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  • RIPPPP always liked your humor and thoughts on music.

  • wait wot how did tenfour get banned

  • All the best friend

    *whispers* KS is a good alternative

  • i'm glad i said goodbye. all the best! :pepelove1:

  • thank u for the akorns!!! :iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::cutes:

  • Akorns juseyo

  • Omg you're slowly becoming one of my fave users here. UwU

    Wow 1
  • Why are you mad? :mad1:

    LOL 1
    • That person is saying it isn't fiction! Why would they lie!!

    • Thread closed. I think I was RIGHT.


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    You ask and i deliver lol.

  • Seems like you are quite into music in general, am I right?

    • Yep. Why do you ask?

    • It's just rare to see someone like that around here.