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  • me trying to prepare that up10tion is disbanding next month and I spent over like $100 on their albums

  • It’s been so long since I’ve seen you around here!

    • i feel so embarrassed looking at this ew. i dont even remember you. sorry!

    • ouchhh


      I’m that Carat~

      Dhdjjdjdjdjd u forgot me and idek how to make u remember the pre-revamp me


    • lol i see

  • Follow for my Minnesota buddy....used to live there. Winter is hell on earth compared to Korea ❄️

    • bro what city?

    • Minnetonka/Eden Prairie, 3 years in Tonka and 2 in EP.


    • same in the suburban area!

      saint paul then i moved to maplewood

      what was the coldest weather you've ever experience?

      for me it was the one time 2 years ago when it was like -50 windchill lmao

    • Oohhh, for me the whole 2014. Worst rain season, flash floods, the whole year the temperature went over 90 degrees twice and polar vortex.

      But honestly, when was the weather good in Minnesota?


      LOL 1
    • i wanna move to a warmer state like arizona cuz there are no floods or whatever lmao

      but minnesota has good warm weather

      for like 3-4 months lmao

      LOL 1

  • honestly wooseok getting his 1st win before up10tion is really embarrassing as a honey10 :clown::sweatr::sweatr:

  • i-fans when koreans disrespect muslim culture/whatever: honestly they've never been exposed to this b4

    i-fans when koreans disrespect the black culture/whatever: honestly we're gonna not say anything about how "they've probably never been exposed to this" AND cancelled them forever!! i hate them omg

  • 2021 seola and what top media did to them

    teen top: all members and looking at the camera

    100%: who?

    up10tion: nothing but a unique 1 by 1 message

    lee jin hyuk: a outfit and something to read

    kim woo seok: outfits

    mcnd: outfits

    honestly, just stop :clown::clown:

  • twitter to allkpop when cl moms pass away: u guys only post this for news :/:cursing::thumbdown:

    twitter to soompi: oh my gosh so sad ;(;(;(

  • senators when americans die every day due to violence: :whatb::love::love:

    senators when americans try to storm their place: X(=O<X|| :cursing::thumbdown::!:

  • yall say "idols need to know how to deal with hate" to mina but then we all forgot about sulli and hara

    but if im being honest, idols like mina need to know how to deal with hate.

  • best photo book - the moment of illusion

    best poster - laberinto

    best photocards - light up

    best music - invitation

    top media really be going everywhere

  • top media to wooseok, jinhyuk and mcnd: :*:*<3<3

    top media to up10tion: 8| :thumbdown:<X<X

  • i realized this is shinee's 14th year..

  • how many albums i think up10tion release in 2015-2016: 2000

    how many they actually release: like 5

  • the uk is the 2nd racist white country behind america!! or maybe the 1st idk

  • ll be honest, kingdom's line up is so random

    LOL 1
  • the btob "controversy" must be the most stupidest thing so far this year, lmao. he wouldnt even of write that if that dude was still in the group right now lol

  • gotta make memes for this but can't

  • suddenly everyone in korea is all into nine muses? wtf? you can get 1 million on a random video of nine muses made 4 months ago but a music video can take up a year to get a 1 million lmao. the joke of korean "fans"

  • i need to stop feeling bad for some nugu idols. some of them are rich anyway lmao

  • anyone else kinda bet that mina was gonna talk about the "scandal" again or just me? this is why im neutral now (along with many other reasons)

  • okay before i got into aoa, did anyone else also thought choa was the leader as well? well i know ppl say this on youtube a lot but fr though. right followers? XDXD


    also cheetah: touches jimin's face

    *doesnt exist*


    i love the internet

  • hi fellow mines

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    • alwaysyourmine uwu

      only it has 4.3 million views, last time i check it had 2.9 million

      anyways im gonna celebrate their disbandment on my instagram in like a few weeks xd haha.

  • Hello, I'm a troll on Allkpop! Welcome!