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  • Wifey, you got banned? SAD :(

  • solo levelling’s monarch?

  • gosh u got banned too? what for?

  • ur dp es scarrryy lol

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  • Your profile pic looks like Ryuk’s nonexistent sister.

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    • Its a monster from Solo Leveling

      but I thought it looked cool so I kept it :D

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    • Oh that makes me wanna watch Solo Leveling... 😁

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  • ur dp omg

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  • Thanks for the follow back 💜

    Nice profile picture 😁

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    • np~ and yasssss my dp slays

      I also like yours mink :love:

    • Thanksss 😁

      Tried to go for a slightly intimidating look

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    • I-

      I just think sexy taemin ||

    • Very true lol

      He’s more so than I’ll ever be 😂

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    • Ion think i ever seen you but just wear all black and getchu some confidence and you can be a baddie bih too :yesr:

  • ur pfp is messed up and scary ||

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  • Is your DP from solo leveling or am I just getting stuff mixed up lol

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    • It is from solo leveling :D

      I was reading it last year

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    • Eyyy!

      I'm just waiting for it to finish before I read it again tbh :<

      its so addicting

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    • Oh its gonna end soon?

      I stopped half way as I tend to do with most things o.o

      but I was enjoying it and wanted to finish it

  • Hey you actually can remove the number for Akorns here


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    • Yea I saw some girl post that thingy

      im glad, hey you know if yall will have any future plans for customized badges?

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    • Yeah, we'll be adding more to the shop regularly, we do need another awards team member we only just have 1 I've been meaning to ask around but too busy. We are still figuring out the pricing and all of that, 1 badge is free at least

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  • that dp woah

    • I was waiting for the revamp to get it


      I love it

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    • Its great.. idk what happened lmao my older sigs are back automatically XD

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    • Thats good tho cause I had forgotten to save my jujutsu sigs o.o

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