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    That may be the intention, but it wont stop them being called hypocrites for talking about doing more for climate change meanwhile thier company (through them) are selling 4 versions of the same album to generate more sales, knowing full well fans will try to collect all the photocards and end up buying hundreds more albums that they need which all goes into landfill.

    But unlike western celebrities who often only have to be held to account for thier own actions, the girls will be held to account for an industry wide problem, and they will be the face for it.

    It may get attention, but it's not going to make any difference sadly.

    I don't really think anybody cares what 20 haters on Twitter are going to say.

    I still can't understand how blinks seem happy about this when YG and the UN seem to have set the girls up to get dragged endlessly for all waste generated by the crazy marketing strategies of the kpop industry. It's baffling.

    because it's all about spreading awareness, rather than setting an example. Celebrities have more influence even than politicians sometimes.

    Mind your fucking business.. you all are funny trying so hard to say that him dating someone who he watched grow isn't weird as hell..

    If you didn't give a shit as you say you wouldn't be triggered enough to quote me edgy thing.

    You teenagers are all making it sound like he was her baby sitter, watched her everyday until she grew up. Talk about babying your idols, as if once jennie became an adult she wouldn't know if GD is the guy she should be dating. It's only weird because you are sick in the head and only think of the worst in people

    I knew they weren't a thing but he knew her since then so i don't feel good about it and defiently alot of her stans don't like it either.. I'm not gonna go against her and started shit about it cuz it isn't my business but I'm not supporting it as well. I supported her with kai but this is just a big no

    Spoiler alert, nobody gives a shit if you support them or not, are you providing dowry when they get married?

    after watching a bunch of MV's on youtube. You want to learn more about kpop and have some meaningful discussions, and in no time you have discovered yourself AKP or r/kpop.

    While browsing through all the posts, all you see is bullying accusations & scandals filling up 90% of the front page, involving seemingly every single group in existence. You are like "WTF is wrong with kpop, I will no longer listening to kpop and support suck a heinous industry."

    Best experience ever. :confused::D

    This response means it's 99% real. If it's false allegation, cube could have simply called up soojin and asked if it's real, and she could have just said no, and cube would just tell everyone it's false, this whole thing would only be a 10 second phone call.

    The fact that this statement gets posted means soojin did not deny it, and now cube needs some time to figure out the best approach

    I didn't see anyone celebrate you guys leaving though? People didn't care enough to celebrate. In fact you keep fantasizing about you living in my mind rent free, that's just weird. Akp is not stan twitter, blinks and armies here don't give a shit about each other, if anything you seem to be pretty triggered right now.

    I totally understand you want to scream at the top of your lungs to let everybody in the world know that bts and bp should not even be mentioned in the same sentence, but the truth is that nobody in the world cares. You do you I guess

    are you seriously asking why? It's not that hard to figure out though.

    It relies on the listening patterns of countries where artists are popular .

    Your faves are mainly popular in SEA where youtube is more utilized. While western artists like drake are popular in the US where spotify and apple music are heavily used.

    BTS the global artist that they are have both youtube and spotify. BTS has been pulling consistently approx 20 Million daily streams in the last months without a comeback :

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    Or maybe, hear me out, their MV's simply are gorgeous and have a lot of replay value? Also their spotify numbers are very impressive for having only 25 songs.

    The forum was much better when people like you were gone... but you can't resist the temptation to come back and let everybody know how GLOBAL your fave is, but go off I guess :pepe-toast:

    it's simple, most girl rappers, including soyeon, rap with a very nasally voice, which to a lot of people is not pleasing to hear. Jennie's rapping tone is much more pleasant. Also a lot of kpop listeners are international, and jennie can rap in perfect English.