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  • yo furry :clown:

  • jingles what's ur fav song on the album :pepemusic::pepemusic::pepemusic:

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    • the realist and uhhh thermometer, maybe trip advisor and feedback as well.... but then there's secret triangle and i.t.i.l.u.... yeah basically everything :cryingr:

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    • TASTE!!! I really really love the interlude surprisingly, and ofc beautiful beautiful, and trip advisor, and the realist.... aaah this was so good :crys::crys::crys:

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  • that header :angryr::angryr::angryr:

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  • thank you for the follow my friend but why me?

    • You seem like an interesting individual so why not?

    • thank you so I ask this of everyone - tell me something about yourself

    • Non-kpop related? I'm a student majoring in psychology. Kpop related? I only stan nugu groups.

      How about you?

    • you could have told me anything basically

      why study psychology?

      you've read my intro page i take it

      I like mostly GG (the bigger ones) BP, Twice, RV, Itzy, Gidle, Izone...

      but I will always give new music a try...

    • I thought it'd be interesting to learn about, I'd also like to get a business or culinary degree if possible.

      I don't mind listening to music by other groups but music alone doesn't make me stan a group (which is why I only stan 3 groups). Do you have any songs by popular GG's you can suggest?

  • emkay world dominashun :pepe-cowboy:

  • im so excited about confback :omgr::happyr:

  • Bruh this layout is so weird ;(;(

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