What makes Blackpink so popular in the west

  • They appeal to the west because they seem more badass which is what a lot of Westerners like in their girl groups as viewed in the success of Destiny's Child, Little Mix, etc

    i dunno...I feel only Jennie & Lisa embody that 'badass' concept. I don't look at Rose & Jisoo and think "wow, they look badass". I think they're very pretty though but they don't give the intimidating vibes on stage like Jennie & Lisa.

  • Having so many foreign members gives blackpink a unique international vibe that other kpop groups don’t have. Like I don’t know how to explain it but other than the fact they sing in Korean, they don’t feel that Korean for some reason

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  • i dunno...I feel only Jennie & Lisa embody that 'badass' concept. I don't look at Rose & Jisoo and think "wow, they look badass". I think they're very pretty though but they don't give the intimidating vibes on stage like Jennie & Lisa.

    Jennie and Lisa alone are super fkn popular which elevates Blackpink's popularity. Also I believe their music embraces this "badass" concept which despite Rose and Jisoo not embodying as much as Jennie and Lisa, still makes Blackpink as a whole look "badass".

  • First and foremost, he music is catchy and Western like. The whole concept, badass and gc, is different from what people expected from kpop ggs. The mvs were well made and attacted people.

    The fashion helped too. People got to know them through that.

    Being fluent in English might have helped to some extent but they have given so very few interviews both in the kpop world and in the West that it's hard for the casual listener to get to know their their personalities through interviews.

    The timing of them blowing up. They managed to get big a little after with BTS got huge and ( no matter how much both Armys and Blinks might hate that) to Westerners' minds, BP is the female equivalent of BTS in the sense that they are the representative female group along with them.

    And a lot of them didn't give other groups any attention.

  • i've always thought that blackpink is popular for the same reason as artists like ariana grande.

    if you look at ariana and blackpink, you'll see most fans of bp also like ari and vice versa.

    i think they have similar aesthetics and blew up around the same time (2015-2016) ariana with dangerous woman and bp with their debut. they sort of came in when the market was missing younger people with distinct colors.

    the thing with blackpink is that they've always had specific colors and vibes to them. blackpink is a their characteristic pinks, blacks, reds and royal blues. ariana also has colors for each of her eras, which are basically the same as blackpink's but ariana's are usually pastel. on top of that bp have very distinct voices, distinct styles, and distinct faces. something that jennie would regularly wear, lisa probably wouldnt, and the same with the other members. this sort of beat out the "kpop idols are clones" kind of stereotype because it's hard to even claim that the girls look alike.

    There really isnt a kpop group as distinct as blackpink. you can hear a song and you'd recognize their voices, and the color to their music

    another thing is when they debuted.

    they debuted right at the perfect time with the perfect concept. 2015-2016 was when terms such as internalized misogyny blew up and people really started to break down stereotypes. that was the perfect point for someone to debut with a concept that was fierce but feminine. that's why when ariana released dangerous woman around that time, it really cemented her as a main pop girl. people were looking for something that was feminine but not stereotypical. that's exactly what blackpink is.

    tldr: distinct girls with perfect lineup and skills, debut at perfect time with the right concept.

    r o s e s   a n d   p e a c h e s

  • Huge success by YGE in creating an individual image of each member.

    idk about this one. doesnt every group have individual members with distinct images/personalities?

    and they don't really seem much different to who they were predebut so what huge image change did yg make

  • girl crush concept, baddie, songs about feelings. productions in English - it's probably obvious.

    lots of interaction with international fans. it's that simple, yet many companies can't get it.

    why would a westerner want to hear a song when doesn't even understand lyrics?

  • Girl crush and their own brand of feminity.

    They don't have the introverted shy pining for a guys attention or don't know that they are beautiful till you tell them or a hyper feminine or extremely tomboyish image.

    They are confident, strong, and feminine without getting too political about girl power and feminism. They are kinda like role models for young girls to aspire to be like or identify with especially jenlisa. It's like girls having their own version of the self made billionare playboy kinda trope.

    Ice-like eyes, breaking me in two

  • Since debut they had individuality. Each one of them seemed necessary to the group so you never felt like there is a "filler" member which obviously helped to attract people bc: "look, this group is full of talented and beautiful girls".

    Their music was indeed different in their debut time and just after BP that the concept "appeared" again so they were also considered "unique".

    They are talented on their own, the vocalists can sing, the rappers can rap and the dancers can dance. You will look at BP and think: "they are indeed a perfect match for each other".

    Despite being so different of one another, they feel complete alone and together. They have the capacity to stand on their own and when together they just feel "superior". BP in awards shows screamed "luxury, rich girls, boss girls, it girls".

    The music is obviously the main reason, but their image is perfect, literally. They are to me one of the best kpop groups bc of this. They just feel complete.

    Maybe i am out of the topic, but i wanted to praise the girls kkkk

  • BP are treated like western artists :

    a cb per year

    they are everywhere in Korea and overseas this is the superstar treatment

    YG capitalize their solo promotion more than the group itself (that’s why they have many akgaes)

    Their visuals are different to each other’s so that why non-fans will tend to prefer Lisa visual over Jisoo...

    They stand out to each they all have their unique vibes : Lisa badass Rosé : the girl next door Jennie : The luxurious girl

    And Jisoo : classy vibe

    Universe must have my back

    Ariana Grande

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