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    BP for example are booked for magazines by brands they work for, not YG. They are paid by Dior, YSL, Celine etc. But I think if idols are not promoting a particular brand or product the company probably pays for a cover for publicity/promotion and the idols themselves don't earn anything except for more recognition

    Understood, I know you just losing arguments


    I need to replied this last time since it's seems you don't understand, I'm not talking about Op

    I'm talking about your inconsistent statements

    My inconsistent statements are only inconsistent to you and your friend who keeps liking all your posts. I don't like when people discredit Blackpink -> people who happen to stan Aespa discredit BP -> I like posts shading those who discredit BP. It is not very hard to follow

    I didn't even mention your fandom until you with that Aespa sig and badge started quoting me and trying to make it seem like I hate Aespa and their stans when in fact I just really do not care about them and barely use AKP as it is. Also, chill, the world is not going to end if someone says Sooyoung made a dumb point

    I am responding just to say I cringed at this sentence please really don't quote me again

    And again, OP has stated many times this thread is about the 2-3 very toxic users in that thread not about the fandom

    Are you okay?

    Where did I call out MYs - I'm literally just calling out people who discredit my faves with the bullshit brand power/fandom = charting good excuse. Not my problem if the most recent example of this is Aespa stans. Other gg stans have tried it too and blinks have also called them out. I don't care who you stan if you post dumb things like that I'm going to disagree with you

    Please don't quote me again you don't make a lot of sense

    Why would I not like posts calling out the users who used stupid arguments to downplay my faves lol

    We're not gonna PM every user who makes a dumb comment on this forum - it's much easier to just make a thread calling out how ridiculous it is to say in 2021 that a big fandom/brand power = charting good!

    Who is this people ??

    This thread is created not long after "that thread" is closed

    The math is not mathing

    Blackpink have been successful a long time before Next Level was released lmao people have been saying this since they started beating other ggs in 2020. This thread may have been inspired by MYs saying the same thing earlier but it doesn't call out any fandom specifically so stop with the main character syndrome here and accusing OP of being petty when they're just tired of seeing BP discredited everywhere with the same stupid arguments

    I don't think I can name the user lol, but a MY said that basically BLACKPINK songs being able to stay on Melon was fandom driven and that only top 10 meant real GP relevancy or something, which is bullshit.

    But I'm uncomfortable with this thread's energy trying to make it seem as if people otherwise were agreeing and hating on BLACKPINK....

    People that were respectfully arguing NL is a bigger domestic hit than HYLT with data are now being vilified, that's just weird...

    Not even gonna address the "they need BP for their faves to shine and be relevant" mess

    Not only that but you also have the biggest MY on like the second page saying Blackpink only does well because their brand power in Korea while Aespa is because of their own merits and music quality. That's what this whole thread is about lmao

    Dreamer95 talking about others looking stupid is the funniest part of this thread...