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    It's at 390K now ~ I think it'll get over 400K for the first 24 hour ULs

    I can't with PV rising so much in ULs too and blocking SD from #2 on both Melon and Flo though :pepe-life-support:

    I think it's very pop. It doesn't sound like a KPOP album at all except for Pink Venom, which I personally like. But people who only like BP for their bangers would be less of a fan of Born Pink compared to The Album.

    Honestly, the only songs from TA I still listen to regularly are HYLT and LSG. TA had some very obvious duds, which Born Pink does not so overall I like this release much better. The one thing I will say is that while SD is good, it is a bit monotonous. But I do get why it was chosen for the title out of all the other songs.

    I remember that when TA was released there were many threads about it sounding exactly like every other BP release ever and how their sound was getting old. Now that they have changed it up, people are saying their new stuff is boring. I guess BP will never fully satisfy anyone, but I do think from general reactions most actual blinks seem to prefer Born Pink to TA

    I agree with you! Born Pink definitely has a lot more replay value for me compared to the TA. I've seen some people on AKP say they find Born Pink boring or that The Album was better but I think the opposite. There are less bangers, which is what people consider traditional BP, on this album but overall the songs are higher quality and the girls did a really good job. Born Pink is 100% their best vocal and rap ever

    Anons can't seem to stop talking about blinks and BP lately lol...the obsession

    I truly don't understand the theory that blinks stream BP's music because they want to be BP. It's as if these weirdos have decided that just because they think BP's music is shit, everyone else must think it too and blinks are only streaming because we're all brainwashed self-inserts with no actual opinions

    TLDR :danceb:

    (I was also upset this morning, but this is doing too much. If you don't want to support BP anymore, then...don't? YG has treated their female groups like this since the beginning of time, nothing will change that. Not buying or streaming means bye-bye BP, hello YGNGG - not radical change in how BP is treated by YG lol)

    I seriously don't understand why YG wouldn't release the song he worked on when they only put 8 songs on the album and two of those are RFL and Pink Venom. Clearly, the bar for quality is not awfully high lol

    If his name shows up in the credits for YGNGG's first EP early next year it will be funny tho

    Armys on AKP (using their mains, anons are a different story) were actually chill...Twitter is so embarrassing them for them though lol

    I'm glad BP didn't win since it's true that they were not active during the eligibility window. They deserve to win fair and square. I'm just happy we got a great performance and a very deserved Lisa win. The pinks also seemed to have a great time

    Yes, IVE and Idle both had high ULs before promotions but it was promotions/performances like Water Bomb going viral that pushed both Love Dive and Tomboy to the top of the charts. BP also have very high ULs without promo (PV just the 4th kpop song to break 500K ULs on Melon this year) and were reaching new peaks every day until the weekend, but they don't have anything to push them to the top since they are not really promoting in SK.

    The gap between the top 3 in ULs is not massive- it's 60K ULs between Attention and PV, and 25k ULs between PV and After Like. BP would not have to gain massively to overtake IVE, but they have nothing to push them over that gap because they are not promoting at all in SK, 1 Inkigayo performance is not going to change anything and Koreans are not tuning into an international award show. This is BP/YG's own fault, but I wouldn't discount the role of promotions in pushing groups with already high ULs to the top

    Kind of shocked to see Attention make the playlist before any Twice, RV, or IVE song...

    I'm not really sure how playlisting works - if it were up just up to companies cashing a check we'd probably be seeing a lot more KPOP on the playlist. I guess it depends both on how much companies are willing to pay and how the song is doing streams-wise. Not shocked to see BP at #1 for example, as PV is so high on Spotify Global, but not sure how Attention made it into the list before The Feels or even After Like

    Honestly not sure if PV will get that number 1 tbh. Just checked the latest UL's and PV was 474k newjeans was on 543k. BP's ULs are steadily going up, but more by hundreds than thousands and newjeans is gaining the same amount of UL's so the gap seems to be staying the same rather than closing.

    The gap was 90K on Monday morning, it's now 67K so it's definitely closing. Attention isn't losing any ULs, so PV will just have to close the gap. They may still not get that #1 or IVE may surpass them after promotions, but the ULs peaking yesterday with no promo at all is a good sign for PV stability at least

    I didn't even see the original thread that led to the ban until an hour ago, but I'm glad Mona is already back as she's one of the most unproblematic, active, and chill users on here. We definitely need more blinks like her with how messy our fandom can be :oops:

    I do agree with a lot of points in this thread about the moderation on AKP. I had no idea that DrewB's creepy ass was back on here and mods are okay with this, that should be evidence enough of how fucked up the moderation is on this forum. It really shouldn't be this hard to find mods who can be unbiased and not take things personally. Objectivity should be the first requirement for being staff on here, not what fandom you're a part of and who you're friends with

    This thread I’m pretty sure is made bcos of yesterday when blinks were circle jerking about armys using twt drama and what not lol ( pretty sure the thread even got locked) and not bcos of events from the past lmaoooo

    Why do you keep quoting me lol you seem cringey and I'd rather not reply to you

    I don't use AKP regularly nor am I on KPOP twitter so idk what you're talking about, I literally just quoted one user because I was curious why they were connecting the dots between this thread and certain comments from ON era that armys still fixated on 2.5 years later :)

    The first kpop song to get NO.1 hot 100, the kpop song with the highest no. of paks in korean history...

    It traumatised some users in your fandom so much that they still refuse it to call it dynamite and still call it dynamic ;-)

    But what does Dynamite's success have to do with Blackpink and blinks?

    And please don't quote me with something user HardcoreBlink said on 2.5 years ago that you are all still holding onto. I recognize one army posting on this thread who said truly horrible shit about BP and blinks on the old forum, but I'm not even quoting them, much less making corny threads calling all armys toxic like OP here, because it's actually unhealthy to care this much about KPOP or have such weird grudges against literal online strangers