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    Gee was big because it broke records, created fashion trend, created dance craze, young and old knew the song, it was one of the song that propels Hallyu wave, it gave SNSD Daesang (if Mama wasn't petty they would've taken all the daesang from all award shows). Gee was remade in Japanese and perform similarly in Japan, becoming one of the biggest song of the year in Japan. The phrase 'gee gee gee gee baby baby baby' is still iconic and has been used in so many reference, like GD's song, Hospital Playlist.

    So in terms of impact overall, nah Next Level hasn't even scrape Gee's impact to be considered the Gee of this generation. Where's the fashion trend, the 9 trophies from Mubank, the acclaimed daesangs, etc if it's the Gee of this gen?

    In terms of just digital performance, proper comparison is difficult due to the different in years, method of calculation and how many times Melon and Gaon have revamped their systems. And if it's just based on digital quite a few have done better than Gee, even Tell Me stayed on top 10 longer, so props that Next Level is outdoing it on chart but that barely say anything.

    2nd gen fanwars were at least funny and creative without people being too sensitive. These days fans are too sensitive to even take a criticism. Although that one firework gif of Twice failing on fangoals that a Blink made, gave me the chuckles. So there are a few gems here and there from this gen as well

    One of the funniest Scones vs Blowjobs artefact

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    If I'm not mistaken the one who caused big problems was Kangin with his DUI and assault case and he's pretty much gone. Knets still do not like Siwon because they still blame him for the death of that lady that was bitten by his dog.

    Aside from those two, most of their 'controversies' were more of a talk internationally, with CA, blackface, misogynistic comments, which lets face it will never matter much in Korea.

    Add to that International fans are basically even worst when it comes to supporting problematic/misogynistic men. That's why Seungri Yoochun are still with thousands of fans waiting for them. Female idols would have thousand of tweets slut shaming them and harassing them if they even say a peep like what Kyuhyun did during his Radio Star days

    Though the only thing annoying is how it seems knetz still have a hate boner for Tiffany despite her having a strong solo career just this year alone (Chicago tour, multiple TV/web shows, judge on girls planet) and just being an all round angel.

    Judging from TheQoo comments reading I did last week I think they're quite supportive of her these days. Her Vogue video went viral, her MMTG and Jessi showterview video had a lot of Korean comments, just last week she was on SBS news for her show.

    Just the past few months alone she had 4 articles trending on Hot Topics on The Qoo, actually loving her.

    1. Her necklace gift to Kim Hee Jin

    2. The Tsutsugamushi comment with Sunny

    3. Her magazine shoot with GP999 mentors

    4. Her IG photo with Yuri's comment

    She's just not showing up high on these Brand Reputation thing is because their algorithm not picking up the multiple names like Tiffany Young, that they are using now.

    They're still relevant because all of the members are active in the entertainment industry, be it singing, acting, MCing or variety guesting.

    Aside from their individual talent, they utilise the brand SNSD to their advantage. Taeyeon who is a successful singer on her own, still say that she is representing SNSD with her solo activities. Yoona a successful actress, still respond with 'I'm SNSD' when being praised.

    It also helps that SNSD members in general still interact very well with one another, supported one another during their individual activities. So yeah they're a good example why I do believe it's an advantage to not disband, but just have hiatus and have the option for a comeback open when the timing is ideal.

    NCT gave me two biggest bops from a bg in 2020 with Kick It and Make A Wish, but Sticker is perhaps the worst Kpop song I have ever heard. The flute sound is just piercingly bad, there is no harmony between the actual music to the vocals. It's like you can slap the vocal on any instrumental and call it a day.

    Disappointed :pepe-sad:

    do you think YGNGG could replace blackpink then? or has blackpink built a loyal fanbase that wont shift to the ngg like blackjacks did with 2ne1?

    also am i the only one that feels like yg might orchestrate a scandal for blackpink so that they can contract renewal on his terms more???

    2NE1 was basically put on a backburner because of Bom's scandal and lets be honest they barely scrape what Big Bang was bringing for YG back then. It's a totally different situation now when it's BP who is their main bread winner. 2NE1 never had the same fandom power, nor were the members as marketable as BP.

    As for the new group, idk, but tbh I think YG has lost their touch. Tbh I don't think they can be 'bigger' than BP and I doubt Blinks would totally switch sides to the new group. Many instances of new groups debuting when their senior is still thriving, resulted into the newer groups having less success than their senior, such as SNSD vs f(x) and Twice vs itzy

    So I don't think blinks need to worry, it will take time for the new grouo to even found footing

    The last thing you should be defending is SM's "inspiration". You know they stay swag jacking so stop it.

    Nah SM has already done so many varities since 2nd gen when your faves were barely toddlers.

    And it's a general common occurence of your kind to bash others for something as tragic as a pink suit. Bye

    Didn't realise I still have you unignored, ignore list for all these bts fans