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    i watched it, and since i know nothing about korean history, i wont comment on that

    but it is definitely true that a good amount of hate the show is receiving is people joining the bandwagon and a separate bunch of haters of blackpink/jisoo (evidenced by the many personal attacks toward jisoo and her looks and acting, and trying to cancel blackpink as a whole for a drama that jisoo is in, that she didn't even write?)

    hopefully the hate will slowly die down

    thankfully the court ruled in snowdrops favor. this is some good news for once

    bruh the corrupt bit is specially described as "creates more spies than catches them"

    as for the second bit, i already said this. the female one almost shoots the director. they dont leave because of the warrant, they leave because of the one nsa agent who is a "good guy" who leaves later.

    as for the dear pine dear pine bit, there was nothing wrong with the song being sung by protestors, but those particular nsa agents (lead by the one "good" one) were doing something completely different. there were police already chasing the student protesters. youngro and her friends even take in sooho because they think he's a student protester (so the nsa in the story as well, is known for chasing around students and framing them to be nk spies)

    as for the bluehouse, lets see what they say now that the new petition has hit 200k

    No it’s not. Maybe for JTBC shows idk what other shows are airing on its time slot but the Red Sleeve is averaging 19% while Young lady and the gentleman has well over 30%. Both shows have double digits ratings and are the most talked about shows in Korea right now.

    snowdrop is the highest watched cable* tv show rn

    red sleeve and ylatg are both terrestial (or free to watch)

    if 7.55% is the real number, then snowdrop is in the top 50 most watched cable tv dramas in history

    the ridiculous part is that all these things are being taken out of context. below are some spoilers so avoid if you want to

    the nsa agent left, yes, but the female one was ready to shoot the director and only didnt because the other one stopped her. tvn already revealed spoilers that that particular agent will leave the nsa when he realizes that the agency is corrupt. but this other agent threatens pretty much every staff in the hosoo university. there is no romantisization.

    about the dear pine dear pine "playing" when the agents chase the north korean spy, it's not "playing" as background music. They cross a bunch of protesters and the protesters are singing the song.

    youngro doesnt protect the ml for no reason. youngro and her friends support the student protesters (the enemies of the nsa) and think that the nsa agents are framing him for being a nk agent, and that he's actually a student protester. this isnt right of course, but it shows that they dont support the nsa.

    there has been no romantisization of the nsa so far. if portraying one singular member as good is wrong, then movies like the pianist (portrays particular nazis as good) should be banned as well, but instead it won the palme d'or.

    wait for the drama to end. the people at the bluehouse and the people in jtbc and yg are not all fools. some of them are, but theres a good chance that people are protesting for the sake of protesting, and not because it twists anything.

    snowdrop went to the bluehouse even before a proper summary was out-

    what makes you think that those very loud knetz will watch the first episode and then instantly go "oh my god we were wrong!" and say good things about it?

    they're just going to drag random things until the drama is at a point where there's absolutely nothing wrong with (which is impossible considering the setting and characters)

    i understand they dont like the historical aspect, but enough of the drama hasn't aired for them to start bashing that. the only "not realistic" bit that they could find was the nsa agent leaving when the director tells them to leave. is it really that unbelievable for an nsa agent to leave when confronted by the director of a prestigious women's institute during the election period? and on top of that, from the next episode's clips, it looks like they break back in anyway-

    i've seen so much hate for snowdrop, and while it was previously about more serious things, it seems like knetz keep deflecting the topic. if it was only the history bit i would understand their concerns, but things theyre saying shows that they dont really care about the history bit, they're just there to drag the drama (dragging a random clip of the drama and saying her acting is bad in it (when actually the clip is over her acting out a 'fake lover's spat', so acting acting,), criticizing the way she runs, etc)

    tldr: i wont listen to knetz till the drama is over because a lot of them are only there to bash jisoo

    lol people would drag jisoo for something or the other even if she was the best actress in the world

    but i've mostly seen positive things about her acting so far, and i wish to keep it that way.

    i'm going to block you, at least till snowdrop is over <3

    also, that first clip is her pretending to act out a lover spat. aka she was acting acting. it's cheesy on purpose. jisoo is pretending she's pretending to have a lovers spat-