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  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

  • hi! I haven't seen you before so tell me something abt you..

    • Hi! I've just logged in after more than 1 year.

      I'm female and 20. When I'm not studying ( ;( ) I like listening to kpop or watching netflix. I got into kpop in early 2020 and my ult is Twice. I also like Blackpink, Red Velvet, aespa and Loona. That's all :clown:

    • Ohh, I'm female... I also like listening to kpop and watching dramas.. I got into kpop in 2016 and my ult is enhypen... I stan a lot of groups..

      Btw, whats your fav kdrama?

    • oh, unlucky I haven't watched many kdramas recently because I'm kinda busy. But if I have to choose between the ones that I watched in the past, I pick Crash Landing On You. It was so good and I cried so much 😭. What's yours?

    • ohh, yeah loved CLOY and so happy the leads getting married, hope they don't end up like Song-Song Couple...

      I have a lot but maybe it would be All Of Us Are Dead as of now..

  • hi :pepe-angel:

    • hi :pepepizza:

    • We haven't met so can you introduce yourself? :pepe-tinfoil-hat:

    • I'm female and 20. I stan Twice and that's my only personality trait. :teeheek:

      My bias is Nayeon and I don't have a fixed wrecker.

      I also stan Blackpink, Red Velvet, aespa and Loona but I'm also a casual listener of other ggs.

    • I am female and I turned 14 like 2 weeks ago.

      My ults are Twice and I got into kpop in late 2019.

      I am the current maknae of the Once Cult.

      I also stan many ggs.