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    I argue with my mum almost all the time. Mostly because of her shopping addiction. I don't know what her problem is exactly, but she constantly uses the names of family members, including mine, to order stuff online that we then end up having to pay for.

    I'm an introvert, and when people can't respect that, and repeatedly attempt to guilt trip me into being "more outgoing" and spending more time socialising than I can handle, I won't hang out with them at all anymore. I have a demanding job and I need time alone to be able to unwind and recharge.

    Ordinary introversion is not an illness that needs to be cured, and I won't attempt to be someone I'm not just to please the extroverts anymore.

    Just because society currently thinks that being an extrovert is the only correct way to be doesn't mean it actually is.


    I went swimming in a lake. And while I did wonder why it was so empty and quiet, it wasn't until it was time to head home that I finally noticed the sign stating that swimming in the lake is prohibited and that there's a €1000 fine if caught.


    At my workplace most people smoke and the stench when they come back inside is just awful.

    They also get nervous and bad tempered when there's a lot to do and they can't have their usual 4 to 5 cigarette breaks a day. They say they smoke because it "relaxes" them. I mean... Yeah, duh, you're an addict, of course getting your nicotine fix relaxes you, it makes your withdrawal symptoms go away. Science has actually shown that smoking does the opposite - it increases tension and anxiety.

    But there's no point arguing with a smoker. They're just like any other drug addict. Unless they manage to quit the habit they'll continue to make excuses.


    I couldn't get past the first ep..

    as soon as i saw that title i just kinda lost hope... like why not switch it up.... shulk... yeah ok.. anywayy

    I thought hawkeye was pretty good though.. and the concept of wandavision was cool.. at least imo..

    what'd u think abt tht new dr. strange ..:pepe-tea:

    I hated it. I actually watched Multiverse of Madness at the cinema but regretted it later.

    It was just way too long and everyone seems to have lost at least 50 IQ points since their last appearance.

    Right of the bat I didn't really understand why Wanda wasn't under any kind of surveillance. She enslaved an entire village, surely that's a reason to keep an eye on her? But I guess not.

    How America's powers are triggered didn't really add up either. Its supposedly stress and fear... But the inconsistencies were impossible to ignore. Everytime the plot needed her to be unable to escape, she could be inches from being killed - yet nothing happened. How convenient.

    Worst was the alternate universe with Captain Carter, Captain Marvel etc... Who were those idiots? Did that group share a single braincell or what happened there? I certainly felt like I lost some of my own witnessing their idiotic antics and decisions.

    Overall I think the movie had some good ideas but there were too many inconsistencies, foolish decisions, lack of common sense, and things that simply didn't add up on even a surface level.


    Tried watching She-Hulk, but it's every bit as bad as recent Marvel movies.

    It's not even something I can fall asleep to, because while it's certainly boring enough, it's also incredibly annoying.

    Marvel needs to stop with the endless comedy. It's like all their characters are secretly the same person these days. They are all sarcastic and quippy and all crack the same kinds of jokes all the time. And the disrespect to Bruce was not it either.

    But as I have several more hours of repetitive work to go and since I'm also alone at the office I'm now going to try and watch Moon Knight. Let's see how that goes.


    I completely shattered the radial head in my left elbow (it ripped off and broke into 4 pieces) which, apparently, is the best type of elbow fracture you can suffer if you don't like to move your arm.

    The doctor stared at my xrays, got another doctor who got another doctor, all looking at the pictures like I'd somehow offended them, before one of them said they'd try. Which even I, with my limited hospital experience, could tell was a bad sign.

    The result unfortunately matches the doctor's lack of enthusiasm.

    Marginally better than the Last Jedi movie as I can move my elbow again, but it feels like shit and sounds like you're grinding herbs with a mortar and a pestle all day.

    So in case you're considering adding an elbow fracture to your list of bones you've broken - don't go for this one. 1/10, wouldn't recommend.

    I don't like my dreams. They're usually nightmares in which I'm trying to escape an aerial bombardment or some kind of monster I can't see. To make things worse, I'm always running in slow motion, so I never actually manage to escape.

    Whether I dream or not depends entirely on my sleep quality though. Right now I have no days off (meaning I work 7 days per week) and I wake up roughly every 30 minutes or so, thinking I'm late for work. I haven't had a dream in months but I definitely prefer my old nightmares to the exhaustion. My brain feels utterly fried.

    People who get good grades without ever needing to study.

    But that often turns into resentment when those people keep letting everyone within earshot know how eeeeaaasy everything is for them and how incredibly boooored they are... When they know full well that others are struggling and losing sleep to study.

    The things you listed sadly happened on the daily when I was at school. The difference was that adults rarely interfered because none of us told anyone. We dealt with that among ourselves. It's what taught us responsibility and how to think for ourselves, because we needed to engage with one another to resolve our issues.

    Teenagers don't like to be told what's right and wrong by adults and are likely to do the opposite when challenged by them.

    However, back then there was no trial by social media yet, so once an issue had been resolved, that was it. You had learnt your lesson and were allowed to move on. That's no longer the case. It remains on the Internet forever and perfect strangers can dig that shit up years later to paint someone as a horrible person despite having no clue what really transpired or what was said or done in private.

    People learn, they get older, and I don't think it's right when strangers who don't know any of the people involved go around playing judge years after the fact. You weren't there, you don't know these people, you have no idea if the issue was resolved, and you frankly haven't got a clue whether responsibility was taken or not. It's not your place to get involved unless you know the details.