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    I. Introduction:

    “Boom Boom Crunch! Hello, we are D-CRUNCH!” —D-CRUNCH

    D-CRUNCH (디크런치; short for Diamond Crunch) is an eight-member boy group under Ai Grand Korea. They were formed by All-S Company and originally as nine, they debuted on August 6, 2018 with the single album "0806".

    On February 5, 2020, all the members signed under Ai Grand Korea, after their contracts with All-S Company expired.

    D-CRUNCH Fandom Name: DIANA (디아나)

    D-CRUNCH Official Accounts:
    Instagram: @d_crunch_official
    Twitter: @DIA_CRUNCH
    Youtube: D-CRUNCH
    VLive: D-CRUNCH
    Daum Café:

    Official Artist Thread: ıllıllı D-Crunch {Official Thread} ıllıllı **COMEBACK 4.6.21 18:00 KST**

    II. History:

    2018: Debut

    On June 5, 2018, All-S Company reveal an artist, Dylan, for his upcoming first group through a teaser photo. The next days, other members were revealed and other series of teaser photos were published. Finally, on June 25, the agency revealed the group and its name.

    On July 6, 2018, it was announced that the group will pre-debut with the digital single "Geupsik" with the special sub-unit Geupsik-Dan featuring Chan Young, O.V, Jeong Seung and Dylan. The music video teaser was released the same day. The single will be released on July 10 and will feature also two girls trainees from the agency: Karam and Hyeong Shin.

    The full group debuted on August 6, 2018 with the single album "0806".

    III. Members:

    O.V (오뷔) Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Leader 2018–present

    Hyun Wook (현욱) Main Vocalist, Dancer 2018–present

    Hyun Ho (현호) Rapper, Dancer 2018–present

    Hyun Oh (현오) Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer 2018–present

    Min Hyuk (민혁) Rapper, Dancer 2018–present

    Chan Young (찬영) Main Rapper, Main Dancer 2018–present

    Jung Seung (정승) Rapper, Dancer 2018–present

    Dylan (딜란) Rapper, Dancer, Maknae 2018–present

    IV. Discography:


    Mini albums

    M1112 (4colors) (2018)

    M0527 (2019)

    Across The Universe (2020)

    Single albums

    "0806" (2018)

    Digital singles

    "Together Puppy Part.7" (2020)

    "Pierrot" (2020)



    "Are You Ready? (Japanese Version)" (2019)

    V. Writing & Producing Credits:

    O.V has written, arranged & Produced 2 songs

    Minhyuk has written arranged & Produced 1 song

    Source: https://www.komca.or.kr/foreign2/eng/S01.jsp