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    WHAT IF Yoongi participates in this "Shooting Stars Challenge" as one of the special celebrities? I'm beyond excited!

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    Yup. Unless some kpop group manages to do even more gimmicks, I doubt anyone will reach BTS 2018 numbers in the US......

    To think LY Tear was BTS's first album with proper distribution and a friday release. I wonder what LY: Tears numbers would have been had they had physicals & released on a friday... considering it did like 44k with digitals alone with 4 tracking days

    im not worried about the projected unit, bc im assuming those all still went number 1? thats what im trying to say, even if the units are wrong, I dont think they would make a bold statement about the number one spot KNOWING just how small the gap is. I'm gonna wait for Sunday but idk i have a good feeling

    Oh i still expected BP to go #1... but i'm just saying they are off a lot of the time... there was one time they had an album #3 and it went #1 on BB200

    the gap is really close, however, and if someone wants to correct me they can,

    Umm well...

    they have been different from BB200 multiple times with units

    Stray Kids is one instance. With 115k for HitsDD and they debuted with 110k on BB200

    Also a few of the weeks recently they've been off about Bad Bunny including last week where he was projected 95k by HitDD and did 97k on BB200.

    Similar thing happend with BTS for Proof with 308k on HitsDD and debuted with 314k on the BB200

    Twice as well with 96k on HitsDD and 100k on BB200

    Another one is actually BLACKPINK themselves in 2020 where they were at 133k on HitsDD and 110k on BB200

    so basically... it can go either way for BB200.

    I knew it first because of drake. He had the most impact with this deal. Like if you are on stan twt or on music pages it’s hard not to miss

    Yeah same... people were talking about it and how small drake's filtering rate was.... i think i remember someone calculating one of his songs had only like 12k streams filtered out ;(

    Anyway overall i'd say filtered records for songs are fair since we get the actual numbers from Spotify themselves.

    While for albums as many have said.. this one from it's based on whatever is top 200.. which is not accurate.

    Spotify itself doesn't show album streams for filtered.. we only get a weekly album chart with no stream numbers. cause otherwise using what is using is assuming songs have 0 streams just cause they're not in the top 200 of the weekly chart.

    Basically all we have for album filtered is the ranking and not actual numbers.

    while we can have the overall album counter streams which is one most quote for any sort of album record since in the end that is what people will be using when the albums pass milestones etc.

    Also other few things.

    I mentioned in some of my replies.
    for Spotify a few things have changed between 2020 and now...

    1. The cap for the streams increased (sometime around adele's release)

    2. Many countries got Spotify for the first time sometime in 2021.... for example Korea.

    Your faves aren’t the first to do it. Drake has done it before and it was a huge talk among stans. Literally pipe down

    Drake did it, Olivia as well...

    and while most assumed they had low filtering rates cause it was assumed they have more unique listeners (which they do as well)...

    it was likely also the deal as well.

    imo due to the fact that Pink Venom had big filtering at debut (iirc they got over 2M filtered on first day with 7.9M on the cahrt and just over 10M on the counter)...

    and how Shut Down didn't have big filtering you can see the difference of what the deal does....

    Let’s not act obtuse. We all know what free on-demand streaming can do for our favesAlso blackpink is not the first act to strike that deal and they won’t be the last.

    Imo it’s actually a good and effective promotion strategy. Any capable label that is able to do it for their artistes are smart. Only Hybe is to be blamed here for not going that extra mile for BTS too

    All one has to do is compare the filtering rate of Pink Venom at release to that of Shut Down and see the difference in what the deal does.

    Filtered streams are capped streams. Only 20 valid streams are counted for this

    Unfiltered streams are still filtered streams that excludes all the bot streams. They are valid streams that go beyond the 20 capped stream number

    Just to quote this since you mentioned the 20 stream cap....

    This cap was actually increase between BE and now

    It changed sometime around Adele's release from what some chartwatchers saw. It was 10 capped streams before.

    Fans, chart lovers etc can only see filtered streams if the song is charting on Spotify Top 200. If it's below, it's not visible for everyone (they do filter it, but there is no chart available for it). Billboard receives data from Spotify - they don't use the charts that fans/chart lovers use. So they do have visibility on all songs. They also do their own additional filtering (different weights for premium/free streams)

    Official album chart made by Spotify is made from the counter streams (so called unfiltered) streams.

    So if not all songs from album are in Spotify top 200 - it's not possible to measure the amount of ''filtered'' streams.

    The charts on the spotify charts website are all filtered btw... that's how if you look when BP released Pink Venom they were #11 on the chart but were #10 by counter streams

    but as you said it's not possible to measure the amount of filtered streams.
    like i just saw again that Proof is still Top 5 on the weekly album chart on spotify... if you only counted the streams in the top 200.... it would have been lower and as many are saying... unless Spotify gave us the actual numbers... this chart isn't really accurate as it basically assumes that songs that didn't chart get 0 streams which is obviously not true.