Do you think that Big 3 privilege gets in the minds of idols?

  • Do you think that Big 3 privilege gets in the minds of idols?

    A lot of people have called out the Big 3 for having privilege in the industry and I want to know if you think that it gets into the minds of idols as well?

    Do you think that most Big 3 idols think that they are the shit because they have SM, YG and JYP attached to them?

    I feel like Big Bang is a good example of this argument. They all got away with so many scandals that would've immediately ruined another group's career but they were still called legends until BTS came around. No other idol would've been able to stand on stage, diss a whole award show and then get nominated for some more categories the year after that.

    So do you think that is an example of Big 3 privilege or just Big Bang privilege?

    Irene's scandal is full of "Big 3 privilege," in my opinion. Screaming at a stylist for not tieing your shoes when you're 30 years old. Do you feel like Irene had an ego to her before she started reflecting on her life? I feel like she knew that she could've gotten away with it because SM is on her side and she's the face of their company.

    And, before any Big 3 stan comes in here and says that it doesn't exist, it does and everybody but you can acknowledge that.

    Big 3 privilege exists in the way that their kpop groups never fail to succeed, they get the best of the best straight after debut and are set for life if they become a moneymaker for the company.

    The kpop industry was cliquey until BTS came around with smaller companies at the bottom and SM, JYP and YG at the very top so yes, Big 3 does have an advantage.

  • while a lot of big 3 idols are very humble and accepting, i can see it being true that maybe a few big 3 idols find themselves superior to idols in small companies. not all idols are angels from heaven.



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  • if u think about it like this: Big3 companies are expensive private schools and nugu companies are public schools. of course some of the private school kids are bound to have a superiority complex

  • you maybe had a point but then completely lost me. Some people literally expect Big3 idols to say sorry because they had big3 privilages which is absurt. Everyone know they have advanteges but it is the society what they should do? But, I agree there is definetely bigbang privilege.

  • Dunno if they think that much about it as they still need to work their ass off hard. They are probably at least aware that their companies have influence in the market. That's why they chose to work with these companies in the first place besides their prestigious names and best shot at success. Otherwise, they have other worries than thinking about such small non-existent concern.

    It's not like being an idol will bring some of these type of privileges automatically. Maybe after years of proven success, they may experience privileges if they become close to the directors and owners or have better bargaining chips, but not immediately and not for all. After all for these companies, most idols are just commodities judging from how most of them are treated (specially after their peak).

    Of course some privileged kids may have extra advantages, but it more from their lucky upbringing than from becoming part of big 3 per se.

    Big Bang seems like a special case, specially BS scandal case. It seems Seungri has more reach than just using YG to shield himself. Otherwise, judging from what the idols from YG say, most are snubbed by papa YG till they prove themselves to him first and some of the kids there are from rich families.

  • Of course there is an advantage to debuting from the big3 but its also harder to get into and harder to actually debut but so what if they are from the big3 are they suppose to kowtow to every other non-big3 idol group or at each interview do they have qualify their statement by saying "yeap I'm from the big3 so i have this privilege"

    your quote also doesn't make sense:

    Big 3 privilege exists in the way that their kpop groups never fail to succeed, they get the best of the best straight after debut and are set for life if they become a moneymaker for the company.

    How can you claim their groups never fail and then claim they are set for life is they become a moneymaker? it makes no logical sense. I think what you are claiming is they will almost always succeed and therefore become set for life. I mean if they aren't moneymaker then surely they haven't succeeded right?

  • When an idol comes on set they are surrounded by their personal staff that make them believe they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    This is what an ex production manager on double patty had to say about irene and actually how the industry deludes idols comparing them to spoiled pets. With the big 3 this experience is even more amplified it's natural to live in this bubble and have a superiority complex.…stry-to-spoil-artists?amp

  • Of course they feel superior. In the real world people working in huge/ billion dollar companies with huge salaries probably feel like they are better than those that work in small scale companies with little salaries. Same as people born in rich/influential families vs those that come from low income families. There is nothing strange about it

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  • Yes ofc

    thats human nature

    whether they can humble themselves or not is a whole different story but im pretty sure at some point in their lives most successful idols have felt that sense of superiority

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