Eunji (Brave Girls)

  • Stage Name: Eunji
    Real Name: Hong Eun Ji

    Group: Brave Girls
    Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Center

    Birthday: July 19, 1992

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Blood Type: AB

    II. Eunji Facts

    – She was born in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, South Korea.
    – Education: Myongji University Film and Musical (left of absence).
    – She’s known for her “big eyes”.
    – Her nicknames are Goldeen and Hanyeseul.
    – She joined Brave Girls in 2015.
    – She is in charge of group’s clumsiness (sic!)
    – As Yujeong says, Eunji is the clumsiest member.
    – As Yuna says, Eunji is the most talkative member.
    – She has a flexible body and is good at acrobatics.
    – When her body is tense, her middle finger on right hand will get twisted.
    – She got a driving license in 2020.
    – The first thing she does in the morning is checking her phone.
    – The person she respects the most are her parents.
    – She likes Western food the best, also she loves spicy food, and likes strawberry smoothies for beverages.
    – She does not like to eat seonjiguk, naejangtang, fish roe soup, sea cucumber, sea pineapple and other seafood.
    – She has low alcohol tolerance but drinks alcohol only for faster sleeping.
    – She finished in 48th place on KBS The Unit.
    – She featured in Park Bom‘s Spring promotions and stood in for her on the Queendom performance battle.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)