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    Yep her solo music have been impeccable so far, both her Korean and English releases are amazing. My faves are Runaway, Not Barbie and Don't Speak.

    That's why I want her to move back to US but seems like she's happy as well with musical/drama works in Korea.

    I don't know what would be her best option, would it be signing back with SM so she have the facility to create and record music. Because I don't want her to give up her love for challenging new avenues like musical/drama. But staying in Korea will limit her new music recording because she's independent and doesn't have many resources to work with.

    Please don’t think I haven’t seen your ass try to downplay bp success before. Your really going to slyly be like “album sales, streams and Korean charts down they are stagnanting” and then STILL have the audacity to downplay the singles having huge streams by play listing. Well sorry playlisting ain’t keeping a bitch in top 10 Spotify global for a whole month.

    And who is going to tell kpoppies that album sales are only relevant in Kpop and that nobody gives two fucks about them everywhere else. And don’t try to being kcharts in here as if both PV and Shut down have no chance of outcharting hylt and lsg. And wether your ass likes it or not born pink IS out streaming TA. Maybe keep your unchecked thoughts in your lil koala head first before you wanna spit them out everywhere

    lol sure, you having a tantrum right now won't make them sell more nor would it make me believe the fandom grew significantly or at all when all proof showed otherwise. What's the difference in streams between The Album and Born Pink? A few millions and that's with the growth of Spotify users

    Playlisting had no effect? Lol, sure tell that to the many artists whose songs have been stable on streaming due to the playlists

    My Koala head will enjoy sleep and calm while you trying to gatekeep people from having an opinion, an opinion that is not even condescending. I will enjoy you lot throw further tantrum

    Touring stats don't lie tho

    220k attendance all sold out with expensive tickets

    Which makes the album situation even more perplexing

    Casual fans even non fans attend concerts, that's quite common. Also maybe to those people they would rather pay for concert than albums.

    I would have expected maybe 120k at least but yeah I guess the amount of songs just didn't entice casual fans to buy it as well

    Can somebody get this bitch out of bp threads. This whole comment is giving anon.

    I know you're having a crisis that your fave might be doing worse than predicted, but that's not how forums work. Hardy post this in the lounge where everyone can have opinions. If you want only hiveminds then maybe go to your blinks twitter space or guilds or something

    I remember being surprised when seeing fans prediction of them selling upwards of 3 million albums when imo they're actually stagnating. Their MV and album streams, concert venues, their Korean charting showed that. Their title tracks able to gain better stream numbers and charting position on spotify was due to better playlisting.

    It is a surprise that they're selling similar or even less than Twice in the US though, because I definitely thought they have wayy more fans there. Well who knows maybe the number will improve through out the week, good luck

    I love how they look so happy and proud performing it. I also like that they performed the original version, clearly showing that the 8 of them will always move forward but they can still perform songs from their past just as strong.

    Yep so many viral tweets with that clip. Can't believe it became a meme. Kinda wish Sones would tell Hyo about it during the fansign tomorrow :pepe-hehe:

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    SNSD coming back for their 15th year, breaking many of their personal bests (first week album sales, streams), still have the Koreans in their grip charting strong in Top 5 of all Korean charts, charting no.1 on Youtube Korea above trendy girlgroup, first ever girl group to use KSPO dome for a fanmeeting while having successful individual careers (Big Mouth 10% rating, INVU success, solo projects all around).

    IVE performance and growth all year long. Started with a strong debut, Love Dive solidify their position with its longevity and After Like blew all expectations with their Korean charting, album sales and increase in global streams.

    Aespa 1.6 million album sales, becoming the best selling act for their generation beating out their boy groups counterpart. Hopefully they continue to grow

    BP for getting that #1 daily Spotify and breaking their HYLT views. Their fans still got the streaming power on lock

    I thought we agreed that pann.nate /theqoo is not that relevant? lol. I literally posted an article of pannchoa saying their demographic is quite small mostly run by middle school girls and she wonders why international fans care instead of actual news and you still bringing this up? it's like me sharing a screenshot of the akp latest threads

    no offense but you are being a bit immature now

    please tell that to killingtime first and not me

    I wasn't the one who brought it up, it was killingtime, so save your preaching to that user. I merely responded in kind :pepelove2:

    The list u post is charted by views per post, no interaction. It like theqoo when the most views post arent the highest ones

    The list just prove my point, funny he bring stayc cmb that charted well but not the most recent one in summer along I've/NJ, where is aespa in that list too, weren't they the ngg?

    no interaction lol you can clearly see the views, recommendation and comments in that photo.

    There's your Jennie ending fairy article at no.15 with 71k views, 213 recommendation and 55 comments. While Wonyoung on a date has 149k views, 589 recommendation and 150 comments. Barely any interaction lol. Even Wonyoung articles with less views have more comments



    Why is it not legit to bring up Run 2 U when it was released February this year? It's valid. Like how Twice stans bring up Alcohol Free to justify they can still hit Top 10 in 2021 and disregard Scientist.

    yep nowFbRhUMqVEAA4n-2.jpg

    Nah, I don't have that motive. My ults is a 2nd gen so I don't care about 3rd vs 4th gen. Youuu do though. That's why you so vehemently want to deny everything, including the list of Top 10 Melon songs that Blackpinhouse posted. Clearly showing the lack of 3rd gen hit songs compared to 4th gens

    Deny it all you want, that's just reality

    Edit: i just clicked the link you posted. Just compare the views of those articles and the actual real time hot articles, it's pretty clear which ones are the actual 'hot topic' ones. There are articles about BP as well but it's on page 2 and 3 along with other articles about IVE lol