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    This is one of the subjects that have some much buzz in some specific corners of the internet.

    But I do wonder how many people in the real world actually care about that.

    That's what I keep thinking. The vast majority of people out there likely isn't even aware that gender and sex are no longer considered to be synonymous.

    It's called acting for a reason.

    An actor's job is pretending to be someone or something they're not. That's the whole point.

    If a suitable actor with a matching disability can be found to play the part, then by all means, they should be hired, but the notion that only a disabled actor should play a disabled character, only a gay man be allowed to play a gay man etc. is ludicrous.

    Where does that lead us if we follow through with this idea? Do we send people out into space to find friendly aliens to star in the next scifi blockbuster? Do we require actors to actually sustain injuries in car accidents because merely pretending to have been in a car crash might be offensive to genuine crash victims? Should actors still be allowed to dye their hair or should we ensure that people who are naturally dark haired/blonde/red haired get the part? How far do we take this and where do we draw the next arbitrary line?

    Just hire the actor who does the best job and let them do said job.

    It could be the result of Photoshop, but it could just as well be plain old hypermobility.

    My finger joints do the exact same thing, except that for me the finger tip tends to bend even further. I've had my fair share of similar pictures taken over the years where I'm trying to look cute but my fingers are busy preparing for Halloween.

    No, I think the issue is that many don't consider something a hobby until you take said hobby so seriously that it's basically a second job.

    Everyone has things they like to do.

    I consider playing video games a hobby too for example while most of my friends would say paying games is not a 'real' hobby because it's not 'productive' (hence why I said I find myself disagreeing with people's very definition of hobby).

    In my experience no amount of tone indicators or smileys will ever suffice to save you from the wrath of someone intent on misunderstanding and taking offence.

    At worst they'll even admit to being aware that it was a joke and then take offence anyway because they didn't think the joke was funny.

    It's difficult to go wrong with Italy tbh.

    But it kind of depends on what you're looking for.

    My favourite place in Italy is probably Lago Maggiore, which is up north. Part of the lake is in Switzerland so depending on where you're staying you can visit Switzerland as well while there. Tons of small villages and little islands you can explore and it's also great for both hiking and swimming.

    I'm on a plane about four times per year but always short haul... You board, stuff your carry on luggage into am overhead compartment, sit down in your designated seat, fasten your seat belt, politely listen as the crew tells you what to do in an emergency...and then the plane takes off. Once up in the air, the crew will start selling snacks and drinks, you can go to the toilet, read, listen to music, sleep...

    And before you know it there will an announcement that tells passengers to please prepare for landing (seats in an upright position, seat belts back on, no more walking around etc.) and then the plane begins its descent and lands. Everyone grabs their stuff from the overhead compartments, and leaves, thanking the crew on the way out.

    Unless there's turbulence it's like being on a very large bus really. ^^

    I think when publicly put on the spot by a stranger with a camera (as is the case with these youtube videos) many people just panic.

    Their mind goes blank and they reply with whatever comes to their mind first. What they're really thinking is probably closer to "oh shit, I'm going to make a fool of myself" than "Paris is a country in Africa".

    That isn't to say that there aren't a lot of alarmingly dense and uneducated people out there, it's just that these youtube videos are designed to get people to embarrass themselves.

    I don't know about superior but japan has a music scene that's a better fit for me, personally.

    I've always been more into rock/electronic rock/dark wave than pop music and while I enjoy kpop, I honestly only enjoy it in small doses.

    What I will say is that, in my experience at least, japanese lyrics tend to be superior. Songs often tell whole stories and the artists don't shy away from dark topics either. I've never had a Korean song make me cry but I distinctly remember crying the first time I listened to Arigatou by Kokia because it hit incredibly close to home at the time.

    Japanese people may not discuss their feelings as openly as westerners do but many artists go all out when it comes to lyrics.

    A breadcrumb got stuck in my windpipe the other day and I suffered a very public, very violent coughing fit that saw me retching into a bush and ultimately fracturing a rib before the breadcrumb came flying back out.

    It was so embarrassing that I'm still considering moving to another country under a new name.