• What’s your favorite stage outfit you’ve ever warn. Also I’m so glad you blew, I was playing Rollin on repeat for 2 months before you blew up so I feel like I manifested it ;-;

  • Would you like to make a movie or a documentary of your story and journey? I think you story inspired people. Its a positive message in hard times, also "fearless" has a strong meaning for your fans.

  • Hi, Bravegirls. First of all congratulations on your latest comeback, “Chi Mat Ba Ram”. I’m currently addicted to the song. I usually have my workout around 2 hours, since the release of “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, I only played that song for two hours straight. I also listen to it when I’m driving. Minyoung’s vocals are stunning. Yujeong my squirtle queen looks as cute as ever. Yuna’s sexiness melts me and Eunji looks super energetic in that music video.

    Here’s my question. It goes to all of the members:

    1) Is there any female idol that you guys would like to do a collaboration with?

    2) What will be the first thing you’ll buy to reward yourself for this amazing comeback?

    That’s all from me. Thanks for bringing such joy in our lives.

    With love, a Fearless from Malaysia.

  • Greetings from Hong Kong, Brave Girls! [8o @ Yujeong]

    I've been a FEARLESS since the "High Heels" era (2016~). Five years and counting!

    My question is one in a million: Could you please consider making the HONEY BADGER the mascot of FEARLESS?   :-D

    You know, there's a meme about these ferocious furry beasts - "HONEY BADGERS don't care." thanks to a VIRAL documentary video since 2011. [Exactly! Brave Girls' debut year!]

    People lovingly call HONEY BADGERS the most FEARLESS animals.


    Python, Honey Badger & Jackal Fight Each Other

    FEARLESS BADGERS would give PINK PANDAS a run for the money, don't you think? 8)

    My secondary question: Summer Queen's album artwork is universally frowned upon. May we see fan choices honored again just like ROLLIN'? :/

    Brave Girls fans are having a blast with their very own album cover design contest for 'Summer Queen' in the comments section on Melon

    My tertiary question: Would RED SUN ever become available on streaming platforms? :/

    브레이브걸스(Brave Girls) - 'RED SUN(With 롯백)' M/V Full

    I'm looking forward to your opinions! God bless you!

  • Good day to allkpop and Brave Girls. I am one of Brave Girl's newest fans who just got to discover the group from heir resurgence song Rollin. I became hooked by the song because of many things like the choreography, message of the song and to the members themselves who sang it beautifully.

    I also liked the care-free personalities of every members especially Yujeong-nuna whose smile is so refreshing and gives positive vibes. More power to your group and continue rollin into our hearts. I will feature some of your answers to our questions on my YouTube account, Every Korean Content. Thanks!

    My questions for Brave Girls are the following:

    1. Do you know the reason why your salary took forever to receive? Can we know the approximate amount?
    2. No offense to the members but we FEARLESS know that you are on your thirties now and you might just started your idol career on the resurgence of Rollin. How long do all of you intend to keep being an idol?
    3. Can we know a little bit of each of your dating history? Like what can we only know? Number of past boyfriends maybe?
    4. Do Brave Brothers allow all of you to date?
    5. What is your take or opinion on marriage? Having kids?
    6. What is your message to the current idols in the industry, especially those who struggle like you in the early stages of their careers?
    7. What is your message to FEARLESS?

    Brave Girls Fighting!

  • 안녕하세요!

    전 미국에 사는 한국 사람이라서 문법이 좀 틀릴수도 있어요 ㅠ

    이번 신곡 너무 좋아서 맨날 듣고 있어요!

    옛날 자신에게 무슨 말을 전할 수있다면 무엇을 전하겠어요?

    그리고 지금까지 버티느라 수고하셨어요!

    역주행 전부터 최선을 다한 모습이 너무 멋있어요!

    항상 건강하시고 행복하길 바랄게요!

    SUNGCHAN || NCT | Nct, Nct dream, Nct 127SUNGCHAN || NCT | Nct, Amreading, WattpadSUNGCHAN || NCT | Nct, Nct dream, Lucas

    𝕝𝕖𝕥 𝕞𝕖 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕨 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝟡𝟘'𝕤 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖

  • I’m sooooo proud of you ladies :borahae:

    I’ve been a fearless since Deepened but my question is for everyone after transforming as a band for Immortal Song do you think you will ever try it again as a new concept for a comeback?



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  • Hello! Congratulations on your success!

    What has been your hardest obstacle as a trainee or artist and for the people who are going through rough patches right now, what advice do you have for them?

    ✧ "Got no time for haters 모두 다 집어치워 버려" ✧

  • Hello Brave Girls!

    You guys have made a special mark on the Kpop world!

    What is one thing that made you want to continue making music?

    And what is one things you would like your fans to always remeber about you guys forever and even for the future?😊

    Be safe and have a great day!

  • Chi Mat Ba Ram is a great Summer song. Going to be one of the fond memories of Summer of 2021. Excited to have a chance to thank you for all you have done to make kpop awesome. Also hope for more longevity for Kpop Groups.

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