Gidle member feel bigger than NewJeans member

  • [Disclaimer: im not a Gidle fan & just a casual listener]

    is it just me or do you guys also feels like Gidle member are bigger than Newjeans member ? despite NJs member having deals with multiple huge brands, being invited to big events and Minji & Hanni have solidifed their status as 4th gen it girl, yet Gidle member like Minnie, Yuqi and Miyeon are the one that you see everywhere. Sometimes they seems more popular than the other supposed to be it girls like Karina, Winter & Yujin.

    Ofcourse Gidle is a senior and debuted way earlier than NJs but NJs are the one who is on top right now and the data shows that NJs member are all massively popular but i dont really feel the vibe if you compared to Minnie, Yuqi or Miyeon so idk…

  • This isn't something you'd be able to tell unless you've actually been to Korea.

    And can't really say I agree. Only ones you could make this argument for are Soyeon and Miyeon (Miyeon especially) in Korea.

    Minnie has some permeability, but definitely not on New Jeans level and Yuqi definitely does not, maybe in China where she's more popular.

  • to be fair G dile is an older group I know people don't want to hear it but they are late 3rd gen so it makes sense the public knows them longer and imo nj strenghts is their popularity as a group as a nj brand than individually.

  • Miyeon is very popular, arguably underestimated by ifans. She's probably more well known to the public than any NewJeans member is right now because of the sheer amount of work she's done in various fields between singing, acting, MCing, OSTs etc. It's nice to see Minnie's sudden rise too

    Can't say much about the others and this is a very weird comparison.

    But since this is a thread about NewJeans members and they always tend to go a certain way, I might as well start: NewJeans members are boring, nobody knows who they are, they all look the same and it's all a giant conspiracy by Min HeeJin and Hybe, who is secretly paying for all their brand deals. Oh and playlisting

    Complex is over-rated, Ill go up higher and shine brighter than anyone else



  • Well soyeon is one of the biggest idol producers not only compared to female idols but male idols as well. So she's obviously bigger

    Yuqi is massive in China and pretty popular in Korea as well

    Miyeon have always been popular even if we count the BP association only

    Idk much about Minnie but even Shuhua used to be news all the time either for controversy for not dancing properly or for being vocal about something

    Also it's worth remembering soyeon and miyeon were part of k/da and that thing was massive and gathered g idle tons of fans

    narcissistic, my god i love it


  • The short answer is: No

    The long answer is: No

    NewJeans are on the cusp on entering pretty rarefied air in the pantheon of all-time great idols, and it'll be unfair to compare them to groups other than the ones who join them in that stratosphere--groups like SNSD, Twice and BLACKPINK.

    I could spit numbers, but what's the point? I don't live in Korea, but every time I ask someone who does whose faces they see everywhere and whose music they hear everywhere, the answer is always NewJeans (and IVE, to be fair)

  • illicit soon

  • I don't know who "feels bigger," but I will say that NewJeans seems to lack individuality. They appear to be significantly more popular and more well-known as a group than as individuals. I wouldn't be able to tell you hardly anything about them.

  • we are all living in our bubble due to social media.

    You must use hard data to prove that (G)-idle members are more popular than NJ members.

    At least in TikTok, I think Hanni is probably more popular than all (G)-idle members.

  • That's what I've been saying all along. Newpants are popular as a group but individuals, nope. Aespa have more popular members cuz of Karina, IVE with Wonyoung and Yujin. Gidle has miyeonand soyeon. And those I mentioned are bigger than any NJ members. I've yet to finish any group content from them, they pretty boring. I would want to watch a minji solo content than the group :cursing: :cursing:

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
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  • If any of the foreign line of gidle go and work full time in China, they will be Goddess level there within 1 year, and that would be enough to make them more popular than any nj member.

    But currently njs members are more popular globally.

  • there's no right or wrong answer...

    everything is subjective since the key issue is "feels bigger"

    what does one mean by bigger?

    regardless Gidle have been around for longer and the members have been in the public eye for longer so maybe that's what one means by feels bigger???

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