Will Karina surpass Jennie popularity in korea?

  • You are more than welcome to give your opinion yes. Karina isn’t stiff, and from videos that I’ve seen, she’s a great dancer. While I understand how someone talking negatively of your fave upset you (it upsets me too when someone talks bad about my faves, so I understand), I don’t think it’s right to stoop to someone else’s level. You can give your opinions, and I apologize if I made it seem like you couldn’t, but I just didn’t like the shading that was happening is all.

    Lmaoo upset me this is only AKP ¬‿¬ and you don't get to decide that for me or anyone else 8) who died and made you in charge? people can say what they want maybe preach this peace and love to your own fandom lmaoo

  • It's OK, aespa is new, and stans are trying to make a name for themselves. You will mature one day along side with aespa and some new gg stan comes out swinging and call you running away from blinks. It's the cycle of kpop.

    They just got their first hit. Let them run wild. I don't even know why people are talking about dancing and singing cuz it has nothing to do with popularity.

  • Why are people talking about talent as if that has anything to do with the topic at hand.....

    OT: idk this is like asking if anyone will surpass Suzy in Korea. Not saying that Jennie is Suzy level there but she's clearly very popular and most 4th gen idols(individually) haven't caught the GP's attention yet. Only time will tell honestly.

  • I don’t know but she’s got everything going for her and is the latest idol that’s attracting attention. She’s my bias as well.

  • Karina is definitely more talented, but popularity is not always proportional to talent. I personally see more potential as a solo artist in Karina. Her stage charisma is eye-catching. Also I don't feel that Jennie is as passionate about music as she used to be.

  • wow i left this thread it was peaceful i came back we're talking about skills '-'

    i'm sorry but i'll have to answer to some comment i saw here who clearly are kind of bias in their judgement

    she isn't a better dancer lol she is definitely not more talented than Jennie . Jennie is one of the most well rounded idols.

    Karina isn't a bad idol in terms of skills but she is a bit stiff and Jennie might have stamina issues but she is pretty flexible in her movements she is an alright dancer.

    Jennie is my bias in Blackpin but you're definitely lying to hype jennie and bring down Karina

    Jennie is a good dancer, but first she lack of stamina, she tend to underdance in the sens that in some moves of BP choregraphy she doesn't give enough power to her move which make her move looks less impressive and weaker when you compare to how the move should have been executed when watching Lisa and Rose fancam

    Karina isn't stiff at all '-'

    on a technical point of view she's definitely a much better dancer than Jennie base on the content we had

    Karina already show in one video a much better control of her upper body while dancing than Jennie and much better skills in body isolation than jennie

    Jennie flaws in dancing are hide by her charisma, people are taking to attention to how she perform to care about her technique in term of dancing that's why they don't take the time to really watch her flaws

    and i guess you're trying to say Karina is stiff base on her synk video

    but in this video she already show a better arm work than jennie

    her legs are stiff in this video but base on what we saw of her dancing after this, it was mostly the choregraphy who make it look this awkward and not her skills

  • I dunno, to me Jennie’s celebrity aura is miles above any other girl group member I can think of.

    It’s not even about her singing or dancing, it’s more like she instantly draws all eyes to her based on charisma alone. I also think her voice has more global appeal.

    But SM has always had an It Girl in every generation so far, so I don’t doubt Karina will have her sparks flying soon.

  • I'm not biased at all I'm someone who doesn't deny my bias flaws.

    I will bring receipts later if you want. Some fans actually asked about Karina's dancing on the dance channel and they explained a little bit her issues her transitions aren't that good. I hope they can analyze aespa soon. I'm not saying Jennie is the best dancer she definitely has her own areas to work on but she is definitely at least a decent /average dancer . Jennie is actually kind of fluid she isn't perfect by any means her biggest issue is her low stamina.

    Also Jennie is a well rounded idol it's annoying how people try to downplay her skills. She has a good flow in rapping, she can sing and she an alright dancer and it was another user who started the whole comparison it wasn't me .

  • Well obviously somebody who never danced can't be good at dancing. My point is that past a proficient level, everything becomes subjective. Just like how both karina and Jennie are proficient at dancing and singing, who's style or tone you like more is subjective.

    Of course, now you are moving the goal post. Kudos to admitting that dancing and singing can be measure and is objective. So you are saying now that Karina and Jennie are too good for anyone to evaluate the better dancer or singer because they beyond the proficiency level. Let me ask you this, is seulgi better at dancing and singing than Jennie? The answer yes because she is higher at the proficiency level just like Karina is. Now, not saying Karina at selugi level. Also, singing can be measured by support, hight notes, vibrato and more. Look at the post in this thread by reiusagi.

    actually, you may not know this, but there are idols who are street casted simply for looks, because you don't need to be a superb singer or dancer to become an idol. Singing and dancing can all be taught.

    Lol, strawman argument. My argument was intended to show that singing and dancing are not subjective. If it is the case, then you can grab random people and debute them without any training. Anyone know you can cast random people and train them. Why do we need training if dancing and singing can not be measured? Exactly.

    And that's totally fine to have as an opinion, but don't state it as a fact, since it's subjective.

    Read it again. Of course it's subjective. That sentence was intended to do so in a mocking way.

    Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but not everybody wants to become a kpop idol. Imagine every little mistake you make become magnified 100X and published online, and even mere dating can become a "scandal".

    Again. This is is not a serious statement, just mocking you because you think singing and dancing can't be measure and subjective, therefore, anybody can become a kpop idol.

  • Karina is definitely more talented, but popularity is not always proportional to talent. I personally see more potential as a solo artist in Karina. Her stage charisma is eye-catching. Also I don't feel that Jennie is as passionate about music as she used to be.

    Here we go with the “jEnNie IsNt pAsSionAtE” narrative

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