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    Forgive me for not understanding lol I don't really follow sns or most of those sorta things. What's the Taylor swift bandwagon?

    people who hate on taylor swift for no reason since 2016 bc it's trendy/the kanye drama. thankfully most came to their senses after it was exposed that kanye was lying the whole time and taylor was telling the truth. unfortunately some taylor haters have showed up on allkpop and think they bring fresh or hot takes when really it's tired and embarrassing.

    Yes I am been following BTS since debut. The 1 was a joke lol BTS has never dissapointed me, they may have had some song's that weren't the greatest or a few things not exactly their image but that's a normal process of growing,no big deal. Getting bent out of shape over everything about the group is 🤡 and also not good for your health. They don't let this shit bother them, why should you?. Our favorite idols are human this isn't cult just because someone disagrees or doesn't like something doesn't mean they hate something or need to be questioned about their loyalty to the group 🤣

    i don't get bent out of shape about everything about my fave group? i survived the yet to come era of akp i'm good lmao. pls the most annoyed i am at people on here are the unoriginal taylor swift bandwagon haters, it's getting lazy and repetitive. glad ur an army tho!


    i couldn't risk my reply not going through on anon and i am praying to god you (OP) see this. it is frightening that you're on anons asking for advice which means you're likely going through this alone and i refuse to let you continue like this. you have me. feel free to DM me anytime. i'm here for moral support.

    i am conflicted. i want to tell you to confront him. but at the same time i have read one too many cases as an ex-psych now-crim major to know it's a bad idea. you already stated your boundaries. he ignored them. he's already acting jealous, creepy, and like you're his possession (you're not). people who are racist have pent up hatred and act out. ever heard of eric harris? yeah. rejecting him outright face to face could set him the fuck off. you do NOT want that. so yeah, it's time to take it up a notch.

    now i'm assuming you've made it clear to him that he makes you uncomfortable. if not then you need to tell him in nice terms that you are not interested. period. and that's not going to change, and to please stop contacting you.

    depending on the dynamic you have with your teacher you need to sit down with them in private and confront them about how he makes you feel (make sure he does NOT find out or see you do this) and ask them to move you as far away from him as humanly possible. you also need to screenshot and video record proof that he messaged you (this may be important for later), and then tell your parents.

    if you blocked him etc. then disregard this:

    now if you haven't made it clear in person that he makes you uncomfortable, consider replying like this: "Please stop contacting me, I didn't give you my number. I am not interested in being friends, nor am I interested in talking. I would appreciate it if you respect my wishes, thank you". See how he replies and screen-record/video record it regardless, even if it's just you saying what I typed above and he doesn't reply. Either way, don't reply to him again.

    anyways, if the class solution doesn't help. you need to take this to the principal, preferably with a parent present to back you up. now if the principal doesn't do anything (they rarely do), you can complain to the superintendent but i wouldn't hold my breath. it's worth trying though. depending on how scary this is, it may be worth considering switching schools. MAYBE. i don't know the whole situation but i know how terrifying this can be. it is hard switching high schools but i did it (not for that reason)- the further you're in, the more pointless it is because you're closer to graduating, but it can be done and its a discussion that could be worth having.

    if all else fails, you need to get a lawyer and have them send a cease and desist letter to his household. or you need to go to the police station and file a police report. preferably even both (which is what i did). if that doesn't spook the fuck out of him, it will more than likely alert his parents to his behavior and something tells me they will NOT be happy with him. if it reaches that point, you'll be the least of his worries. plus you will be legally covered and if anything happens to you god forbid (worst case scenario) the police already know the first place to look.

    and by the way, you're not overreacting. this behavior is completely out of line and dangerous. no one fucking understands no means no these days.

    source: been through it before. not exactly like this situation but yeah.

    p.s: never walk around in the dark, make sure your route from school to home is safe, remain vigilant (eyes off that phone until your front door is locked), do not open or touch unmarked envelopes, and read up on your school's rules about self defense weapons.

    - FeLiNa/Vi :borahae:

    making 950 for the wildflower rm badge and lana del rey

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    The clown 🤡 part is getting mad about it allowing people who have zero relevance in your daily life live rent free in your head and to affect your mood. Ignore it and live peacefully.

    dude are you even an army? i read your comment and you do realize the members you mentioned are going to release solos soon?