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    I am not putting words into your mouth? You literally said that enhypen won due to cJ's connection? We're not dumb, we know what is implied in that

    but i didn't say it's entirely due to cj's connection? I was making comparison with TXT and the only thing that's different was CJ, i thought i have already explained it in several comments? why insist on thinking everyone hates your faves? congrats for being smart i guess. now bye, nothing more to say if people want to stay ignorant.

    Nah, you know exactly what you did there. It's one thing to say "txt and enhypen have similar results so txt should have also won" and it's a whole another thing to say "enhypen's award is rigged and cj bought them their award " which is exactly what you said

    The first " " is closer to what I meant but I guess you want me to say the later so much so that you can accuse that I'm a hater lol go ahead and keep put words in my mouth, not like it's the first time I'm called a hater of some random groups here when i just make general opinions.

    Perhaps, you should have mentioned artists that are not part of the top 15 as example instead of Enhypen who still wins without judges vote in the criteria so that your point is more believable. Whether the judges are partial to certain candidates or not it doesnt matter— it’s their criteria. If you dont win because the judges do not like the artists or their music , it’s their call. It clearly said that it’s 40% from judges. Some fans will always be bitter when their faves don’t win . They need to move on since it won’t change the results anyways, and they will still vote next yr if their faves are eligible to win. 😂

    Lol I mentioned Enhypen because their number is the closest to TXT to make comparisons. We shouldn't use the judges here because no one knows who picked who but numbers don't lie. Literally the only thing that's different between 2 groups is that one has CJ's backing and one does not. That's facts. So I made my assumptions basing on that. I also think that SMA have something against JYPE groups too but let's save that for another day lol. Y'all are also allowed to make different assumptions as some already did saying HYBE or SME bought the awards lol. But let's all just agree to disagree. As I said before, I have nothing against any artists but take it however you like.

    You said "Enhypen got one probably thanks to their CJ's connection". :suure:

    I guess this is a sensitive issue for you because you stan Enhypen but do you honestly don't think company connection plays a bit here in deciding awards? not saying 100% but maybe 10-20%? and i'm not talking about the bonsangs only but other awards including daesangs too. So it's your choice to trust that 40% of judges but i don't. I've been in kpop long enough to understand a few things. It's not a dig to any artists but just general observations but if you still insist then be it. I understand that any negative things to any artists are seen as hating and not just simply opinion.

    So you're just gonna ignore that criterion? They clearly got judges' votes and won fair and square, that's what happens when you have great music.

    No one said anything about Enhypen not winning fair and square, you're thinking too much. My comment was not a dig to Enhypen but think whatever you want.

    I mean the previous year TXT won over Baekhyun and EXO inspite of them being much higher on that list with better digitals and physicals. Did they win because of hybe connection I wonder. Guess hybe only pays when they know BTS can win the daesang :pepepizza:

    BTS have been skipping this award since 2019. Hybe don't have to pay anything, more like they were trying to appeal to BTS by giving them daesangs until last year but BTS still paid them dust lol. About TXT, I'm not defending their last year's bonsang at all, just making assumptions. Maybe SMA changed their minds about Hybe this year, who knows lol

    Why is CJ connection mentioned here when there's a 40% judge score? They were #13 in the prediction. It's weird that you don't question groups and artists like Heize, OMG, Brave Girls and The Boyz who had a way lower score.

    I question everyone, just because I don't mention them doesn't mean i don't question it lol

    I mentioned Enhypen because they're also from Hybe but they got the bonsang while TXT didn't. And I don't trust the 40% judge too much looking at the other winners so you don't have to remind me lol.

    That's ideal but we don't live in a perfect world.

    Anyway I have explained my side here. I normally don't look for fights but I'm in a kpop forum, there are times I will have opinions about non-BTS related stuffs including complaints or complements about what some companies/artists do. That's a normal thing. If people can't quote respectfully or deal with me being an army while having different opinions then just proceed to block or ignore my post, then everyone will have their peace and that's better for me not wasting my time too.

    Trust me i don't want to fight all the time with Armys but sometimes they try me too much. Some people just get so worked up over smallest things like me saying a company is greedy. Then the next thing I know is essays after essays quoting me asking why i said what i said and questioning my army identity. Then when I took time to explain, they twisted it to me being obsessed over companies and now some of you must think i like fighting. like i can't win. Some people should learn to take opinions that's different from them that's how this fandom will get better, not silence everyone so that the beefs get built up inside and get to the point of shading each other.

    where was your opinion dismissed :huuh: you didn't even dare to actually respond to the points i made against you and are stuck on being called an army. for the last time i just said it was weird to me.

    and don't play dumb. hybe stan and manti are both terms some people "claim" that are also used to insult people that arent those things, just like the term incel. if you're going to be shady, be shady, but don't act innocent in the next breath lol.

    I didn't reply to your second part because you've explained your stan so i feel it's pointless to argue further. Why do you want to argue with me so much please ;(

    If you insist on thinking Hybe stan is an insult then be it, even though to me it's just a short label to describe a group of people. people have been using terms like sm stans, yg stans, etc since forever but it's suddenly a problem to hybe stans. good luck on thinking the worst on people but don't get pissed if people think the same of you.

    ....what? so you don't want to be labeled as an army? is that what you're trying to say? sorry i don't think calling you an army is in the same vein as you using an inflammatory term like hybe stan lol.

    and first of all, that part of my post was a general statement, not just to you. i would almost say it was more targeted to the op but i was replying to your comment and tacked it on at the end. i don't see how me saying "i find it weird" means i was trying to say you cant have an opinion on this as an army. i already said the problem i had with your take in the same post. i found a few things in this thread hypocritical and i said that. still not seeing how any of that makes me triggered.

    I don't want people to use the 'you're an Army' when I was talking about non-BTS related issues. I think you would also feel annoyed if people say you're an Army to dismiss your opinions on certain topics right? I thought it was a general worry for akp Armys here but maybe not if the ones using it are Armys themselves? :/ . So Hybe stan is a inflammatory term when there're people calling themselves Hybe Stans or SM stans? I learned something new today. ^^

    who's triggered here? i just said i found your take contradictory :huuh: you sure you're not the one that's triggered, throwing around "hybe stan" bc people have different opinions than you? theres also literally nothing to "defend" hybe from here. they took a loss, thats a fact. i just find it interesting that some people seem almost giddy about it, though im not saying that was you.

    are you sure you're not triggered when you used the Army card to question my take? Yes I'm triggered because of that that's why i replied you. You can throw the labels around but don't want me to use it against you?

    Sorry you had to endure they hybe stans alone here I thought my thread was flopping :teeheek:I guess you are the Yoongi “solos” that guild was bashing me about. Yes imagine the concept of having free thought.

    What? lmao. Do they think just because we have Yoongi as our dp and username means we're 'solos'. Then I think every Army here is a solo stan. :pepe-hehe:

    People out there have been comparing the 2 "family" concerts since last year, it wasn't me who started the comparison. I mentioned about SM because I thought their concert is a great marketing strategy to Hybe being a normal one with fan buying tickets but still received losses anyway. I thought it would be better if they make it like the SM one. How is that hard to understand for you? Where did you get the idea I give a f*ck about if Hybe is loosing or winning. I would be the last person to care about that lmao. I'm just simply commenting on the thread and somehow just because i complemented SM, it triggered you? And enough with Army this Army that, that wouldn't stop me from talking about what I want to. I'm an Army but I'm my own person too, I have opinions on many things not only BTS.

    Obviously not. I’m talking about media playing in general. And your paragraph is very nonfa

    Ok i wasted my time explaining. Next time don't quote me if you don't wanna have a real discussion. Your friends are trying to make me a weird Army when I just wanna answer your question about a marketing strategy as if being an Army stops one from talking about non-BTS related stuffs.