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  • i love your taehyun pfp :lover1:

  • what's new with eternity these days?

    looking forward to college? is it one close to home or far away?

    • Along looking forward to college, I'm trying to enjoy having nothing to do, hanging out with friends Online and stuff lol. Not too far away but its like 3 hrs driving distance so I'm not gonna stay at home either.

    • that's good ...3 hours is just far enough that they don't visit you often and you have to live on campus or close to the university but close enough to rush home in case of emergencies or homesick or just for the weekend or something lol

      have you done anything new during your break? learned anything? picked up a new hobby? lol

    • and it's one of the metro cities here, that's a plus!

      I've been playing piano again which I left a few years ago. made some insta and fb profiles but that doesn't interest me much and I barely spend time on it :melon_think:

    • piano? nice...any good? my wife's fairly decent at it and has a musical mind whereas I can probably play HB or something lol

      nice...would this be your first time living away from home?

    • not yet, I'm still not as comfortable with left hand as I used to be. My dad can play harmonica lol.

      I used to travel and stay away every weekend for classes but my parents usually accompanied me there too, they are quite a bit over protective :eyes:

  • Careful where u step


  • hey :)

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    you're online so enjoy this gif

    • The lizard can't annoy me right now :pepe-hehe:

      I just gave the last exam of the last class of school:pepe-excited:

    • Wowowowow :omgr: Good job :omg29:

      So, you can finally try and stan OMG now? I haven't forgotten :omg41:

      Ahem ahem

      Quote from Eternity-April

      I'm busy with exams these days ;(

      arin is so pretty :pepe-sad: , I'll ask you for recommendations when it's over :eyebrowsr::pepe-toast:

    • first let me get over soobin not being the mc and I missed their mu bank:pepe-sad::pepe-sad::pepe-sad::pepe-sad::pepe-sad:

      And the concert and whatever that happened:froghype:

    • You'll never be able to get over it :pepelove1: There's a gaping hole in my heart:pepelove1: Don't even bother :pepelove1: Anyways

      Enjoy watching the concert :TXT10:

    • no but they are such an iconic couple and those soobin arin selcas </3</3</3

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    Also, why do you delete your wall comments after a while? is that a new trend or something coz I've seen a lot of people do it :ak_miabop:

  • i already asked this question to mygsbeat but i wanted to see what you though....

    if txt did a lizard concept where they had lizard heads would you still stan them? :love:

    the lizard chapter: Liz

    • I won't watch the mv or performances ever again :pepe-cross:

      spotify tho :pepe-grooving:

    • but what if the songs suck

    • and what if they're hot lizards :rv2:

    • You are cruel :pepecry:

      maybe I'll get used to the song if they're too hot to resist :peperain:

  • have you ever thought about stanning a gg btw?:lisa8:

    • I like bp and itzy a lot :blushing:

      But still haven't checked out a lot of them :melon_think:

    • Ooh :blushing:

      You should try stanning oh my girl :lisa8:

      You would get pictures of your favs together weekly :eyebrowsr:



    • I'm busy with exams these days ;(

      arin is so pretty :pepe-sad: , I'll ask you for recommendations when it's over :eyebrowsr::pepe-toast:

    • Good luck!!

      See ya :jisoo7:

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    This one is cute

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    Look before you step