Yujeong (Brave Girls)

  • Stage Name: Yujeong
    Real Name: Nam Yu Jeong

    Group: Brave Girls
    Position: Vocalist

    Birthday: May 2, 1991

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Blood Type: AB

    II. Yujeong Facts

    – She was born in Suwon, South Korea.
    – Education: Sungshin Women’s University Media Communications.
    – Yujeong can speak English because she studied in an international school in Hong Kong.
    – She is considered as the cutest member. For her iconic eyesmile she was given a nickname Squirtle.
    – She joined Brave Girls in 2015.
    – She is in charge of bringing up group’s morale.
    – She appeared on a cover of Kkobuk potato chips package with fans’ help.
    – She has a habit of making sounds with her lips.
    – Her hobbies are walking her three dogs once a day, reading and listening to music.
    – She says she gives the most objective reactions out of the members (If it’s something funny she will laugh, if not, she won’t give a fake reaction).
    – She is a main prankster of the group.
    – She has flexible lips, she is practicing tricks with them since her 5 year old.
    – Her mouth is 6.2 cm when idle and 8.5 cm when she does lip trick.
    – She can imitate the talking manner of her boss Brave Brothers.
    – She is the most talkative member, who often uses interjections.
    – The first thing she does in the morning is checking on her pet Laren.
    – She likes listening to Jannabi.
    – She likes the sense of someone warming up her ears.
    – She respects the most her parents and her CEO Brave Brothers.
    – She likes to eat spicy food, tteokbokki, giblets and sushi.
    – She hates too sugared sweets (like macaroon), cucumbers and Korean melons.
    – She has low alcohol tolerance, so she drinks alcohol only before bed.
    – She is a hardcore fan of Rain, she even has a very rare album of him.
    – She, along with Eunji, participated on KBS The Unit. She finished in 37th place.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)