groups that you think aren't as close?

  • Blackpink is closer than yall think.

    But there are pairings, just like other groups. As for BP it's Jensoo and Chaelisa. Jennie and Jisoo are very close, they are naked buddies. Rosé and Lisa are also very close, both are foreigners and relate to each other a lot.

    There are one thing that i noticed. Jisoo is close with everyone. Jensoo, Lisoo, Chaesoo. All of her ships are superior.

    Jennie is the only introvert among Blackpink members. The closest member to her is Jisoo, although she's not super close with Lisa and Rosé, but it still better than some groups.

  • lol i wish i cared enough... pretty sure exo isn't exactly in touch with the ones that left though

    Luhan follows Xiumin on Insta. Sehun has not deleted older posts.

    Lay has interacted with KrisTaoLuhan multiple times.

    Yeah, But it wasn't due to members, it was due to unfair treatment by SM.

    I love Pikachu.

    Always have, Always will.


  • :angryr: what r u on about smh

  • Actually sweetie, dirty looks was popping around 2009 ish, how old are you again? Yikes! and a one off or a couple I could understand. Maybe you shouldn't type when you have no analysis or research, common sense isn't really common


    yeah shouldve been what you done when you said bp arent close lol. that talk is old

  • It's kinda funny how people think other groups possibly can't be close but their faves must be despite showing the same sort of actions between each set of groups.

    Like I keep seeing people SNSD aren't close or they're faking it despite still regularly meeting up without any obligation to do so anymore yet when other groups do the exact same "fake" friends routines like being all touchy feely, hanging out outside group schedules or having particular bffs been certain members it's a clear sign them totally must be friends. Is everyone faking friendships or do kpop fans have a very skewed idea of friendship?


    It’s the same people as always talking negatively about the same groups as if it’s a genuine observation while singling out the groups they like..sigh it’s annoying how repetitive this gets around here.

  • If I am going to be as “observant” and technical like some of you here then literally all the groups of more than 4 members have their cliques and aren’t all close the same. It’s funny how everyone state xx group is not close for reasons that exist in the group they state is supposed to be close (which 99.9% of the time happens to be their fav group).

  • Doesn't matter if they r close or not. Some so called groups with close bond will disband and never make music together again.

    Good professional relationship is what matters. No member being mistreated or bullied within the group.

    ◦•●◉✿ ᙭IᗩOTIᑎG ✿◉●•◦

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  • Can some of y’all name names lol. I would think that would be more of an indicator if a group is close or not. In 95% of the groups in kpop you can tell some members are closer than others. (Does not mean group is not close)

    Like blackpink gets along but you can tell Jennie/Jisoo are a closer pairs then Jennie/Rose.

    Same with twice compare Dahyun/ nayeon with Nayeon/Jeongyeon.

    Nct is just so obvious so there’s no point of bringing members up lol. But, to this day I still think Lucas only fcks with the Chinese members. The Korean members are very cliquish from what I’ve seen in nct.

  • Yesss

    It’s the same people as always talking negatively about the same groups as if it’s a genuine observation while singling out the groups they like..sigh it’s annoying how repetitive this gets around here.

    Exactly. Like I said kpop fans have a skewed idea of what a friendship is. If group x does 1 thing but group y does the same thing the difference being they have more members then somehow group x is closer than y simply because they think more members can't possibly ever be friends. Or another thing is how if certain members hang out more with each other than other members suddenly it's a clique? Newsflash: certain

    people can be closer than others without being negative asses with the rest.

    At times it's as if kpop fans don't have friends irl and they base what they think friendships are from high school dramas.

  • Blackpink, Loona, Everglow, NCT127

    BP just seem like coworkers to me, and I've only seen a little from loona and EG but they dont have a very comfortable vibe and i def get clique vibes from Loona. I've seen alot of tension between 127 members at times and feel like some of them straight up don't like each other.

    Pre-2016 i would of said EXO due to (imo) obvious cliques in the group, but the members seem alot closer to each other nowadays.

  • I think people have different interpretations of 'close' and to that point, that some groups' have their own type of closeness. Also hard to judge when we see just a fraction of their lives and some idols are very private.

    For me, not close is NCT - units are probably closer but guaranteed all 23 of them aren't close.

    I think RV has gotten closer over time to the point where yes they're not bff's but they're like family. It's a different kind of closeness imo

    Blackpink too. I think dynamics shift over time.

  • Probably the groups that disbanded fast since they didn't spend enough time together. Toppdogg and AOA for obvious bullying. I want to name some more but I doubt there's any single group in which every member get along with each other esp in groups with lots of members.

    Obvious bullying? No one questioned their relationships and sensed the bullying before Mina exposed Jimin but on the contrary they thought all the members were close with each other except with Seolhyun because they were jealous of her popularity. Kpop fans impression on them was way different. That just tells you enough how wrong the observations kpop fans make.

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