What makes Blackpink so popular in the west

  • 1. Good music: Starting out with whistle was a good choice (still my fav song from them). pops to Teddy for giving them great music. Most GGs just have members that do talk rapping but BP is different.

    2. Individuality: I have never seen anyone state that they can't differentiate two members ( I have heard this for some groups). All the members have a function in the group. They all stand out.

    3. Beauty: For my own taste BP is the most beautiful GG in kpop. All the members can hold their own visually

    4. MV and Fashion: Watching any BP MV is an experience and their fashion sense is topnotch. I can't wear most of their stage clothing in my everyday life but sometimes I do look into their airport fashion for what to wear.

  • YGE/G-Dragon's image and Teddy's craftmanship.

    LVMH invested in YGE back then which shows their fashion connection.

    YGE got all the recipes for them to succeed at that time.

    Huge success by YGE in creating an individual image of each member.

    The most visible brands they endorse ie Channel and Saint Laurent are not LVMH brands though.

  • 1. Music

    2. Beauty (they are all very different from each other and doesn't have typical Korean looks. I consider Blackpink the prettiest GG in kpop)

    3. Individuality (each member stand outs, no filler members)

    4. Member amount (4 members in a group which makes them easy to remember and distinguish from each other,plus as I said they don't look alike)

    5. Luxury (when you look at BP at award shows, interviews, etc they literally scream luxury)

    6. Fluent in English

    7. Their personalities

    8. Music videos

    9. Because they are Blackpink :borahae:<3

  • First off their brand image is seriously good. They have very individual personalities and they are only 4 members so it’s easier for people to get into them. I got turned off from BTS twice because of how many they were. I thought it’ll be a hustle getting to know them better

    Also their sounds are very westernized, their badass girl crush concepts are popular with the western audience. Heavy rap songs with over the top MVs, you have to hand it down to YG for seeing what kind of music they needed to penetrate the western market.

    Most of their members being fluent in English is a plus but I don’t think it’s an important factor here. You may be able to connect to your fans better but what’s the use if people don’t get interested in the first place.

  • I don't really know for sure (I'm not a fan so I can't give my personal opinion) but from what others have told me, the dance beat is really catchy. I know of several people who listen to BP when they work out and stuff like that. These same folks also love their visuals and overall attitude. At the moment, there's really not anything comparable in the West. I mean there's Little Mix but the vibe is different. So I think BP stands out for being a gg with pretty hard hitting and super catchy sounds.

  • The music:

    Western fans can easily get a feel for what the songs are about. There's just enough English for listeners to get the message without looking up translations. Jennie and Lisa, with their rap verses, probably do the bulk of this.

    Secondly, the beats really emphasize the tone or mood of the song.

    If it's a sad song like "Stay," you know that it's a sad song just listening to that acoustic guitar rift.

    If it's a badass song, you know it with the usual maximalist Teddy beat. Much love to Teddy for this.

    Ease of getting to know the members:

    There are only four members and you can easily tell each other apart from first glance. When you're new to K-pop, it may be difficult to distinguish among the different members of larger groups.

    Everyone's experience is different, but generally...

    Westerners aren't used to keeping up with content just to figure out who all the members are. It's easier for them to focus on four members.

    Solid social media presence. Each member has an Instagram profile that showcases their individuality. New fans/stans don't have to go to that kprofiles website just to figure out which member is which.


    Their style has always been just a bit different from the usual Korean standards, leaning more towards western standards often times. This isn't a good thing or a bad thing. It just is, and it appeals to westerners more. Western style and Korean style are both good in their own ways.

    They've experimented with western makeup styles. Think of Jisoo with the smoky eye makeup.

    It's an accumulation of all the little things. It adds up.

    Jennie and Rosé's English:

    It comes naturally to them. They come from English-speaking countries. They know about slang, trends, and western humor. Other idols might know English, but it would be difficult for them to replicate the culture of English-speaking countries if they don't come from it.

  • They look good and sound good. They also have Lisa who is a big stan attractor, which is who I was first drawn to before I eventually became OT4. I reckon a lot of westerners have a similar story to how they got into BP.

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