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  • thank you for the follow but why me though?

    • Thank you for the follow back.

      Because I see you everywhere and in the guild. And you are funny :thumbup:

    • thank you and I always ask this, tell me something about yourself?

    • My favorite author is jean christophe grange

    • i've never heard of him (or her) what genres of books does he or she write about

    • Sorry I didn't see your reply. He writes in Mystery & Thriller genre. Some people don't like it as it can get bloody.

  • thanks for the follow ❤

    A fellow jk stan i see 👀

  • Thank you for the follow! <3

    Love 1
    • You made some valid points on the performance delete thread. Sad to see everybody just saying you're defensive. Thanks for the follow back <3<3

  • hello , thank you for the follow !

    anyway here's some kpop video to watch during ur free time ^^

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