Tell me about your ult biases!!

  • Please tell me what makes you ult them! Why you love them!

    I'll start. I have three ults.

    1. J-Hope

    He's been my ult for the longest and I just love him so much.. The way he always has a smile on his face and wants to cheer people up.. I identify myself with him a lot! And I aspire to be a great dancer like him. He is just so lovely. He feels like home.

    2. Hwang Hyunjin

    Stray Kids is my ult group atm. I love Hyunjin because we are too, very similar. I'm super dramatic lol.

    3. Taemin

    Without him, my ult list wouldn't be complete. While I will never be as elegant as he is, I still relate to him a lot. And he makes me feel so safe! I love him.

    Honorable mentions of idols who make me feel safe:

    Seungmin, Seonghwa, Seokjin, San

  • Jun

    I saw him and something happend, I don't even know what it was. Basicly he just debuted and I only saw him for like the first time ever but it was like "I guess I have to stan them" just because of him and till today I don't even know why

    But hey, it wasn't such a bad choice tho, I mean look at that guy


    Something similiar happend as I first ever saw Youta. Basicly his group was around for a bit allready and debuted maybe a year before or so and I found them per accidant on Youtube as I was looking for more JPop-artists somewhat in early 2017. I saw Youta and he became y most favourite JPop-idol


  • Hongjoong: At first I was attracted to him because of his rap and his charisma. I was like "Omg who is this dude, he's so hot" and I liked his appearance as well. Then I started watching Ateez shows and I fell for his personality. He's so kind but also mischievous. Also, his laugh is so attractive. Everything about him is fucking attractive :love:

  • 1. Jaejoong: Really love his vocal and he is really funny + close to fans. Love his 4D personality and music he release solo. I'm fan of TVXQ since 2008 since he is part of my childhood. I can't let him go now even if I wanted XD

    2. Jeongwoo: Was bored with covid and watched YGTB to fall in love with his soulful voice (you should hear his cover of "When we were young". I can't believe he was 15 but still could feel so much the song and sing so well). It was over when I realized he was a crackhead too. Him and Treasure was really a stress relief in 2020. I'm excited for T-map s2 coming this Friday. Still can't believe a group can be so funny and have a such relationship as rookie...

    3. JR: Tbh, I really started to notice him with Produce. He is really kind. Like seriously. So selfless. And his rap is really great. I love his tone and his character. And Nu'est songs are really good.

    Notice how all my UB name start by J... I must have a thing for "J" people xD

    If it doesn't work, don't care and start again - Treasure

  • jungwoo: one of my first ults. i found out about him during superhuman era and he was the member who caught my eye the most. i started looking more into him and i fell in love with his personality, which i love most about him. he can so easily cheer you up and always makes me happy ;(

  • My ult is in fact not kpop but rather Eminem.

    I went through a hard time being bullied as a kid and got into rap then discovered a white boy rapping...

    The rest is history but man that guy is one of the best

  • Mr Nakamoto yuta


    He became my ultimate as soon as I saw him. Like that palm reader said he is successful sexy and sensitive. He's the kind of person who achieves his goals and goes for things. He enjoys depth ( he's the most scorpio of Scorpios). He is quite athletic. He is passionate about singing and j rock and stuff. He is extremely beautiful. His voice is lovely. He is center material. He is quite smart. He is always trying to entertain and lies quite often because of it, he loves having different hairstyles, he has a new one each week, he loves being creative. He believes his appearance is a bit scary at first and he likes to be viewed as scary and cool and manly, but he is incredibly cute without trying . His smile lights up entire galaxies and he has seriously beautiful eyes. He has tattoos and piercings. He has a fxxxng naval piercing. He is seriously insanely hot.( This is embarrassingly long)


    εїз csr εїз April εїз NAKAMOTO YUTA εїз Aespa εїз Alice εїз WJSNεїз

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  • 67d49876e3655febab353ffb3c8ee634.jpg

    Ateez San - He's extremely attractive, great sense of humor, the way he treats and looks at wooyoung is just to die for, he's extremely talented and I am just mesmerized every time i watch him. Even though i consider him my ult i am hardcore ot8 I love every ateez member equally and i don't think there's any group out there who would ever take their place. This group is the one that brought me out of a dark hole, just watching them can make my day better.


    E'last Wonhyuk - He caught my attention with his vocals, from Swear, then in Tears of Chaos his rapping his dancing everything he looks up to san and hongjoong and he really seems to be taking after them both in performance and vocals


    Noir Yunsung - I found this group and love their music, his charm, his beauty, his vocals, his dancing it just grabs you.

    of course i stan 43 boy groups and my bias list is huge but this is one each from my top 3 groups

  • 1. blackpink's jennie

    used to hate her when i was too stupid to be on the internet :clown: obviously the first thing i did when i got a life was to ult her <3

    2. snsd's seohyun

    she was my snsd bias before i knew her name. nothing needs to be said. i have excellent taste

    3. iz*one's chaeyeon

    THE most talented idol i said what i said don't @ me this isn't an argument idc

  • tumblr_inline_oxkndebfSR1r8i1m6_400.gifv

    My ultimate bias is this little nugget! Mark Lee is extremely quirky, random, and talented. I love all of his raps and my favorite rap is quote on quote, "long ass ride." lmao And I really liked him on that School Rapper show. He made it until the end and that performance with Seulgi was my favorite. He's cool. And no one wants to be a square!!! (I forgot what was said exactly). And one of my favorite r o o k i e s. Ahhhhhh. #TeamMark =]

  • 1. ot4 bp

    i got into bp in debut era thankfully because of my friend who sent me a boombayah dance link. They have been my ults for the past 4 years ( almost 5 soon :sadr: )

    2. bigbang. first group from yg i stanned, legends.

    3. loona, twice, skz, 2ne1, treasure, ikon, ect.

  • Mi ult bias is Jihyo

    What's not to love about her? She has amazing talent. Her vocals are some of the best, and she has dancing skills that she could easily be a lead dancer or even a main one, however, there is one key reason why she isn't. Jihyo has a stage presence that radiates the stage and if she's doing a sexy concept, she does just that even when she's not shown as much or doesn't have a part at the time. Her smile can make anyone's day. She's a great leader, one of the best I've ever seen in a KPOP group, being super duper close to her members!

    She has an amazing personality and it so sweet and caring, not to mention funny and intelligent. Her 10 hard years of training paid off. She also didn't quit after training for so long because she knew that she would debut one day. She has great visuals and she was called a visual hole once upon a time though she had always been beautiful. She was so determined to lose weight and was successful in it, not letting the hate of antis get in her way.

    I know this like a three paragraph essay but she deserves it honestly, I can't express enough my admiration for Jihyo.


    Happy Birthday To You, IM NAYEON ✨

    3aeccff8f6ad1191b1081e9b077400a952a56a9e.gifv 9139830905dd313ccc791d3d69ea6810.jpg

  • Taemin!! I call him my Beyond Ultimate bc I am Absolutely and Completely in Love with him! ♥


    I could write a whole book on why I love Taemin and the feelings that come along with falling for an idol.. but I will attempt to keep it short..

    Taemin is an Amazing Artist. He is very smart. I Love the Passion and Love that he puts into Everything he does and all of his Art.. Which have all been Masterpieces! His Dancing and Performances are Beyond this World... The Aura that he has on stage is truly Captivating and Mesmerizing.. He performs with such Emotion and Passion that you can't take your eyes off him for even just a second.. He completely draws you in.. You can really tell that he loves what he does.. He has worked and continues to work hard to be where he is today, and I am Extremely Proud of him. His Voice is Beautiful.. I love it so much. It's like Heaven to me.. I need it! I fall asleep to him singing and wake up to him singing every night and day.. I find a lot of comfort in his voice. He soothes me and relaxes me when I need it the most.. He's my Angel.. and I will Forever be Thankful to him. He is also the most Beautiful human I have ever seen.. both inside and out! He is really Amazing.. The love he has for his fans and shows us is the Sweetest. He is Highly Respected and Idolized among the music industry, which speaks volumes on the type of person he is. His off stage personality is the Cutest.. He's so Adorable.. and Precious! it makes me want hug him.. Watching him and listening to him bring me to tears a lot. He touches my Heart Deeply. ♥ I could go on and on... but this is the some what short version..

  • hehe we're ult twinning

  • Taeyeon is my queen

    SNSD was the first group I stand and while all of my friends only have eyes for Yoona all of my love goes to Taeyeon.

    I like her because she is mostly a musician through and through. When she perform her song she always do it with all of her passion. Her Song are the definition of good music for me

    I is still my all time favorite song :lover1::lover1::lover1:

  • My ult is, as you can probably tell, IU

    This girl is literally perfect. Like she has no flaw. Her voice is so beautiful and can fit into many different genres. She's not technically skilled but the emotions you feel from her singing just, ughh😩

    She's also such a talented and skilled songwriter. She's so good at conveying emotions into lyrics which are always just so beautiful and you can relate to.

    She's a literal angel. What idol has donated as many times as her? She's constantly donating to multiple charities for both domestic causes and international causes. She's always so sweet and kind to others no matter their popularity, age, appearance, etc. She's also so kind to staff members. She told her agency that they had to give a raise to her staff or else she wont resign, what type of behavior is this? angel behavior 😭

    She's so passionate about music and puts all her energy into her work, which has definitely paid off. She auditioned multiple times for multiple different agencies until she finally got accepted. She has worked hard and still continues to work hard.

    Obviously her music. Literally every song she's released is a whole ass bop and i can only name like 3 songs which i dislike out of her whole discography.

    She's gorgeous lmao She is considered one of the prettiest celebrities in Korea for a reason

    Her mindset and way of thinking👌Her perspective on things and the way she thinks is just so beautiful like wow. Literally watch/read any interview w/ her and you'll know what i mean.

    You are my Celebrity


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