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    Comparing MIA to Berserk is weird. Like yeah hey're both incredibly dark pieces of fanasy, but there is an intrinsic amount of flagrant and pointed sexualization of children in MIA that doesn't exist in Berserk.

    Is there rape in Berserk? Absolutely.

    Is there sexualization? Unquestionably.

    But the sheer volume and clear intended target audience with MIA is staggering

    I personally disagree. For me their music quality declined after Soojin was kicked out. Different tastes I guess. I loved the hwaa ep. All comebacks after that suck imho.

    She was never involved in the music process so her being there or not was not going to impact how their music went forward

    And even with that, your opinion doesn't change the fact that they factually skyrocketed in popularity.

    They are in Korea. How many times do I have to say this? I'm not claiming League is bigger than Soccer or the NBA or MLB globally. It obviously isn't. But in Korea it absolutely competes with any actual sports league.

    For one, it is far more accessible than any traditional sport could ever hope to be. Not everyone has the physical fitness level to play a sport, but as long as you're able-bodied, anybody can pick up a controller, mouse or keyboard and try to become a pro gamer.

    Why are you talking about player viability? Were we not discussing general popularity and recognition of a sport? That would have more to do with Who watches and knows about the professional league rather than who has the ability to play it.

    It's why I mentioned earlier that using how many people play league doesn't convey how many people WATCH League's Esport scene. They can correlate but they're not one to one. Or do you think there are 100 million football players in America?

    Where in any of that post did I specify Overwatch? Like yeah, Overwatch has it the worst, but the general collapse isn't just impacting Overwatch. My point wasn't on who was or wasn't trying to keep it going. It's that the majority framework of many Esports leagues are built on the economic incentives of the companies funding them and you cant just wave that away by going "there's a better option possible." of course there's a better option, but that option and framework isn't exactly in place. A lot of these leagues and their sponsorships and their visibility on major networks is due to the money being pumped into them. Who is still giving their hardest to keep things afloat doesn't change that reality.

    What? It's so much more nuanced than that. If the game design is shit, and the developers don't know how to balance or rebalance, that's not a function of the viability and profitability of esports as an industry, but an issue in proper development and game design.

    If you design fun, balanced and rewarding systems for your competitive game, it can survive and thrive as an e-sport.

    Overwatch League failed because Blizzard failed the community and ruined the game with atrocious balance decisions and broken promises.

    But I'm not talking about if the game is dying. I know Overwatch is in a bad place development wise, but the esports issue isn't just with Overwatch. Fifa's in a terrible position too, but it's also not just Fifa experiencing these problems.

    CS:GO, Siege, Rocket League and Valorant are all also going through rough patches and I know not all of those games have gone to shit. It's that companies aren't getting back what they thought they would from putting money in and it's leading to incredibly shakey foundation for a lot of these franchises.

    Can a developer nuke a game's Esports scene? Absolutely. I watch Smash go through that shit all the time. But the problem isn't just purely on the devs not knowing what the fuck to do and I'd say for more than a few of them it's got nothing to do with development at all.

    I don't know why you're being so stubborn about the NBA, if you don't even know for sure if it's more popular globally.

    There is an obvious answer here that any legit hoops fan would know.

    Because my point wasnt about NBA's popularity world wide. It's about the equivalent popularity in their "home" country.

    Just like I'm not saying Heung-min is as good at Soccer as Faker is at League or Lebron is at Basketball,

    I'm saying Heung-min would be more popular and well known than Faker. Cause Soccer is bigger than League in Korea. Are you going yo argue League is bigger than Baseball for Koreans?

    You seemed to be confused about how popular e-sports is lol. I have no trouble believing this at all.

    I'm not confused about how popular esports are, I'm very aware. They're not exactly pulling the kinds of numbers to conflated with some major sports leagues.

    Yamachawn was going on about how the collapse isn't a sticking point for Esports, ignoring that the entire infrastructure right now is based on those speculative companies that are pulling out.

    Esports hasn't made the shift to accomodate for the money that's propping it up, so saying they should focus on more grass roots examples doesn't really fix their problems in the here and now, cause they've not shifted gears yet. Esports is right now, still a Pay to Play economy in terms of the franchises

    E sports im sure is bigger than the NBA in countries that’s not the US. You sound very obtuse lol.

    Icaro posted the numbers above but 4 million Koreans play this game that’s 15% of the population those are some INSANE numbers. So yes he would be as popular as Lebron or any other athlete for America but for Korea. The highest recorded rating for the NBA was about 30mil views that’s 10% of the population. So yeah you can most certainly equate the two.

    playerbase is not viewership.

    And I was saying it's comical because League Esports is not the equivalent of NBA in Korea. I'm not saying NBA is more popular world wide (it probably is though) I'm saying that you can't point to League, which is a subset of the entire conglomerate and say "This guy is the big name in League, must be equivalent to one of the biggest names in the MBA."


    No, An equivalent of Lebron would be Son Heung-min.

    It's genuinely laughable that you think Faker with League would be on that level of notoriety in Korea. I wouldn't assume that kinda level for MVP or Bisu of StarCraft 2 fame, and people at least joke that Starcraft is their national sport.

    And yet you're boldly claiming that Faker is equivalent to Lebron.

    Thanks for the anecdote.

    I've met people who didn't know who LeBron James was. I guess my immediate conclusion should be that most people don't know who he is, using your logic.

    Congratulations for living under a rock, I suppose?

    Come the fuck on.

    Faker is not Lebron James.

    E-Sports isn't even remotely the NBA.

    Hell, there's reports all this year of several e-sports leagues collapsing and you want to put Faker's name on the same level of noteriety as Lebron?

    Most gamers know who Faker is, and e-sports gamers would too.

    The only LoL property I care about at all is Arcane, which is an absolute masterpiece that everyone should watch. Other than that, I've never played the game and have zero interest in mobas, but I know of Faker's reputation.

    No the fuck they don't.

    I've been plqyijg fighting games forever, know all the big fighting games players.

    Never once knew who Faker was despite proximity of the FGC to e-sports.

    It was only after I got a roommate who played League that I learned about him.

    And that's for someone adjacent.

    For people who play stuff like Skyrim or Fifa, he's probably as faceless as Daigo is to people outside the FGC