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  • why are you banned ;(

  • hello : ) Jhope Bye GIF - Jhope Bye Bts - Discover & Share GIFs

    • Hey :eyes:


    • how are you ?

      i am goodBts Taehyung GIF - Bts Taehyung Funny Face GIFs hbu?

    • I am good too, today is my day off and I am relaxing a little bit. I didn't feel like going out today, so I am spending the day at home


    • today is friday so yaaayyy!!!!!!! last "day"of winter vacation then its back to HW & crowded classes so Bts Crying GIFs | Tenor

      but in a little i open MOTS7 so im Bts Excited GIFs | Tenor

      also Bts Taehyung GIF - Bts Taehyung Hoseok GIFs to see how my sis reacts to getting LY Tear

    • Tell us what photocards do you get :eyes:

  • Hello! :lover3:

    I noticed you visited my wall :beehaw:

    So Now i visit You :ooo-bee:

  • Hello Friend I come witha gift

    LOL 2
  • Hii! How are you doing? :pepelove1:

    I love your new aesthetic btw :pathead:

    • Thanks! I'm doing fine! And you?

      I just joined the Bulletproof guild and I am so happy. Everyone is really warm and cute :pepelove1:

    • Glad to hear you're doing fine! I am doing fine as well, kinda nervous because I have exams tmrw until Friday :emotionalpepe:

      Yes they are really sweet there! :pepelove1:

      Can we be friends? :pepeflushed:

    • Good luck with your exams! fighting!

      I am nervous too because I am going back to Germany next week and because this saturday is BTS concert in Busan :twerkingpepe: Will you be watching it?

      Of course we can be friends :starryeyes-pepe: Aren't we already? :pepe-toast:

    • Thank youuu :pathead:

      If I have time, where to watch it anyways? ;judgingpepe:

      Yieee, I thought so but I didn't wanna assume hehe :pepelove1:

    • You can watch it via Weverse. It will start at 6pm KST.

      In this link you can see at what time it will start in your timezone :pepe-dj: