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    They've already raised around 180-200k and they will be placing those orders. They make their reservation with ktown4u about how much they'll buy, who probably then informs YG. So that is included in the 700k. Lisa Bar is just saying they can't raise any more money than they already have (their goal was 250k), so it's up to other I-fans to boost sales now.

    Nonetheless, I didn't expect the rules to take place so quickly. Bp can probably still do 1M but even higher numbers seems hard without China support.

    Good point. I hope the 700k preorder number doesnt include all the China bars. I know they're planning to drop at least 200k to the total.

    China bars give YG/stores a head's up about how much they'll buy before they actually place the order, so the 700K probably does include the China bars. Plus the article mentions China sales. I hope she can still get that 1M though

    Possible but still difficult. I remember Twice preorders were over 500k, so i initially assumed they could hit 700k-1M eventually but it doesnt always work out that way. Sometimes preorders represent the vast majority of Gaon sales even months after release.

    Other times, acts are able to sell appreciably more than the preorder number given (i think The Album had 1M preorder number given, and it's now at 1.4M).

    Would obviously be amazing if Lisa could sell 1M, i wanna see those Baekhyun vs Lisa threads sana.gif

    This is only 4 days of pre-order though. Like BP got 800k in 6 days only but ended up with 1M+ preorders by the time the album came out. 500K was Twice's final number of pre-orders

    IU will probably sweep all major categories at MMA

    BTS will probably sweep all major categories at MAMA

    Aespa will win ROTY in all award shows and likely Best Dance at MAMA.

    Brave Girls should win GG of the year at MAMA, Twice and Oh My Girl will also serve as competition though

    BTS and IU will not go, so I think Next Level will win SOTY at AAA and NCT Dream will win ArOTY and AOTY

    GDA has awarded things strangely in the past, so if companies do behind work I can see some unexpected winners here as well

    About the China thing, we don't really know what's going to happen. I don't think the China bars have said anything about it either. We will just have to wait and see...

    As for the non-fans setting up Lisa, it's funny to see how people can go from "BP sucks at physical sales and will never do more than 600K" to "1 member alone must do 1 million sales or she is flop" in less than a year lol. I would love to see them hold their own faves to the same standards

    1. Jennie's Solo was a smash and YG started promoting her less not more lol so this YG abandoning the group to focus on the member with the most successful solo theory of yours is dumb and doesn't make sense to begin with

    2. YG puts less effort into the solos than the group. No international distribution for solo albums, less songs, less versions, etc. The focus is clearly still on the group. They released SOLO to boost BP popularity in SK. It worked but now they're stuck in this loop of having to deliver the other solos so akgaes don't riot. That's the only reason they are doing solos right now. If solos were the priority, would it really have taken 2 years to release RS1?

    3. 2NE1 disbanded because of how they handled Bom's scandal and the fact that YG could still financially depend on BB at the time, along with their two newly debuted still rising boy groups iKON and Winner. YG is a different place in 2021. If they disband Blackpink they will actually go broke because they have no other financially lucrative artists

    Not surprised OP is so eager to see BP go down 2NE1's path lol

    I thought YG had killed blinks + her solo stans spirits with the constant delays. I mean, unlike Rosé who people had been anticipating since 2018, her solo coming this year at all was kind of a shock. And then we thought she was coming in May, which was then pushed to June then to July then to August and now most likely to September, all with no official confirmation from YG until this morning.

    In spite of everything, she's kind of killing it though?


    - 100k likes on Twitter in 9 minutes (breaking the record for a female k-pop act, including BP themselves)

    - 200K likes on Twitter in 48 minutes (another new record)

    - 320K+ likes now already

    - 1M likes on Instagram in 17 minutes

    - Trended #1 Worldwide and #8 in the US with 2.11M tweets with LISA, 1.5M with LISA IS COMING, and 1.5M tweets with #ArtisteLalisa

    Who is doing it like her? We don't even have a date or any info lol

    Lisa's charm and stage presence is unique to kpop, so I'm not shocked at the size of the solo fandom she's amassed. But also this is another testament to how much the blink fandom has grown since The Album. In comparison, the first teaser for The Album did only 311K likes on Twitter total. Rosé's first teaser did 486K. Lisa has already surpassed The Album teaser's total numbers in just 5 hours...but yes, Blackpink is losing fans according to some