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    I. Information:

    “We ready, action! Hello, we are NOIR!”—NOIR

    NOIR (느와르) is a nine-member boy group under LUK Factory.

    They officially debuted on April 9, 2018, with their first mini-album Twenty's Noir.

    Lee Junyong was a former member of INX.

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    II. Members:

    Seunghoon (승훈) Leader, Vocalist, Main Rapper 2017–present

    Yeonkuk (연국) Lead Dancer, Vocalist 2017–present

    Junyong (준용) Main Vocalist 2018–present

    Yunsung (윤성) Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual 2017–present

    Siheon (시헌) Vocalist 2017–present

    Hoyeon (호연) Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper 2017–present

    Siha (시하) Main Vocalist 2017–present

    Minhyuk (민혁) Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer 2017–present

    Daewon (대원) Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae 2017–present

    III. Discography:

    Mini albums

    Twenty's Noir (2018)

    Topgun (2018)

    Abyss (2019)

    Up The Sky : 飛 (2020)

    Digital singles

    "As a Star" (2018)

    IV. Writing & Producing:

    According to Korea Music Copywrite Association:

    Seunghoon Wrote, Arranged & Composed 19 Tracks

    Hoyeon Wrote, Arranged & Composed 1 Track

    Reference: https://www.komca.or.kr/foreign2/eng/S01.jsp