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    some of you are going too far in what you think is defence of her but really just sound delusional... "she cant read english fluently" :cryingr:

    it could genuinely be as simple as her thinking it would be a good opportunity at the time, which i wouldnt blame her for.. before the RS article and the full details of what was going on were exposed, Sam Levinson and his work on Euphoria were being praised a lot and also very popular.

    the way you hear kpop stans talk about her role on the show though you would think she signed on the show as screenwriter :pepe-narrow-eyes:


    nevermindmejin is trying to say not you trying to talk about Jennie can't read English and just join the show blindly, she is not trying to blame Jennie but to claim she can't read is just... Its crazy how you are trying to claim she can't read....

    Yup Nj managed to do it because they're amazing and on the top and nobody doing it like them especially in 4th gen except for 50/50. But unfortunately to correct your fact abit, they're not doing it after debut but in their first cb where all eyes on them and their songs going viral in tiktok and korea and they're staying in korean Spotify right away. Doing all of this in first cb, whew nobody doing it like them, right? Thank you for remind me to brag about them. Their success will be forever iconic and always be remember in the future generations as the no 1 gg in this generation. Thank you again for remind me to list their very exceptional achievements that nobody able to do it in their first cb.

    But quite alot of people think it is all done with money and connection though...

    This thread shows it..

    Sorry but please don't normalize these type of jokes, it isn't funny ... I get that some kpop fans here are deliberately trying to put their hate on Jennie so you can get defensive but don't defend jokes like that and say ''it is normal''..

    i mean, we've got a blink here defending the cringe show calling everyone 12 year olds lol.

    He doesn't represent all of us..

    That Epstein joke is in poor taste. Truly. It’s one thing to reveal the dark side of the entertainment industry but using the experiences of real life kids on that island to make that type of joke…it’s very gross. Does that mean Jennie is responsible for it? Of course not. I wish she didn’t pick this project for herself because of the story’s message and backlash which has done her more harm than good, but I still feel like people redirecting the blame to her should focus on The Weeknd and Levinson as creators.

    No one is above criticism obviously, but there are definitely more significant parts of this show to question than Jennie’s two seconds of screen time each episode.

    Really? About real people who were minors when they were raped?

    Can't remember anything like that on a show.

    Don't know why you are swearing because I already said Jennie might not even have known about it.

    I am not dragging her. I am dragging the show and everyone involved with that line.


    The fact that some of the user are trying to do the ''blinks are crazy defending Jennie'' just goes to show some people just wanna use this show for their fanwar again, disgusting... Not gonna defend that sickening prick epstein with his rape line but some people act as if Jennie is the director or writer when she is literally a small role with afew lines... No minor role actress or actor sit there and watch the entire show get played out when your tiny role is finished... All the people trying to use this chance to shit on Jennie again, disgusting....