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    Yooooo this is INSANE. Next Level keeps surprising me every day. God I wish SM would hurry up and announce their comeback soon. They need to strike while the iron is hot!

    I would say the more they wait, the bigger anticipation will be, sm need to release a good song not necessary faster, I rather 1/2 more months for a proper comeback with a good and impactfull song

    didn't they had that one for the game too, the released a MV for it

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    this is quite risky, is either be a huge mess or a huge success, adding 2 super not only popular but experienced idols with trainees could end in unbalanced line up, individual popularity is not proportional to group popularity, is not even sure all Sakura or Chaewon fans will follow them to the new gg (we already saw in previous pd101 groups) and will bring a HUGE amount of akgaes, their fans were literally fighting for izone 1 week ago.

    Hybe gg would had huge hype without previous idols with a relative peaceful debut and more balanced line up.

    Is not even about money since Hybe had auditions for trainees for which they spend already money for them. Also all the girls are gonna have similar contracts? if is difference between contracts and girls like Sakura or Chaewon makes more than the rest of the girls, could end with problems inside group in time.

    I guess we need to see what hybe do with them.

    No, cube is just a shit company tbh. When irene was in her scandal the general public hated her, but SM at least knew how to deal with the scandal. But Cube didnt give any updates or anything, soojin didnt apologie if my memory is correct, the whole case is wishy washy and we'll never know the truth. The groups image will be tainted to be honest but they did not need to have her leave. I hope the victims are happy now, now she can never work in the entertainment business again. Was revenge really worth it if now her life is miserable?

    People are forgetting something, Irene's scandal didn't had an actress involved, otherwise we would had a different outcome.

    SM did handled better since they apologized quickly and didn't dragged the scandal for months but they were incredibly lucky too, especially for the fact that the stylist accepted her apology in public and that knetz were happy for Wendy's return more than angry for Irene, Wendy's return overshadowed Irene's return which worked for them.

    It's only the right thing now because they did screw up then. They made those statements, they let SJ address the accusations personally and quite poorly, they let her challenge SSA in a bold move that doesn't make any sense if guilty... Everything makes so little sense in retrospect.

    If Soojin lied, then she lied to Cube too. That alone should have earned her to be terminated sooner. So what was Cube waiting for? HyunA got fired quicker for less.

    Lots of i-fans reject Cube's decision outright. But also lots of fans, rather than rejecting it, would like to know the reasoning behind it. Personally I'd like to know whether SJ was guilty, and if so why Cube acted the way they did. They most likely won't ever tell us, but it's the cause of the uproar among fans right now.

    Cube management is different from when Hyuna was kicked out, they has a complete change of management in 2020, is obvious that they didn't wanted to kick Soojin, my guess is that they waited to see if the scandal will slow down and go away with time which didn't happened.

    We don't know what happened behind the scene, who lied who but I highly doubt cube is gonna release something else (and marketing wise they shouldnt), they aren't gonna bring back the past, she's gone, is better for Soojin too for cube to not publicly announce her as a bully if she's guilty. Releasing more articles is gonna being her back to top search place, I don't think they want to drag this even more than it was dragged already.

    I did said that she should apologized back then, at least that will give a somehow closure. I do think they never expected the actress to get involved in.

    it's quite obvious it was some type of insider ploy to get her kicked out of the group or get her into some big scandal . That sister was 20 at the time threatening a freaking 12 year old? saying she wished she snapped her neck? nah, cube has some problems, did they really just decide that they didn't want to defend her and gave up on her? this is messed up, for a while I thought soojin deserved to be kicked out but I never really read up on the whole case, only looked at some articles, but it honestly looks like she was set up.

    Her reputation is in the trash in Korea, there is no salvation unless a miracle happens, Cube didn't had much choices, after half of year her articles are getting 11k upvotes on Naver, people aren't moving on how they expected.

    Bussines wise, Cube did the right thing, Soojin is a liability to the group right now. While ifans are nice and all, ggs need Korea to survive, especially in long run, Gidle have no cfs in Korea after Soojin scandal and 5 girls are innocent there, they need to clean the group's image.

    Edit: I doubt she's innocent either, maybe some things are exagerated but there is some true, various of her school mates come forward and said she wasn't a saint

    I say this because both Eunbi and Chaewon had a trainee contract with Woollim. After IZONE disbanded she went back to Woollim in April and her debut was announced in July. So I’m assuming she would have signed an exclusive contract with them to proceed. Then fast forward to now and Chaewon is rumoured to have left Woolim and signed to Hybe. Eunbi shouldn’t have rushed because if Chaewon got called up by Hybe, I’m sure Eunbi would’ve got one too lol. Since Hybe is snatching up these IZONE members.

    From an article, Woollim and Hybe had a confidentiality agreement together and made some negotiations. And I don’t think age is an issue here when Sakura is 23 years old with tremendous experience in the idol industry.

    Anyway, this is just me thinking lmao but I’m happy for Chaewon. Woollim wouldn’t do her any good especially Rocket Punch (no offence).

    Izone members have a idol contract as soon as they debuted in izone, they don't have a trainee contract.

    That is true. I don't like the idea of apologizing just to get it over with. It has to come from genuine acknowledgement of fault.

    As for making the apology before debut, yes, it would be ideal, but some people might not get the chance to do it or they might not have the courage to do it.

    i'm sorry but i don't buy that the bully do not have the courage to apologize, if they had the courage to bully the victim, they should have the courage to apologize too.

    I agree with genuine acknowledgement of fault but i find hard to believe they have changed for the better if they don't even try to make things right for their past mistakes, mistakes which affected somebody else's life.

    This is true but depends of the accusations and how they handle right now the scandal, they should sincerely apologize, if they changed they should have done it before debut or when they matured but at least doing it now

    again,they beatead a really tough competition (and NL stayed above those songs showing the song is REALLY liked .i'm not denying that pls :peperain: ) but those song you named are months old now. apart from akmu and nakka have there been other big releases? have there been some songs able to even came close to be a top5 contender? no. the top ten still consists of months old songs. maybe somi that's still growing could(?) who knows

    i said there's no *new* competition not that they don't/didn't have competion. they only have competition with songs they already beated. and this takes nothing away from NL, the charts are just even more slow in this period.

    Anyway i was just confronting NL with celebrity charting situation with the gaon scores as one user earlier asked about a gaon comparison. that's all.

    peace pls:pepelove1:

    BTS's Permission to dance and Taeyeon's Weekend? Both make turns to top 5, AKMU songs and also the number 1 song was released in may but rose up in charts recently

    oh yes NL is doing really good

    it's just that, you know, charting also depends on competition so sometimes how long you stay in certain positions isn't the most important parameter to be taken into consideretion and isn't really that "right" to compare the overall perfonmance of 2 songs only on that.

    it's still extremely remarkable to stay this long that high don't get me wrong :pepelove1:

    the song is #3 on melon after 3 months, there was enough competition in 3 months, there is always competition in such a long period of time (BTS has released 2 songs, Twice, Brave Girls followed their huge hit rollin, MSG, AKMU with their all album singles and collabs with well known artists including IU, Taeyeon, other kor singers etc)

    make sense to speak about competition in a short perioad of time, like in this particular week there was no competition, in 3 months make no sense unless korean music industry hibernated or something

    I'm gonna be direct, there is no explanation which will help the fans feel better, sometimes is better to stay quiet for everybody's sake including Soojin, if she's kicked or left on her own, if she's guilty or not, doesn't matter, maybe she's tired of being harassed or maybe cube don't see any chance to save her, she's done as a idol in Korea

    But let`s say JYP now realizes Lia did lie and she did whatever that person acusses her of, wouldn`t fans want for her to just finally admit and apologize, kicking the person out seems harsh.

    she will no way succeed giving a apology after dragging this scandal for so long, giving so many statements how she's innocent and the victims are liars, she challenged the actress publicity, the moment the actress responded to her it was over, it looks like the lawsuit isn't going well, a apology won't do anything for Soojin case, she's guilty in the public opinion since long ago

    Lia was lucky her case were more underground, she's still getting hate in Korea but her scandal never reached national news and didn't had a celebrity involved. I guess JYP will drag to respond until after the comeback to test the water.