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    It'll never become the new normal in my country. Too many people have neither a computer (or don't know how to use one) nor proper internet access, but I really wish online classes were here to stay.

    I've learned so much in the past few months. Far more than I ever did in regular classes. There are less distractions (like people constantly talking and interrupting or asking for a break so they can smoke a cigarette) and I obviously also have more time to study since I no longer waste 2 hours per day on public transport. Online classes are amazing really. I'll miss them.

    I'm not sure it's a must but having friends generally helps with not being perceived as weird. If you don't have many friends it tends to make people think that there's something a little off about you, which can be the reason for bullying to start in the first place.

    You can of course have lots of friends and still become a target for some other reason, but I do think it significantly reduces the risk. Bullies rarely choose victims who might end up winning the fight.

    I wish I hadn't checked the comment sections under german news articles. Far too many people are defending this as "genuinely funny" or say it's "just an opinion" and that we need to defend freedom of speech, because the only people who are upset are "a bunch of hysterical teenage girls" who are way too sensitive. I've also read a lot of dismissive comments along the lines of "I don't know them, why is this news?". People are missing the point left and right.

    We really have a huge problem with both, casual racism and misogyny in Germany.

    The responses are as vile as the original statement.

    Back in middle school.

    A girl in my year really hated me which, according to her, was because I was too nice and too polite. She said it annoyed her, and made her want to punch me. The latter being something she thankfully never actually did.

    She did however steal things from other students and placed them in my bag or the pocket of my jacket, trying to get me in trouble. She and her friends also regularly made fun of me for not being able to afford clothes from popular brands and ridiculed me for being pale, telling me I probably had cancer and that I'd die soon.

    It was pretty awful, but in retrospect I think she must've had serious issues of her own. That kind of behaviour isn't normal.

    I don't talk much and the people who decided to befriend me are aware of that so they don't really expect me to call often. Sometimes a month passes, sometimes two. Another factor is that we're all adults now. It's not like it was at school where we'd automatically see each other and have several hours of free time to spare every day. There's other obligations now, bills to pay, and, in case of some of my friends, children to take care of. I've also gone back to uni in addition to keeping my job and the day only has so many hours. It's something I know I need to work on, but being an introvert with both job and uni is draining. I lack energy and am in desperate need of time alone.


    I was bitten by a dog twice just walking down a street and once sitting at a bus stop, reading.

    I'm terrified of them at this point and quickly cross the street the moment I see one.

    I think men are suffering, because women still aren't truly considered equal.

    That women and girls are still seen as inferior and lesser is what forces men to try and behave in ways that are perceived as, at the very least, not girly.

    There's an enormous stigma attached to liking girly stuff as a boy but why is that? Ultimately, I believe, because of how we see girls. If girls were seen in a better light, acting girly would not be an issue, liking 'girly things' would not be an issue. But we still use 'girl' as an insult that is synonymous with sissy. It's what forces men who want to be taken seriously to abide by our stereotypically definition of manly. (that which is not girly)

    Our gender roles are ultimately defined as opposites. One is this way, the other is that way. One has these traits, the other has those traits. I think men will remain trapped until women are equals. So long as we consider them inferior, men will also be forced into their own toxic role.

    My partner was lamenting our lack of money and I told him that being poor isn't so bad and that we should consider ourselves lucky, because unlike many other people out there we're both in good health at least.

    Less than a month later, I wound up in hospital with kidney failure due to a rare genetic defect that had gone undetected all my life.

    I'm not religious or superstitious, it's just the kind of ironic coincidence that you never forget. Life really showed me the finger in response to my attempt at optimism.

    Judging by what I witnessed in middle school and high school I think that might indeed be the case.

    Bullying targets were usually quiet, somewhat timid I guess, and most would definitely have preferred to just mind their own business. This personality type seemed to be incredibly triggering for the bullies for some reason. It seemed personal in the sense that the bullies reacted with genuine anger and hatred.

    Another personality type that got a lot of bullying were the people trying desperately to befriend the cool kids. It often backfired and they ended up as the unwanted sidekick that was largely ignored by the people they were supposedly super good friends with.