how many albums do you own?


    - all of Loona's albums, all of them, including pre-debut, and the color limited edition

    - G-IDLE "I Trust" signed album

    - Hellovenus "Sticky Sticky" signed album

    - Jay Park "Everything You Wanted"

    - Girls' Generation "Run Devil Run"

    - Girls' Generation "I Got A Boy" (regular version)

    - Girls' Generation "I Got A Boy" (Yuri version)

    - Girls' Generation "Mr Mr"

    - Everglow "Arrival of Everglow" signed album

    - Everglow "Hush" signed album

    - Everglow "reminiscence signed album

    - Seohyun "Don't Say No"

    - Tiffany "I Just Wanna Dance"

    - Taeyeon "I"

    - Taeyeon "Why"

    - Taeyeon "My Voice" all versions

    - Taeyeon "My Voice deluxe" flower version

    - BTS MOTS7 versions 1,2,4

    - BTS MOTS Persona all versions

    - BTS HYYH 2 all versions

    - BTS You Never Walk Alone teal version

    - BTS Wings all versions

    - BTS Love Yourself Her versions LOV

    - BTS Love Yourself Tear versions YO

    - BTS Love Yourself Answer versions SLF

    - Brown Eyed Girls "Black Box"

    - BLACKPINK "THE ALBUM" all versions

    - BLACKPINK Square Up pink version

    - BLACKPINK Kill This Love black version

    - Mamamoo "Yellow Flower"

    - Mamamoo" White Wind"

    - Jonghyun "Poet|Artist"

    - Sonamoo "Deja Vu" signed mini album

    - Sonamoo "Cushion" signed mini album pink version

    - Red Velvet "Ice Cream Cake" regular version

    - Red Velvet "Russian Roulette"

    - Red Velvet "Rookie" Irene version

    - Red Velvet "Rookie" Joy version

    - Red Velvet "The Red Summer"

    - Red Velvet "The Perfect Velvet"

    - Red Velvet "The Perfect Red Velvet"

    - Red Velvet "RBB"

    - Red Velvet "Summer Magic"

    - Red Velvet "ReVe Festival: Day " in all versions except guidebook and Wendy

    - Red Velvet "ReVe Festival: Day 2" all versions

    - Red Velvet "ReVe Festival: Finale" finale version

    - Red Velvet Irene and Seulgi "Monster" Top and Middle note versions

    - Twice "Signal" A and c version

    - Twice "What is love?" B version

    - Twice "EWO" Retro and Story version

    - Twice "Fancy" A version

    - Twice "Yes Or Yes" A version

  • how many albums do you own and who are they from?

    ajsja i barely have five and they are feel special (twice), resonance pt2 (nct), reload (nct dream), border: day one (enhypen), semicolon (svt)

    Well i dont have much x)

    All 3 Albums are from Loona

    the first one i had was ++ (but i have been around since jinsouls debut)

    then i got Jinsoul

    and then i got #

    but i will be (I did try and get xx but it was too expsensive, but hopefully getting soon for my birthday 12:00 my grandmother ordered the midnight album back in October 2 days after it came out, i was supposed to get it by Christmas, but it was still on backorder, my grandmother has been helping me buy these so that's why i dont want to constantly ask her to buy things, i dont want to take advantage of her or be selfish and my parents dont like kpop and i dont think anyone else would buy me Kpop albums ;-;)

    I also might be getting (if they arive by my birthday) Love and Evil (1/3 loona subunit album) and HaSeuls album

    so if they all arive by my birthday ill have 6 albums :)

    and i dont think thats too bad ^^

  • You have all of Loonas albums! u lucky duck ;-;

    i dont even have a light stick or the orbit cape ;-;

    there are so many albums id want

    but i dont want to be rude to my grandmother by her helping me buy all of them ;-;

  • If we're talking physical, I have 0 k-pop albums, but 618 non-k-pop albums.

    Digital, idk. Most of the albums BTS and Twice released. A few others. Not many.

    I don't really buy physical albums unless I absolutely have to nowadays.

  • all the ones in my CD box:

    Evermore-Taylor Swift (my mom keeps folklore it's kind our arrangement)

    Lover: Taylor Swift

    Cosmograma-Flying Lotus

    Sgt Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band-The Beatles

    Yellow Submarine- The Beatles


    Transitus- Ayreon

    Mario Galaxy Soundtrack CD

    Chicago Transit Authority- Chicago (dad gave it to me)

    Chrormatica-Lady Gaga

    Legacy of the Dark Lands- Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra

    1601860532-20201004-suhyun.jpg~proudly presented by a humble humanoid commenter~

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