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  • Hey, Di.

    What's up?

  • the forum was dying and you came back exactly when things started going back to "normal" lol :sweatr: Welcome back

    • Lol, I have a thing for always taking breaks and coming back when things heat up.

      I'm still trying to catch up on everything that happened in the meanwhile, getting my EXO news (30 notifications for EXO threads), and now I learn there's a war between gg and bg fans?

      Ah, so much to keep up with ^^

  • Happy birthday didi~


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    • Happy Birthday to you as well! Ngl, I thought about you today <3

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  • Wait a sec, your rank

    Are you a Final Fantasy 7 fan :pepefrog:

    • Hello, sorry, I am not a Final Fantasy 7 fan, unfortunately.

      What made you think I am, though? I'm really curious :-)

    • Aeris was the name of one of the characters hahaha (until they changed it to Aerith)

      What did you mean by Aeris then?

    • Aeri/Aeris/ Eri is the 2nd name of the EXO-L fandom ^^ It's the name that Baekhyun uses for the fans, instead of EXO-Ls.

    • Woah interesting! I didn't know that :claps:

    • :claps: Yeah, it's really cute.

  • I watched and I can’t get over his voice, it’s so gentle.

    And boyfriend looks gooood

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    • His story is even more beautiful ;-)

    • I’ll research. Have a lot of catching up to do🤪

    • It was in the video I sent you tough...

      He talks about his childhood, about how his father supported his dream and the sacrifices his family did etc. ?(

    • Oh I thought there was more🤗.

      Yeah that was pretty bad ass. And the mother and the ice cream thing😩😊

  • Thanks for the update on the mili🤪🤛🏻

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  • New mod :pepe-simp::pepe-daddy:

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  • :pepe-tea::pepe-tea::pepe-tea::pepe-tea::pepe-tea:

  • Looooveeee :pepelove2:

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  • didi tell me you want to join my petition to get baekhyun's get you alone badge. Its for 1k too :pepe-cut:

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  • happy birthday to you too ♡♡♡

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  • Is that you in the profile pic?

    • Hey Daniel :) Yes, that's me. The photo is a bit old though but I still like it enough :happyr:

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    • Aha, You look gorgeous.

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    • Thank you <3 !