• Also spanish is like the 2nd most spoken language in the US, there's actually quite a big spanish-speaking community living in the US, meanwhile very few people speak Korean fluently there, (probably mostly only korean american people). It's not even comparable.

    Exactly, southern Cali, New York (Bronx and Harlem) southern states like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida have huge Spanish speaking communities approx 44m people speak spanish, were only 1.1 million speak korean in the US.

  • Honestly I didnt like the way Geffen handled Rodrigo at all and that made me dislike/cancel her.

    I don’t like that Geffen will be responsible for BTS. There are already people who don’t like BTS even with BTS playing fair. If they apply the same methods they used for Rodrigo, I’m a little afraid of the results.

    The difference is BTS are established artist with a fandom that can sell out atleast 16 shows in the US. Whatever they'll get will be very well deserved. Let antis make the noise because that's what they always do....

  • There is no way to compare The path of Olivia to the path of BTS. The way Geffen will approach them will be different. I think the power within the ranks of BTS will have a deciding factor in all decisions. BTS is an eight year proven powerhouse. Olivia has a hit Debut album.

  • I didn’t think this matter much but y’all making me excited and hopeful.

    I think bb calling out Perry because it’s industry knowledge, Otherwise I don’t recall bb having any beef with him. Maybe I’m out of the loop. But if NME also chimed in for the same thing, it maybe something everyone knew. We also can’t put it pass BB to drag him as feeds for the fandom bc it’s public knowledge we don’t like him

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