쿵따리 샤바라 (Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah)

    Hong Kyung-min – 흔들린 우정 (Broken Friendship)

    g.o.d – 니가 있어야 할 곳 (Place Where You Need To Be)

    Seven – 와줘 (Come Back to Me)

    MC the Max – 사랑의 시 (Love's Poem)

    Koyote – 디스코왕 (Disco King)

    Ivy – 유혹의 소나타 (Sonata of Temptation)

    Lee Hyori – U-Go-Girl

    Busker Busker – Love, at First

    Soyou & Junggigo – Some

    7 Consecutive Wins

    Cho Yong-pil – 촛불 (Candlelight)

    Shin Seung-hun – 미소 속에 비친 그대 (Reflection of You in Your Smile)

    Shim Sin – 오직 하나뿐인 그대 (My One And Only You)

    Two Two – 일과 이분의 일 (One and a Half)

    Panic – 달팽이 (Snail)

    S.E.S. – 너를 사랑해 (I Love You)

    Yoo Seung-jun – 열정 (Passion)

    Sechs Kies – Com' Back

    Shinhwa – 너의 결혼식 (Your Wedding)

    TVXQ – Hug

    Buzz – 겁쟁이 (Coward)

    BoA – Girls on Top

    2NE1 – I Don't Care

    2PM – Heartbeat

    Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

    Trouble Maker – Now

    Jonghyun – Déjà-Boo

    VIXX – Love Equation

    GFriend – Rough

    EXO – Monster

    Twice – Heart Shaker

    Seventeen – Home

    Iz*One – Secret Story of the Swan

    (G)I-dle – Hwaa

    NCT 127 – Sticker

    6 Consecutive Wins

    Kim Ji-ae – 얄미운 사람 (A Cheeky Man)

    Sunshine Village – 유리창엔 비 (Rain on the Window)

    Tae Jin-ah – 거울도 안보는 여자 (Woman Who Doesn’t Even Look in the Mirror)

    Noh Sa-yeon – 만남 (Meeting)

    Lee Moo-song – 사는게 뭔지 (What Is Life?)

    Roo'ra – 비밀은 없어 (There's No Secret)

    Kim Jung-min – 애인 (Lover)

    Yangpa – 애송이의 사랑 (Young Love)

    Im Chang-jung – 별이 되어 (Be a Star)

    Kim Hyun-jung – 그녀와의 이별 (Breakup With Her)

    Baek Ji-young – Dash

    Jo Sung-mo – 아시나요 (Do You Know)

    BoA – No.1

    Tei – 사랑은 향기를 남기고 (Love Leaves a Scent)

    Kim Jong-kook – 사랑스러워 (Lovely)

    TVXQ – Rising Sun

    Wonder Girls – Tell Me

    Big Bang – Day by Day

    Beast – Fiction

    Super Junior – Mr. Simple

    f(x) – Electric Shock

    Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single

    Akdong Musician – 200%

    Super Junior – Mamacita

    EXO – Love Me Right

    Girls' Generation – Party

    Girls' Generation – Lion Heart

    Mamamoo – You're the Best

    BtoB – Missing You

    iKon – Goodbye Road

    GFriend – Sunrise

    GFriend – Fever

    Red Velvet – Umpah Umpah

    BTS – On

    Apink – Dumhdurum

    So as we can see, neither Gee nor Cheer Up appear above, though SNSD is indeed reasonably well represented.

    Though it is funny that, even after all this time, these forums are still primarily ranking the top 10-15 of second gen and not third or fourth.

    It would be good if we even have 10 solid contenders to rank 1-10 but there isnt at most maybe 1-6

    Just for fun, here is the entire ranking of music show wins for Third Generation girl groups:

    Twice – 117 wins

    Red Velvet – 80 wins

    GFriend – 71 wins

    Blackpink – 43 wins

    Mamamoo – 42 wins

    Oh My Girl – 19 wins

    Momoland – 11 wins

    I.O.I – 9 wins

    Bolbbalgan4 – 9 wins

    Cosmic Girls – 9 wins

    Lovelyz – 4 wins

    CLC – 2 wins

    Hi Suhyun – 1 win

    Laboum – 1 win

    DIA – 1 win

    Irene & Seulgi – 1 win

    As we can see, there are both fewer total wins and fewer groups represented compared to the Second Generation.

    To help aid in your determination, here is a *complete* ranking of all music show wins for Second Generation girl groups:

    Girls' Generation – 100 wins

    Apink – 51 wins

    Wonder Girls – 45 wins

    2NE1 – 43 wins

    Sistar – 43 wins

    f(x) – 33 wins

    T-ara – 28 wins

    Kara – 26 wins

    4Minute – 23 wins

    EXID – 22 wins

    Davichi – 20 wins

    Girls' Generation-TTS – 17 wins

    Miss A – 15 wins

    Brown Eyed Girls – 12 wins

    Girl's Day – 12 wins

    Sistar19 – 11 wins

    AOA – 10 wins

    Brave Girls – 10 wins

    SeeYa – 6 wins

    Secret – 6 wins

    After School – 3 wins

    The Grace – 2 wins

    Crayon Pop – 1 win

    I've updated my initial post to be current as of 2021-10-10. Highlights:

    • NCT 127 scored 7 more wins for "Sticker", increasing their total from 16 to 23 and improving their ranking from 106th to 76th place (tied with 4Minute and Winner).
    • Itzy scored 2 wins for "Loco", increasing their total from 39 to 41 and improving their ranking from 41st to 38th place (tied with Sechs Kies and 2PM).
    • Key scored his first ever win with "Bad Love".

    Just realized before 2020 we only had 2 idol songs go 20 weeks or more inside melon top10. One from 2008 and another 2018. A whole 10 year difference. 2020 onwards we already have 3 idol group songs stay 20+ week. Looks like idol song smashes will most probably easily cross 15 week mark inside top10.

    Good indicator of how much the chart changed in the last year(s).

    So do we think this is because of Melon's chart reform? That's what I'm hypothesizing.

    Melon changed how its chart functioned on July 6th 2020, and since then, the girl group record for most number of weeks in the Melon top 10 has been smashed *three times*, in quick succession.

    If you recall, the record was previously held by Wonder Girls' Tell Me (at 17 weeks), and was set all the way back in 2007. No girl group song could top it for 14 years! But since chart reform, it's been beaten by Blackpink, Brave Girls, and now Aespa. That can't be mere coincidence.

    Aespa beat the record held by Izone for Oneiric Diary? Y'all realize how many albums Oneiric Diary ended up selling? Like 580k on Gaon 8|8|8|

    If Aespa ended up selling that many of their debut album, the posts and threads on this forum will be epic lol.

    You can't rely too much on Ktown4U to predict actual Gaon sales. Here's a chart I made recently that demonstrates this. Note that there are artists with Ktown4U sales of around 100K that went on to sell only around 100K, and artists with Ktown4U sales of around 100K that went on to sell over 1 million.


    Since I did it for Genie, I might as well calculate the number of streams per unique listener for Melon too:

    1. My Starry Love – Lim Youngwoong: 247.3

    2. Hot Sauce – NCT Dream: 77.3

    3. If I Love Again (Kim Feel Ver.) – Lim Youngwoong: 75.1

    4. Bambi – Baekhyun: 73.0

    5. Butter – BTS: 47.5

    6. Permission to Dance – BTS: 38.0

    7. Celebrity – IU: 36.4

    8. Next Level – aespa: 31.5

    9. Peaches – Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon: 29.4

    10. Lilac – IU: 27.9

    11. Siren Remix – Homies ft. Uneducated Kid & Paul Blanco: 26.4

    12. Foolish love – MSG Wannabe M.O.M: 26.3

    13. Dun Dun Dance – Oh My Girl: 25.7

    14. Traffic Light – Lee Mujin: 25.0

    15. Happen – Heize: 24.6

    16. ASAP – StayC: 23.4

    17. Love Day (2021) – Yang Yoseob, Jung Eunji: 22.7

    18. On the Ground – Rosé: 22.6

    19. Melody – Ash Island: 22.5

    20. Coin – IU: 20.1

    And here are the average number of streams per day since release for the same set of songs:

    1. My Starry Love – Lim Youngwoong: 1,320,388

    2. Butter – BTS: 1,142,857

    3. Permission to Dance – BTS: 1,085,714

    4. Foolish love – MSG Wannabe M.O.M: 841,237

    5. Next Level – aespa: 759,854

    6. Celebrity – IU: 589,474

    7. Traffic Light – Lee Mujin: 571,429

    8. Happen – Heize: 551,493

    9. Lilac – IU: 542,632

    10. Hot Sauce – NCT Dream: 536,806

    11. Dun Dun Dance – Oh My Girl: 535,417

    12. Peaches – Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon: 524,490

    13. If I Love Again (Kim Feel Ver.) – Lim Youngwoong: 406,202

    14. ASAP – StayC: 346,023

    15. Siren Remix – Homies ft. Uneducated Kid & Paul Blanco: 311,282

    16. Bambi – Baekhyun: 304,324

    17. Love Day (2021) – Yang Yoseob, Jung Eunji: 302,857

    18. On the Ground – Rosé: 300,985

    19. Coin – IU: 285,263

    20. Melody – Ash Island: 247,706

    So once again, Lim Youngwoong comes out on top by a good margin.

    thanks for telling me brave girls need stronger fandom. but we beat bieber fandom(in korea lol)

    rollin has 146.1 mil stream on melon and 62 mil stream on genie this year. but how do i know the ul?

    It seems like Brave Girls' fandom is smaller but growing. As for how to get unique listener numbers, I believe you need to use the Melon or Genie app on your phone.

    And just for fun, I've calculated the number of streams per day since release for each song. Once again, Lim Youngwoong has a huge lead over everyone else:

    1. My Starry Love – Lim Youngwoong: 496,284

    2. Foolish Love – MGS Wannabe M.O.M: 387,511

    3. Butter – BTS: 346,105

    4. Permission to Dance – BTS: 329,393

    5. Next Level – aespa: 293,966

    6. Traffic Light – Lee Mujin: 245,715

    7. Weekend – Taeyeon: 243,813

    8. Stay – The Kid Laroi, Justin Bieber: 241,463

    9. Celebrity – IU: 239,524

    10. Lilac – IU: 221,225

    11. Happen – Heize: 218,451

    12. Peaches – Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon: 209,156

    13. Dun Dun Dance – Oh My Girl: 203,575

    14. Ohayo My Night – D-Hack, Pateko: 201,741

    15. Chi Mat Ba Ram – Brave Girls: 196,691

    16. If I Love Again (Kim Feel Ver.) – Lim Youngwoong: 162,947

    17. Hot Sauce – NCT Dream: 157,629

    18. Love Day (2021) – Yang Yoseob, Jung Eunji: 116,543

    19. On the Ground – Rosé: 101,161

    20. Borrow Your Night – 10CM: 88,842

    Isn't it suprising that Celebrity is that high?

    And the gap between 1st and the rest :wow:

    Ah, so I was referring more to Lim Youngwoong, but actually, I guess Celebrity's position sort of makes sense too. The song came out right at the start of the year, so it's simply had more time than most to collect streams.