Do you guys think you can finally forgive Irene?

  • The stylist already accepted her apology tho. It's not my place to forgive her but after i've read her message to fans i felt like she did learn her lesson and reflected on her behaviour; i feel like she deserve a second chance from the fans and the people she work with.

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  • the stylist forgave her and all

    I understand that she is human and make mistakes, I hope she learns from that mistake and can behave better or something, lets expect she truly reflected on this yeah but why people still angry at her? everyone deserves a second chance and I need RV cb so... but in a more serious note rn, seriously everyone deserves a second chance it's not like she commited a serious crime

  • It's not up to "us" to forgive her. But, as someone who used to ult Irene, her scandal deeply hurt me as a fan. Red Velvet and their music is my safe space, my comfort zone. The members and their music always made me smile and laugh after a tumultuous day. After the scandal, it was hard for me to consume Red Velvet's music because it made me feel like everything was a lie.

    Red Velvet is one of the more down to earth groups that rarely exaggerate their personalities for skinship or clickbait. I loved how raw and real they were, so Irene's scandal made me question things. I also felt slightly uncomfortable with Irene, not to the point that I wanted her to be removed, but more that I felt neutral on her.

    If you've been following Red Velvet recently, you can tell Irene is shaken up by the scandal. She's much more self-conscious and aware of how she presents herself on camera. Just look at their SMT ticket making video and their performance. I could tell she's beating herself up over the scandal. I'm glad she released another apology and went more in-depth in terms of how she messed up and how she plans to correct her behavior going forward. I genuinely believe Irene is reflecting on her behavior and wants to become a better person. I'm looking forward to seeing that growth and becoming her fan again.

  • The issue was between her and the stylist as well as any others she may have acted rudely towards. I see it as something between them. There's nothing for me to forgive her for.

    That said here's my response I posted in another thread:

    Good for her. This seems like a sincere letter of reflection.

    If those that promote the idea of socially enforced mass criticism to enact desired change don't find this adequate I don't know that they will ever be satisfied with her.

    To me it strikes me as someone who has sincerely thought about their actions and how they might improve and move forward.

    I was never one to cancel or be massively critical of Irene. I was disappointed as I think treatment of underlings is an important marker of character. But her addressing it and making amends with the other person. As well as following her initial apology up with a statement like this that reflects on their mistakes and pledges to do better and seems sincere. That's indication to me that she's someone who has made steps and indicated they wish to change.

    As a fan that's as much as one could ask for.

    We all have flaws. Failures. Times we are unfair or mean. If one can't find redemption from mistakes it really seems a more pitiful and bleak world. One I don't want to live in.

    Irene seems to want to find that redemption and go forward as a more thoughtful Bae Juhyun.

    As a fan I'm proud of her. And wish her the best in that journey

  • Exactly my thoughts.

  • i forgive her, she was extremely wrong for what she did especially bc she’s a grown woman. but i think she’s done a good job at self reflecting, and has written an apology twice already. the second one is appreciated bc it shows she is still growing from her mistakes and is going to continue trying to be a better person. so i admire her for that especially cause shes doing soooo much better than some idols who havent done HALF the self reflection irene has. theres gonna be ppl who are still harsh on her but im convinced they just never liked irene in the first place anyways.

    also i do think it is up to fans to forgive her or not (stylist aside, shes the main one) bc this scandal embarrassed her fans who are fans of her or the group. also it just leaves a sour taste in fans mouth bc shes not exactly who we thought she was (granted not every idol is but this was for the worse)


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  • No. It's not hard to not be an asshole, but she still chose to be one.

    She's a good actress... Playing a good girl in public, while being a jerk behind the scenes. What's to say this apology isn't an act? You'll never know.

  • "I tought that I was getting along well with the people around me in my own way, so I didn't know that my methods of communication or my expressions could become a problem, and I just thought that everyone has different ways of communicating."

    I find this part kinda weird? Like making that staff member cry in front of you wasn't a hint that you're not really getting along? :sweatr:

    I think that part wasn't necessary because it comes off as an excuse. But the editor forgave her, and that's what matter the most.

  • The stylist forgiven her so I'm good. I do really hope she becomes a better person than she was in the past.

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