• Stage Name: Dylan
    Birth Name: Park Yeon Jae

    English Name: Dylan Park

    Group: D-CRUNCH
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

    Birthday: July 26, 2002

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    Blood Type: A

    II. Dylan Facts

    – He was born in New Zealand, at age of 5 he moved back to Korea to finish primary school.
    – Dylan went back to New Zealand as an exchange student. (Source via Dylan’s ice-cream review)
    – He became a All-S Company trainee in early 2017.
    – Dylan was the 1st artist to be revealed as a member of D-CRUNCH. He was revealed on June 5, 2018.
    – On July 6, it was announced that he will be pre-debuting with the sub-unit Geupsik-Dan on July 10.
    – He has 1 younger brother.
    – Dylan’s favorite number is 7. (Source via Vlive Today)
    – He is able to say anything in a cute way. (Source via Pops in Seoul)
    – Things he finds attractive about his body are his eyes, his smiling face, and the mole under his eye. (Source via D-CRUNCH Analysis)
    – His favorite song is a song by Zico and Dean.
    – He’s been playing soccer since he was 5 years old.
    – Dylan likes BTS's V because he makes great facial expressions and he’s the most handsome guy he ever saw. (Source via: MOMO X)
    – He watches web dramas with the members and often goes to the PC room to play games during his break time.
    – He likes wide and over-fit clothes.
    – He defines himself as a rabbit because he has large front teeth and fans call him that a lot.
    – He and Hyunho participated in Seoul Fashion Week 2019 in October of 2019.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)