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    I'm a big gun? I'm touched. I'm sorry you missed out on the Black Friday offer - a free custom for any AllKill member who requested it!!



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    i mean i think they'll be apart for some time but come back together. and dayum.

    and i believe chanyeol literally just got discharged at the end of september so the mans is resting. they're probs coming back early 2023 or 2nd quarter 2023.

    glad we can agree on 22. don't speak 20 into existence good lord. i have so many questions what did shuhua do and when did exo say they were coming back but never did ;(

    either i haven't been on here enough or there aren't any outstanding contenders. and i'm here to change that. Ms. SoShiStan *cough* VioletParr *cough* *cough* VioletWinters *cOuGh* VioletPunisherr *COUGH COUGH* FeLiNa *WHEW GOT IT* is jonesing for a custom gif badge. i hold a firm belief that allkill members should be able to commission for 3k+ akorns but that's not a can of worms i'm opening here.

    so instead i'm going to open an even more malicious can of worms and make a thread filled with tons of edgy kpop questions that you can choose to debate others on (or just give your own opinion on). you don't have to answer all of them but i have a feeling this should do the trick. i won nov 2021 and i'm back for more. i'm too busy with finals to write a full analysis thread so this'll do for now. don't let me down.... or else....


    Some of the groups I'm asking questions about here I either ult or I'm a big fan of. While I do love seeing different opinions, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do :skull: This is meant to spark discussion, that being said it is not meant to start full on fanwars. If this goes to dumpsterfire I'm gonna remake it without the inflammatory question that caused it to go there. Let's keep it peaceful folks, I can see how this would attract trolls, if it's obvious bait then just react with a facepalm and keep it moving.


    1. No fighting, namecalling or callouts

    2. Be respectful

    QUESTION...? (bonus points if you got that reference, you're automatically hot and cool and funny and smart)



    1. What 4th gen girl group fell off the most and why?

    2. What 4th gen boy group fell off the most and why?

    3. What 3rd gen girl group fell off the most and why?

    4. What 3rd gen boy group fell off the most and why?

    5. Most unpopular opinion about a member who got kicked out?

    6. Do girl or boy groups lead the 4th gen? (This is an easy one btw)

    7. Name some groups you think need new producers or new musical direction asap

    8. Name some groups companies have gotten way too complacent with

    9. What soloist fell off the most and why?

    10. Do you think overperfectionism and too long of a wait kills hype? (eg: Dean)

    11. Name some artists who dug their own grave

    12. Name some girl groups with a couple of songs that put them on mid tier... and then fell off

    13. 2012, 2014, and 2016 were the best years musically in k-pop, prove me wrong or come up with an argument (check wikipedia for releases that occurred those years and your jaw will drop. AOA saves the day!)

    14. Name a group from the big four that comes back way too much

    15. Name a group from the big four that comes back way too little

    16. If you could resurrect one group, what group would it be, and would they be successful?

    17. Why do you think Jessica's solo career didn't perform well? (music slapped anyway)

    18. Do you agree with JYP's recent musical direction of Itzy and Nmixx, and SM's recent musical direction with Red Velvet (not including solos)?

    19. Looking 5 years down the road, do you see Lesserafim or Newjeans being more successful?

    20. Group you think will disband in 2023?

    21. Fandom that is hanging on for dear life to a hopeless cause?

    22. The quality of mid-tier girl groups was better pre 2017 than it was now, argue or agree with proof.

    23. Name a member that should be kicked out of a group

    24. Name a member that you wish you could bring back to a group

    25. Name a soloist that you believe a company mishandled (I'll make this one easy, YG mishandled Lee Hi after giving her the best release ever by locking her up)

    26. Why do you think Korean rap (namely Jay Park) has fallen off so hard after peaking in 2016/17?

    27. Inactive soloists you miss dearly?

    28. Groups that always said they were coming back but never did? (looking at you Orange Caramel)

    29. Groups that had amazing Japanese releases and aesthetics? (two right answers here if we're talking 2nd gen girl groups)

    30. Eff, Marry, Friend, Kill: SM, YG, HYBE, JYP

    31. (BONUS) A song from your faves that you wish you could burn from existence?

    boy oh boy i can't wait to wake up to some disssscourse! remember to keep it cute, calm, and classy or else i have to call in my friends to make you go bye bye. it's completely possible to answer a question without throwing shade babes.


    - Vi/FeLiNa (yes i'm posting this at 2:40 in the morning, what about it) :borahae:

    Shaming only works on people who are on the same mental plain as the rest of us. For many, it's scene as a challenge and get them in the "I'll show you" mode. The best route is letting the adults handle it.

    this. people who come to mind are eric harris, dylan klebold, and especially seung hui cho (virginia tech shooting) who actually stalked female students. is it likely it will get that far? no. but does it look good for this guy right now when it comes to just you (op) personally? also no. shame unfortunately does not work on people with a certain mindsets/people who already hold a social reject or outcast standing. they already have nothing to lose, so acting out is not far outside the list of possible activities they could partake in. there's also the rare breed of people (not gonna throw around psych terms here but one can infer) of people who just fit in, experience shame, and still don't care anyways. all extra variables in a situation that you really don't want to leave to chance. peers cannot do much.

    So I debated extensively with myself on talking about getting physical but here goes. When it comes to protecting yourself. You have the right to do this. Fighting is the last resort but if it comes to that; There is NO SUCH THING AS A FAIR FIGHT. It's you or them. The age old adage of go for the nuts actually is mostly ineffective as even young boys instinctively are pretty good at protecting their nuts unless it's completely unexpected. However, if the opportunity arises don't hold back on the nuts. Once you enter a fight your only goal in life is to cause as much pain and disability as fast as possible. In a fight KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. I've studied Karate, Cho Li Fut Kung Fu, Judo and Akaido and when I got in to actual fights(I'm not going to explain this...) all the fancy martial arts go out the window. In a fight your goal is to disable your opponent as fast as possible and make your escape. Go for the eyes with ever finger on both of your hands. You have a 10 out of 2 chance of getting something. If a finger goes up their nose, push deeper, and don't stop until your pushed away or you hear screaming and crying. Go for slaps and punches to the throat, your going for the wind pipe. Hard to fight if you can't breath. Slap the ear with the palm of your hand as hard as you physically can. Go with both hands at the same time as most people aren't practiced enough to defend multiple attacks. Kick knee's in directions they aren't supposed to go. Bend fingers in directions they don't normally bend, don't stop until you hear cracking and crying. If they get a hold of you struggle for everything your worth. Claw, grab, scratch, bite, kick, elbow, headbutt! Every part of your body is a very effective weapon. If you feel like they have control and are dragging you become dead weight but be ready to go back to fighting once you have an advantage. And mostly, tell your self, this is going to hurt, accept the pain and then FIGHT FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE WORTH. YOU ARE WORTH THE FIGHT AND THE PAIN. I hope and pray no one ever has to use this advice but...

    again with the amazing advice. took the words right out of my mouth. i didn't want to go too into detail in fear of getting a warning but you are so great for this, especially because you're educated on it. from personal experience (unfortunately) especially slapping both hands on each side of the face and going for the eyes with the thumbs. and it's so true, there's no such thing as a fair fight. op, this stalker already sounds balls to the walls fucking batshit and whether he's in love with you or not i don't doubt that he would hurt you given the chance and the right motivation- it's the sad truth.

    and op remember! any weapon brought to a fight can easily become anyone's weapon! so please be cognizant of that (for both legal reasons and safety reasons i do not advise even though i carry).

    I will say document all the incidences of him being creepy/stalkery to you and if necessary go file a restraining order or actually report it to the police since stalking is a crime (in most countries)

    that way you have the evidence if the police and prosecutor do something about it

    documentation is always the key in a world of skepticism and victim-doubters.

    Please don't be embarrassed this is happening to you. It's not your fault, you didn't invite this to happen to you. 1st, you need to involve adults. This isn't your responsibility to deal with, especially alone. If the adults you tell or ask for help from don't take it seriously move on, don't give up, ask other adults. There is billions of adults in the world to help you. Every person who works in law enforcement, public education/mental health/medical has a legal reporting responsibility in the US and many other countries. If you tell them you feel like your in danger they have to help / report it to the proper authorities. Hopefully this means someone can pull him aside and tell him to chill. Hopefully this is all it takes. Document everything that is happening to, video, voice, pictures, write it down. Don't depend on your memory. This could be very important if law enforcement / courts do get involved.

    If that doesn't help...

    Don't be alone. Have to go to the bathroom at school, take a friend. If the teacher won't let your friend go, in front of the class, explain you have a stalker. Yes, it's embarrassing but you and your safety are more important. I guarantee no teacher will ignore you then. Walking home, walk with friends. If you are alone, pre-dial your phone with 911 or what ever your local emergency line is so that if something happens all you have to do is hit send. If you accidentally hit send, which could happen, don't panic, your not in trouble. Remain calm, talk to the dispatcher. Tell them you pre-dialed your phone with 911 because your scared and a lone. Explain why your scared. They won't get upset with you.

    this is the best, most informative comment ever on this website. this is so fucking important. especially the legal reporting responsibility part. always document and never give up because there is always an adult who is willing to help. you will never get in trouble for calling 911, they will hear what's going on and sense something is very wrong, do not hesitate to do it if need be because you're better safe than sorry. and try to never ever be on your own!!!

    op if you see this, i guarantee you your social status at this school won't matter in years, but a life altering experience will stay with you forever. let's not have it get that far. do not be scared of sticking up for yourself, even if it means there's an audience. he needs to back the fuck down. for your own safety. and if it comes to it, and i pray it doesn't, remember it's you or him and you always must choose you, strike to hurt and deal with legal repercussions later, protect your face and head, keeping your guard up will usually prevent any serious injury, thumb on the outside of your fist, but avoid getting physical as much as possible. and if you do end up in that spot, retreat as soon as possible. read up on stand your ground laws for your area too. you are never alone and you never should be. stay strong.