To say 2.gen had no impact is pretty ironic...

  • You posted an article by Tamar Herman and called it "people who work within US industry"? A well known BTS anti?

    Fans like to call anti when they don’t hear what they wanna hear, she didn’t sound like an anti here. Any proof she is an anti! I don’t know her lol. What about the Grammy article? Can’t we trust them either?

    Theres nothing in these articles to explain the turn to west except BTS proving demand. The China ban may have helped, but if there would not have been BTS, companies would have targeted some other market instead, Latin America or Middle East, where they were already trying.

    If I would be a company and I lost one big market I would try my luck in America as well. They also talk about the demand of other Groups, like do you blend out everything that doesn’t start with BT ?

    Social media did not appear out of the blue in 2017. The was a rapid increase in kpop promotions, which did not fall in line with any social media trends. And the kpop invasion was not a response to a demand, they would not have relied on bundles, fraud and over the top promo if it was.

    No, it did not the rise of social media started earlier then that. You have a prove for your claim that social media trends didn’t fall in line with Kpop promotions?Your last part is so far fetched... fraud ?there was only one Group who had a controversy with this and that was in 2019 lol.

    Also are bundles not bought by fans and didn’t nearly every Artist in the US used bundles ? All of the Kpop bundles were merch+album who if not fans would buy merch? There wouldn’t be merch without demand lol.

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  • They had impact but mostly in Asian countries, I mean kpop is still a niche now here in Europe but back in 2007-2012 it was basically non existent. I understand the frustration but let's stop pretending they invented music because they did not, there were so many other successful acts before them, what makes you think that kpop would have been nonexistent if 2nd generation groups had not been successful?

    If you ask me, I think the 3rd generation and especially BTS made kpop so accessible in the west. I can see the BTS effect in my country, we have now several kpop shops that exist simply because there's a huge demand for albums, and I'm pretty sure they're not of TVXQ, BB or any other 2nd gen groups.

    Come on, nobody is denying the impact of BTS globally and that they're the #1 act right now. What some of us are defending against is the idea that everything that came before is bad, irrelevant, a failure, etc. That's it.

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